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  1. Morning Dave! All cars stop here is another one of your nicely detailed models. There is so much going on in such a small space, brilliant.👍
  2. While lockdown was in its height it was great to be able to get little jobs done on our layout. Dave I do like those diorama boards from Scalemodelscenery, perfect for testing our locos.
  3. New Walmington pier is a beautiful layout which emulates what life was like with trams. Dave I like your selection of trams and your friends tram layout is very nice to.
  4. I have been interests in what Mark has produced in his little diorama builds. So I thought why not jump on the bandwagon and have a go at one. I have been planning another diorama in 009 scale. The diorama I am going to model is a small stretch of line on the Lynton & Barnstaple railway at Woody Bay. The diorama baseboard is 140mm x 80mm in size. I know it sounds small but I’m looking forward to modelling this part of the railway. I have uploaded a picture of my baseboard and a picture of the stretch of line I’m planning to model.
  5. Thank Jack for the welcome.
  6. This will be a small diorama build of 240mm x 110mm. The build is to depict a small piece of history where I am from called Brusselton Incline. The diorama will have a steam and coal theme to it. More to follow tomorrow with pictures....
  7. Happy new year Dave.🍻
  8. Dave the trams micro layout looks good in the scale model scenes baseboard.
  9. Dave you have managed to take some nice pictures of the trams up in Edinburgh. I hope you enjoyed your holiday break.
  10. Nice modelling Dave. The back scene looks fantastic and the fencing is just right. Thanks for sharing.
  11. BRman


    Hi I have progressed a bit further with my diorama. The trunking and relay boxes have been glued in place, the painting and weathering of these are completed and I am happy the way it looks. A picture of my work to date.
  12. Dave I like the 3D track bumpers and the crossover wire to the layout.
  13. Dave the backscene you have photographed will look really nice behind your layout.👍
  14. BRman


    Evening all, Over the next couple of months I hope to produce a single track diorama 24cms x 10cms. This will be based around modern track workers laying cable trunking and relay boxes, the items I will be using are: Peco setrack Relay boxes Trunking Security fencing Shrubs Grass Trackside workers
  15. BRman


    Chris this sounds like an interesting project, Colin Peakes modelling work is fantastic and has produced some lovely dioramas. Look forward to seeing your progress.