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  1. Have you not heard of the new super-mega dalek? they're a good 50' tall don't you know and armed with the latest version of the mega-hurt kill o'zap gun they don't need to run anyone over. (apologies to Douglas Adams) Anyway. One of my errant locos escaped from the storage drawer earlier today and fancied a run out. This is the beautiful Lesley: Unfortunately she doesn't run too well since I dropped her on her arse a few months ago but she does look good.
  2. Inverduff is a fictitious village on the northern coast of Banffshire in Scotland. The track layout and some of the buildings are based on Macduff but I've taken some liberties with other things such as the geology of the area and the fact that my mind wanders sometimes... hence the landing craft, the Wicker Man and the Dalek. Measuring a massive 13' x 2' it's a simple old school DC controlled roundy layout with a helix at either end enabling the track to return underneath the layout. There is also an exchange cassette system built into the return track for simple train changes. It's a daft idea but it works and I like it. All the buildings and structures on the layout with the exception of one small resin farmhouse have been designed and built by me and my Silhouette cutter, based on those in the Macduff area. There are other items from around Scotland in general but on the whole this is Banffshire... ish. There is no specific time period on this layout, I have everything from pre-grouping GNoSR through Big 4, BR green & blue, right up to an ultra modern Scotrail Class 68. Freight or passenger, I don't care - Anything goes. Pictures: Inverduff in full Emergency Derailment Recovery mode. Thanks for looking.
  3. Good afternoon everyone. I've just stumbled on this place and it looks interesting. Let me introduce myself. My name's Andy, I'm winding down to retirement and I like trains. I've liked trains since I was very young but I've only been really into railway modelling for about the last 15 years or so. My main interest is N gauge but I have been known to dabble in commissions in many different scales. I once made a depiction of the Woodhead Line in what I called FT scale (1:700) in an 8" square but that's another story for another time. Over the years I've had many layouts, all of which have been destroyed and replaced with the two I'm currently working on - Inverduff (NE Scotland) and Bolehill Basin (NE Midlands-ish) both in N but more on those elsewhere. I use simple old fashioned DC, my only submissions to technology are point motors and lightbulbs. I'm old school and proud of it. I tend to think of modelling as 'If I can't make it then I suppose I'll buy it'. To my mind, the whole idea of modelling is to be creative, to build what you can imagine. Planting things straight out of a box is cheating in my eyes and does nothing to develop modelling skills. I've designed and built almost every building/structure on my layouts and I'm proud of that. Obviously stock is a different matter but I've had a go at that too with varying degrees of success. Believe me, it's not that easy in N with fat fingers and bad eyesight but I try. Enough of that now, I'm going to post an introduction to Inverduff when I can find the appropriate place to put it. Me: Maui 2011 Not much different just less hair and more belly. Cheers all