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  1. TimberSurf


    Scratch stone road bridge, wooden carcass with DAS clay rolled with a texture roller and hand made corner stones. Was not happy with the first go on the far (unseen) side, but that experience led to cracking the process of transferring the clay to final position using greased proof paper, the build progressed. I still had to do a lot of remedial work to basically hand trowel the corner stones in place later on and re scribe all the mortar lines then add the inner walls, coping stones and road surface. I used a base coat of cream for the mortar and a couple of colours for the dry brushing (probably about 5-6) and voila, worthy of a video! Three Bridge Valley Stone Bridge build Video Watch to the bitter end for the outtakes!
  2. TimberSurf


    Started on the next module for my layout, a dip in the board level to accommodate three bridges across a valley. One stayed cable bridge 1.2 meters long, a double steel bow bridge with steel under slung trestles and a stone road bridge, all over a canal, a river and a road. A rough 3D CAD drawing is my design plan. Essentially only the light purple bridge will be bought in, ALL other elements will be scratch built.
  3. TimberSurf


    I was really impressed with the live feed of the one with the fuel filling line, hence sparked to go, but the Alsager 360 with the two control panels was also big and impressive (I love multi layers) and the one with the sea front, has some incredible scratch building and weathering. Well worth the visit.
  4. TimberSurf


    I was watching a video on youtube of a really great layout , when it twigged it was a live broadcast. Being Saturday, it then twigged that it was not far from me and open on Sunday too! So I went! Even better in person, so here is my video, but YOU are too late to go! Alsager Model Railway Exhibition
  5. Wow, wonderful! You get a lot in a small space in N! Fictitious layouts RULE!
  6. TimberSurf


    I am an Electrical Design Engineer, I built my first layout in the 70’s in a shed in the garden, a 6ft x 4ft effort that started the ball rolling while i was at school. The second incarnation was an end to end affair some 15ft long by 18ins wide in my friends loft. The third was a rehash of the seconds boards in my siblings house. There was then a pause for the fairer sex, marriage and a family. Next came the resurgence in the form of a new layout at my current abode, with some influence that it was for “the little ones”, a 16ft long by 30in wide board was erected. The little ones became big, and I was persuaded to relinquish the spare room for teenager “personal space”. Eventually they wanted “personal space” and moved out! The room once again became the train room and soon a new 10ft 6in by 4ft layout was constructed, on the premise it was for the “little one”, a later addition! That was over 10 years ago! Work away from home has given me little time to indulge my hobbies at home, but has been a means of giving spare time to buy huge quantities of stock and materials to create a monster layout! Recent events have allowed me time to design phase 2 and I have started documenting it in my website LUMSDONIA HOWEVER, my involvement in another forum and my unusual (for my age) dexterity with PC's and the web (I have had a website for 20 years) has led to the development of a website for my musings and general spasmodic updates about my layout. But over the last year or two, it has rapidly become a Model Railways resource of info! I also have a complimentary Youtube channel, mostly about investigating new animated features for my layout. Sections include my layout, guides for beginners, ever expanding "How to's", tips, glossary and guides and even a shop section of FREE downloadable pdf's
  7. Hi Electrical Engineer, modeller, webmaster, LED maniac, animotion is my thing I currently have a 12ft x 2ft layout that is the beginning of a larger master plan. OO, DCC, Arduino and (eventually) full block control My Website Lumsdonia My Youtube Timbersurf channel I will start a layout thread soon!