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  1. A quick note to let you know about changes to our traders, and some parking information. Unfortunately, London Road Models, Masterpiece Falcon Figures, and Frome Model Centre have had to pull out at the last minute for unavoidable personal reasons - we look forward to seeing them back in 2020. We've been able to secure one extra trader .... Dingo Server Mounts - see the Trader page for more details. Parking will be more difficult this year as the school is part way through some major building works. There's more information on our website Exhibition page, and we've produced a handout to help people park this year - a copy is attached to this post. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday - we have a cracking show this year! Parking handout dated hi-contrast-gs-hires.pdf
  2. Each November, the South Hants Model Railway Club hosts the annual Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition. Please note: The SHMRC portsmouth Exhibition is NOT connected to the Victory Club Exhibition (4th/5th April 2020). Our venue is the Admiral Lord Nelson School on Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, between 10:30 and 16:30. Not only is this the longest running model railway show in the area, but it is rapidly gaining a national reputation as an exhibition that shows the very best of this fascinating hobby. Each exhibition has a carefully chosen selection of top-class model railway layouts and demonstrators. We are supported each year by a loyal band of traders and ‘gauge’ societies. Full details of layouts, traders, demonstrators and societies, plus details of how to get there, can be found on the Club's website - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/ PLEASE NOTE: The Admiral Lord Nelson School is being enlarged, and pedestrian access and parking arrangements will be different this year. Please refer to the club website where information will be added and updated as we get closer to the exhibition. Layouts Allt Y Graban Road - (4mm scale) Arun Quay - (7mm scale) Clifton & Lowther - (2mm scale) Cornwallis Yard - (4mm scale Faringdon - (4mm scale) Kitedale - (4mm scale) Navigation Road - (4mm scale) Normandy Junction MPD - (7mm scale) Obbekaer - (3.5mm scale) Sandford & Banwell - (4mm scale) Wickwar - (2mm scale) Widley and St George (4mm scale) - One for our younger visitors - come and drive trains pulled by Thomas, Percy, Gordon and more of their friends Traders Booklaw Publications C & L Finescale Coastal DCC Frome Model Centre London Road Models London Road Models Model Railway Developments Penbits RumneyModels Squires Model & Craft Tools The Model Shop Portsmouth Tim Horn Baseboards Plus our Members’ Sales Stand Full details of layouts, traders, demonstrators and Societies can be found on our website using the links below: Layouts - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/2019-exhibition-layouts/ Traders - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/ Demonstrators & Societies - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-demonstrators-societies/
  3. Thanks to all who came and made the Exhibition such a great day. According to our Chaiman (another Dave ... Dave Hawkins) traders and exhibitors were all pleased with the day. We had very nearly 800 paying visitors, our second highest attendance. There are always things we can improve on - these will be discussed at the next Committee meeting and Club Forum. I've added a news post to the Club Website, which includes some video and stills taken on the day ... please do pop over and have a look. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/2018-exhibition-report/ We always get lots of children, which may seem unexpected at a 'finescale' show, but with Roy Hickman getting them involved in making scenery, and Roger Sawyer getting the children to have a go at soldering, we are very mindful that railway modelling isn't just a hobby for those of us who are getting on a bit. The children were also entertained by Chris Barker and his crew on the MERG stand, and the many Club Members who were supurvising on our 'Thomas' layout. As I mentioned in a previous post, this was the 'Year of the Knees', and now I have photograpic evidence to prove it ... half the Committee on cruches following knee operations! Richard Butler and Ray Hodson Finally, thanks to everyone who visited these posts on the forum.
  4. Just three days to go, and we're nearly ready ... the Show Guide (one free to each party coming through the door) has gone to print, barriers and signs have been prepared, and the staffing schedule circulated. Traders update: We are being supported by four traders this year who all carry a wide range of modelling items in their shops, including many non-railway lines. Two of these traders will be at the Exhibition ... The Model Shop (Portsmouth), and Frome Model Centre. Supporting us by advertising in the Show Guide are Wicor Models of Portchester, and KB Models of Havant. See details of all the appearing and supporting traders on the 2018 Exibition Traders page of our website. One more note ... The Model Shop (Portsmouth) and KB Models are offering discounts on production of the Show Guide. The final 4 layouts: Sherton Abbas (7mm scale, O gauge) Sherton Abbas is a 7mm scale representation of a Great Western Railway branch line terminus and is set in the Edwardian era circa 1905. The name Sherton Abbas comes from Thomas Hardy’s novel “The Woodlanders” – quite what he would have made of the railway is anyone’s guess! Stoke by Nayland (4mm scale, P4 gauge) In 1867 the Great Eastern Railway opened a 35 mile cross country route from Colchester to Stowmarket. The line was never as successful as anticipated and lived a quiet existence for 100 years until closure in 1967. It did however prove to be a useful avoiding line, taking pressure of the Colchester to Norwich mainline at busy times. Stoke by Nayland station itself was kept busy by the presence of a granary and a dairy. Trowland (1:64th scale, S gauge) Trevor Nunn’s new layout ‘Trowland’ is the terminus of a Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway branch line in North Norfolk. The layout is set firmly in the 19th century. Widley and St George (4mm scale, OO Gauge) One for our younger visitors. Come and drive trains pulled by Thomas, Percy, Gordon and more of their friends. Details of all the layouts appearing this year can be found on the 2018 Exhibition Layouts page, with even more details including track plans, in the Show Guide. Getting to the exhibition Full details for getting to the exhibition by public and private transport are on the Club website. The Show Guide is free, and contain information about layouts and traders, and there are some special offers from some of the traders. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/ We hope to see you there.
  5. We're into the last two weeks before the exhibition ... and the Committee is getting the usual pre-match nerves - they think they've thought of everything! This is a good time to remind visitors that the excellent catering put on by 'Trig' in the school's kitchen, is only available between 12 noon and 1:30pm - each year there are people who have got so engrossed in the exhibition that they forget the early close of the catering. However, drinks and snacks are still available in the 'Bridge' (just along from the catering), and there are several food outlets in Ocean Park, including a new M&S Food Hall. There is a little 'Blue Badge' parking in front of the school - if you don't have a Blue Badge, please don't park in these spaces. Time is running out for pre-show orders, so get your order-for-collection in soon. Please also note that a number of the advertisers in this year's Show Guide will be offering discounts for limited periods after the Exhibition, but only on production of the Guide. Traders Previewed: This year's traders (who haven't been mentioned before) include C&L, Falcon Masterpiece Models, MRD (Model Railway Developments), Penbits, Rumney Models, and Squires Tools. Advertising but not appearing at the Exhibition are The Electric Loft Ladder Co., KB Models (of Havant), and Wicor Models (of Portchester). https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/ Layout Preview: Outwell Village (4mm scale, OO finescale) The Wisbech and Upwell Tramway opened to traffic on the 20th August 1883 only as far as Outwell, and then on to Upwell on the 8th September 1884. Between the years of 1945 to 1950 the line saw the most activity, when it was not uncommon to see double headed trams with 60 fruit vans in tow. Steam trams were the mainstay of the motive power in the early years, with diesels taking over until 23rd May 1966 when the line closed to traffic. Layout Preview: Leysdown (4mm scale, P4 gauge) Welcome to the Leysdown, a model railway layout portraying, in 4mm to the foot scale, the terminus of the Sheppey Light Railway as it would have appeared in the early 1930s under Southern Railway ownership. Demonstrators & Societies The last of the 'gauge' societies that will be represented at the Exhibition is the 2mm Society. The 2mm Scale Association exists to promote and facilitate modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. The scale has a long history as the smallest practical finescale standard. https://www.shmrc.or...tors-societies/ Getting to the exhibition Full details for getting to the exhibition by public and private transport are on the Club website. The Show Guide is free, and contain information about layouts and traders, and there are some special offers from some of the traders. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/
  6. This year's Exhibition will probably be known in the Club as "The Year of the Knees". The Committee has, between them, only 50% of the fit and funtioning knees they should have. I think it might be a ploy to avoid the heavy lifting! Don't forget - if you're coming to the Exhibition on the 17th, and you want to pre-order something from any of our traders, you need nto get that order in quickly to avoid being disappointed. Traders Preview In the preview today we welcome a new trader, Frome Model Centre, and a long-time supporter of the Show, London Road Models. Frome Model Centre are one of the largest and independent family-run model shops in the country. They can't possible bring everything to the Show, so please ask them if there's something particular you'd like them to bring. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/frome-model-centre/ London Road Models has a large range of 4mm etched loco kits, most with their origin in the pre-Group era - many are not available anywhere else. Of course, many of these loco survived through the Grouping period into BR ownership. They also have many other kits including coaches and wagons. They are also the only UK supplier of Resistance Soldering Irons. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/ Layout Preview: Fulton Terminal (3.5mm HO gauge) - 1950s Eastern USA Fulton Terminal was situated on the East River and operated by the New York Dock Railway. It was one of a large number of similar rail terminals, around the Upper New York Bay and Hudson River area, all connected by the river. The model is set in the mid-1950s. Layout Preview: Horselunges (4mm P4 gauge) - Sussex Light Railway Not far from the bottom edges of the Sussex Weald lies the Dicker Tramway, a small independent light railway connecting the brick kilns of Dicker with the market town of Owlsham. An intermediate station serving the market town of Horselunges along with its flour mill and a private industrial siding form the subject of the scene depicted. Demonstrators & Societies Demonstrators include Roy Hickman, a regular demonstrator of scenic modelling. Be prepared to have a go yourself - allow plenty of time for everyone in your party to make something to take home ... a favourite with the children. MERG is the Model Electronics Railway Group and is an international club for anyone interested in using electronics to control a model railway and reap the benefits of reduced wiring, more controllability and reduced costs of the electronics. They have a number of demonstration units, and can explain all about assembling the MERG boards. https://www.shmrc.or...tors-societies/ Getting to the exhibition Full details for getting to the exhibition by public and private transport are on the Club website. The Show Guide is free, and contain information about layouts and traders, and there are some special offers from some of the traders. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/
  7. I've already posted a couple of times in the Exhibition forum about my Club's Portsmouth show on 17th November ... but I thought it was time to introduce myself. I've been interested in real and model railways for as long as I can remember, and I started to model actively on my own in the 1980s. However I didn't get very far due to pressures of work and family. And everything stopped with the divorce. I re-married in 2003 to a much more ameanable lady, but until 2015 I didn't have the space for my dream project (which had been started and then scrapped previously). We moved to Gopsort at the end of 2014, to a house with a cavernous loft - whooppee. I joined the South Hants Model Railway Club, re-joined several line and gauge societies, and set about converting the loft space (after doing some essential work to the house). The loft took two years to board, line, light, heat and ventilate. For the past twelve months I've been building baseboards, researching train formations, time tables, building sizes, and getting a couple of Club friends to help me with Templot. I'm on the point of starting to make the track ... just waitng for the last of my sleeper supplies to arrive. I had been planning an EM layout, having been a Society member off and on for many years. But practical considerations have meant I'm staying with 00 - the time and cost to convert lots of locos and other stock is something I can't afford - and I can't afford to pay someone to do it for me!. However, as I have to build the track (excepting the straight bits), I'm opting for 00 finescale, and 4-SF in particular. This has caused quite a stir at the Club ... "16.2mm gauge? I thought 00 was 16.5". I found a very compelling case to build all the pointwork to 16.2 on the 4-sf.uk website. Being an awkward soul (so my wife tells me), I'm also planning to use MERG to control points and signals, and radio control for the locomotives. The reasoning behind both these decisions is the huge reduction in wiring which results. Now, I'd better share what I'm actually building ... Barnstaple Junction in Southern days (mid 1930s). I've never been faint-hearted.
  8. We were busy in the Club room last night building some more supports for our barriers - we'd run out last year. Had a chat with the compiler of the Show Guide ... he has most of the information he needs, and will be creating the frist draft in the next few days. Traders preview Today, I'll mention a regular trader at the exhibition, The Model Shop (Portsmouth), and a new trader for this year, Tim Horn (baseboards). The Model Shop have moved premises since last year, and a major benefit to shoppers is that there is a free car park just behind the shop.For those of you who know Portsmouth, this is a great asset! As well as bringing a selection of items to the show, their advertisement in this year's Show Guide inclused a 15% off voucher for purchases at their shop. You can also place orders with them for collection at the show ... but please get those orders in early to avoid dissappointment. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/model-shop-portsmouth/ Tim Horn is well know as the maker of top quality baseboards, among other things. His range of boards goes beyound the usual flat retangular offerings of other suppliers, so if you need new baseboards, his stand will be well worth the visit. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/tim-horn/ Layout preview: End of the Line (7mm 0 gauge) - early 60s coal mining In addition to the excellent 0 gauge modelling, the line includes a 2ft narrow gauge line bringing the coal from the pit to the distribution centre ... with working tippers! While some of the coal is taken away by rail, there are also some radio controlled lorries handling local distribution. We expect End of the Line to be very popular on the day. Layout preview Hope-under-Dinmore (4mm EM gauge) - pre-Grouping LNWR and GWR Hope is currently our Club's largest operational layout (that crown will be taken by Eastwood when that arrives in 2019). Hope is a traditional 'roundy-roundy' layout, with lots of trains to watch, and the occasional shunting operation in the goods yard. Virtually all the stock has been built or converted from kits, many of which are no longer available. It is a Club favourite because operating it is so enjoyable. Will you spot the Layout Manager taking the permanent way train up the branch (again) when it should be on the main line? Demonstrators and Societies Roger Sawyer is a regular demonstration at our Exhibition, and he'll be here again showing how straightforward soldering is. Come along and be prepared to have a go. The Scalefour Society will be represented this year by members of the Southwark Bridge Group. The Society is more that just an advocate for the 18.83mm track gauge - members have access to resources useful for every 4mm modeller. Come along and have a chat. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-demonstrators-societies/ Getting to the exhibition Full details for getting to the exhibition by public and private transport are on the Club website. The Show Guide is free, and contain information about layouts and traders, and there are some special offers from some of the traders. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/
  9. We're begining the count down in the Club, with lots of activity ... building extra barrier supports, mapping out the hall, and starting to give you a preview of the layouts, traders, societies and demonstrators. Traders preview Two of our regular traders are Book Law and Coastal DCC. Book Law keep a huge range of trailway and other transport books ... but they can only bring a limited selection with them. So if you have something specific you want to buy, it's always best to give them a call to pre-order it, for collection at the exhibition - this saves you postage! https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/book-law-publications/ Coastal DCC stock equipment by Lenz, TCS, Digitrax, Zimo and ESU/Loksound. Their experience with DCC comes from using it on their own layouts, so they have a real practical insight into using DCC systems. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-traders/coastal-dcc/ Layout preview: Banbury (2mm N gauge) - Modern Image Banbury station lies on a busy cross country route between Birmingham and Didcot, where it joins the Great Western Mainline. The Chiltern Railways mainline towards London Marylebone diverges a few miles South at Aynho Junction. Layout preview: Ferring (4mm, P4) - Pre-Group, LBSCR Ferring is the terminus of a fictional branch off the Brighton to Portsmouth line near Goring, Sussex, set in 1911. This makes the layout very nearly a 'local' line. We try to portray typical L.B.S.C.R. practise of the time and to capture a ‘Brighton’ atmosphere; most of the buildings are based on real ones. Demonstrators & Societies Demonstrators include Jerry Clifford who will once again, be showing some of his exquisite 2mm Finescale models. The EM Gauge Society is a UK based international society created to promote and cater for railway modellers working to a scale of 4mm/ft with a track gauge of 18.2mm - come and ask us any questions you have about this finescale gauge society, and what we have to offer modellers. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/exhibition-demonstrators-societies/ Getting to the exhibition Full details for getting to the exhibition by public and private transport are on the Club website. The Show Guide is free, and contain information about layouts and traders, and there are some special offers from some of the traders. https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/
  10. It's that time of year again - the 2018 Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition will be held on Saturday 17th November. The Exhibition is at the usual location ... Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5XT - opposite Ocean Park (Homebase, Curries PC World, McDonalds, Costa, M&S Foodhall etc.). Full details of the layouts, traders and other stands can be found on our website at: https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/ This year we will be showcasing layouts and traders here on this forum in the run up to the 17th. We look forward to you visiting the Exhbition, enjoying the layouts, and making our traders happy! Here is the list of layouts and traders etc. currently confirmed: Layouts Banbury End of the line Ferring Fulton Terminal Hope Under Dinmore Horselunges Leysdown Outwell Village Sherton Abbas Stoke by Nayland Trowland Widley St George Traders Booklaw Publications C & L Coastal DCC Falcon Masterpiece Models Frome Model Centre London Road Models Model Railway Developments Penbits Rumney Models Squires Tools The Model Shop, Portsmouth Tim Horn Baseboards Demonstrators Jerry Clifford Roger Sawyer Roy Hickman Societies 2mm Society EMGS MERG Scalefour Society