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  1. Hello interesting layout concept, hope you find help to push your project onto a new place. Please post any progress you make
  2. Hello from west sussex, welcome to the forum
  3. Item withdrawn from sale total lack of interest
  4. Also remember with these that the Hornby ringfield motors may suffer from more wear as they do not seem to like heavy loads and going up a gradient. Some struggle with wheelslip
  5. Hornby Can type motors with an open frame marked Johnson these do have brushes which can be replaced. These motors were also used in many 70's and 80's scalextric cars
  6. Hello I am a railway modeller based in west sussex near to pagham. I like 00 gauge vintage items like Hornby etc but now find I am drawn to 0 gauge
  7. A 00 Gauge 4-BEP Emu 4 cars in br green ready to use as a project to finish £25 ono
  8. LoadHaul Class 37 in 00 gauge in good condition, a different livery to find on a class 37. Unboxed non dcc could be hardwired but supplied in a box 25 pound ono
  9. 00 scale log wagons oba? in good condition 6 pound each
  10. GWR King Class engine in gwr green with standard 6 wheel tender as King George v. Sent out America briefly and acquired a bell attached to the front footplate. Also driven at sometime by the then prince of wales to be later King George VI. Twenty five pounds ono