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  1. This post covers the tramway from Ballinamore to Arigna and completes the full length of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway empire. I am working on one further post which will pull together a few different things relating to the C&L.
  2. This is a bid to claim that the best scale is 2mm and the best gauge is 'N'!! What is not to like in N gauge? I guess that some may disagree?
  3. The last length of the mainline of the Cavan & Leitrim railway is covered by this next post - the length form Ballyconnell to Belturbet.
  4. An independent standard-gauge line with no direct connection into the wider network. .... .... The first section of the line was completed in 1901, the full line finished in 1908. All of the track and rolling stock were requisitioned during the war and the railway closed in 1917. The materials never saw active service! .... .....
  5. The next post on the C&L takes us to the central junction station at Ballinamore.
  6. Apologies for the long title for this thread. I was challenged by someone who read my posts about the Bicester Military Railway and about MoD Kinston to look at the Nescliffe Camp. I have started by looking at the feeder railway which was commandeered by the military and this has become a post in its own right. I will get round to the military areas in the next post in the series.
  7. The second post on the Cavan & Leitrim takes us from Dromod to Mohill:
  8. This is, I think, likely to be my last post about the railways in Orkney. It has been prompted by finding a secondhand copy of Wilfred Simms book.
  9. We crossed back from Orkney today and drove via John O'Groats and Wick before heading south through Inverness. About 6 miles north of Wick on the A99 we drove over a narrow gauge (metre-gauge) line. This was a surprise and it needed to be investigated. .... This post is the result.
  10. This next post takes us to the Kilkee terminus of the West Clare Railway. We still have another arm of the journey to complete.
  11. This is first of the main series of posts about the Cavan & Leitrim Railway. I have enjoyed reading Patrick Flanagan's little book published by Pan. It is rather dog-eared and falling apart now. The text of the book has helped me explore the line, even though I have done so from my armchair. References to the text of his book abound, and these are all credited in the blog. In this post we review the history of the line and then, with the aid of a good few pictures, we look round Dromod Station as it was.
  12. I don't think that I have posted anything about one of my local railways before?This is a very short reflection on how the struggles of this smaller company ultimately left the Great Central Railway with its own financial struggles!It may not be without controversy. keep the post itself brief, the detail is carried in Appendices.
  13. The journey along the West Clare continues. We are now firmly in the territory of what was built as the South Clare Railway. This length of the journey takes us from Quilty to Moyasta Junction. ....
  14. So much for a holiday away from everything (including railways). .... Here is the second attempt to get railways out of the system for the holidays here on Orkney!