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  1. matto21

    New project!

    Thank you, yes the board is 4' x 1'.
  2. matto21

    New project!

    Bit of progress since my last post:
  3. Interesting! Is that a laser cut baseboard? You've got a got selection of buildings, how about offsetting everything so it's not square on to the baseboard edge?
  4. matto21

    New project!

    Bit of a layout update.
  5. Do you mind me asking which brand of paint? It looks good!
  6. Looks good! What did you use to paint the sides of the bridge - is it a textured paint? Matt
  7. Something I've wanted to do for ages but never got around to doing. I've always loved Narrow Gauge locos and always had a wish to model it but never actually did anything. For anyone who's interested, this is 7mm NG.
  8. matto21

    New project!

    Few hours later...
  9. matto21

    New project!

    Bit of painting practice...
  10. matto21

    New project!

    Love these ex-fish vans:
  11. How are you going to represent the water?
  12. Good question. I'm not sure, I'd be tempted to say concrete given the nature of the bridge.
  13. matto21

    New project!

    Some more stock:
  14. Cool start. I've thought many times over the years about modelling various stations on this line but never got around to it. Which is a shame as it's so close. Keep up the good work!