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  1. They also have another video on the channel displaying Some larger locos going around 1st radius curves. Worth a look! Check it out via the link!
  2. If you have a look on Budget Model Railways Youtube page, they have a video on it. You can only use small 0-4-0 locos, pushing it with a Class 08, but you can get away with it! Here is the Link.
  3. Pudding390


    To be fair, that’s a good point. But I worked it out that I have only a few mils to spare. The layout will be tight, but in theory it should fit!
  4. Pudding390


    So i been for a walk up town to WHsmiths to pick up the latest issue of Railway Modeller (seems forever since i picked an issue) and i changed me mind slightly. I had decided to swap the baseboard for something a little more budget friendly and a lot more portable. I picked up 4 Box flies, a cheeky nod to our 2011 Challenge. I was going to enter that under my original account but then decided not to. But back the layout. The reason i have denied on box files is They are cheap. They are light and portable. Easy to work with. I know the layout that i based my plan on fist in 2 box files. As stated above, 2 box files works for the original layout; but as my plan is an extended version of the layout 3 box files would be perfect. As i walked up to town, i decided i will pick up a small amount of track to start planing the full size plan. But as its winter months, the West Somerset Railway ain't open so i couldn't nip in to the minehead station shop to pick up some track. Oh well, a tip to Weston Super Mare or Burnham-on-see might be in order on Monday. But i can gladly say the layout is in motion!
  5. Pudding390


    Well thanks you very much. Means a lot! Well its payday today with a day off Sunday and Monday so work should start rather soon. Within the next 2 week track shall by laid if all goes to plan. The size of the plan, just from track work is 118cm by 23cm (excluding cassette Fiddle yard) Well yes and no. As i moved away i took nothing to do with railway modelling with me and i didn't think i wanted to do it especially in a flat that i don't technically own. But my plans are still that, Baseboard of 6x2 ft will be used. but not MDF this time. Im thinking of plywood as we have plenty in work from old sets and other random projects, then will nip across the road to TP and pick up some timber for the frame work if needed. Hope you stick around to see the project come to life!
  6. Pudding390


    Well well well, back again i am. Just under a year of not posting anything, i hate to say Aberpandy is out the window. Kind of anyway. The Aberpandy that (can i say this?) We know of has never been nor will be. Back in April last year when building was in planning stage, a life changing opportunity came my way. of course i couldn't let it go! I got offered a job with a famous holiday resort as a stage lighting technician. So the time came to pack my bags and leave my life behind in the Rhondda Valleys and move to the seaside town of Minehead. Perfect to train spot may i add... So i moved in to my apartment what they provided me on site, not the biggest or the nicest, but is somewhere to call home for the time you work there. I done everything i wanted to do e.g., Phillips Hue, Wooden flooring down, rip out bath and put in a shower, build my perfect DJ booth and so on. But there is one thing that I'm missing. You guessed it, a model railway. I have no room to work with, so running full length HSTs or IEPs are out the window straight away, Saying that, a 2 car pacer or sprinter is out the window. But what has Hattons released? Thats right, a Class 121 Bubble car in Arriva Trains wales Livery! #Winning Also, i have found a fair amount of Class 153's in ATW livery on eBay so lucky me. So whats the Ideas? Small Operational interest Shunting Prototypical Budget build room to expand Detailed. What has been planned? Small (y) Operational interest (y) Shunting (y) Prototypical (y) Budget build room to expand (y) Detailed. What is hoped to be done... Small (y) Operational interest (y) Shunting (y) Prototypical (y) Budget build (y) room to expand (y) Detailed (y) What wont be done? Operational interest Shunting Prototypical Budget build (y) room to expand Detailed. Model railway are alway over budget.. I set my budget for about £200 for everything. But with the plans on buying totally new track, about 45% of the budget has gone already. But as everyone know knows, its a marathon, not a sprint. The layout needs to be small due to the room i have spare, well i say spare, I'm willing to give up a part of my computer desk for it. If i didn't give up my desk, i can build it. Its as simple as that unfortunately. So enough babbling, lets have a look at the track plan as it stands today of writing this. A nice simple but affective plan in think. It looks to be really fun to operate. I took inspiration form a layout i saw on youtube, unfortunately i cant remember the name of the video otherwise i would give credit. I modded it to add the passing loop, and extended the sidings toward the right of the plan, from a single to a double. this means i can double the length of train (the layout sounds massive when i say that). I want this to be an interactive layout, Only because I'm stuck for a few ideas, but at least I'm honest about it haha. The Sidings on the right, I'm having a a few ideas about it but i cant decide on one idea. my original idea was to make a factory scene as i found a lovely model from a independent model shop selling a box van of another old local company that is local to me. I would love to incorporate this in a way, but i don't think it would suite a modern image layout, but as said may times, its my railway and i will run what i want. Another idea i had was petrols tanks, where a class 37,47, 57 or 66 would bring in a small rake of Hornby R6787 tankers, maybe 4/5 (depending on size of the tanker) on to the layout, then a class 08 would take them from the big loco, and shunt them in to place for 'unloading'. one unloaded, the class 08 would shunt them ready for departure, the big loco would then take them 'offstage' or in to the wings as i like to say… But the only problem with the 2 precise idea, more this one than the first, only one type of load can be used in the scene. The first one can have a different amount of wagons coming up the factory, but then would you see a factory on a small branch line terminus. Well then guys and gals. This is the last you will hear form me until when ever. I need to plan plan plan! I I'm making a trip to Travis perkins as its the only timer merchant near me on the weekend so we should start to see something in the next week or so! any comments or ideas would be amazing! Thanks guys! Connor!
  7. I would love to do this to my layout. I already run my own VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) on ETS2 Called M&B Logistics. Bringing it in to the real world would be amazing!!
  8. Hello, everyone. I and my girlfriend were talking about our childhood last night and what toys we had. I remember that I had plastic train set sold by Woolworths. This train set sold in many variations. If I can recall, one was an oil depot, one was a desert (i think). the sets you can connect together. one of the sets came with (what looked like) a 2 car class 390. the otehr set came with other locos but I can't remember. The scale was roughly N gauge. maybe smaller. It was made between 2005-2007. I can't really remember an exact year. If someone could help me, that would be amazing! Thank you!
  9. The Spar looks good Jack. I do prefer a Co-op myself. Better selection of Crisps, but Spar does burger bites whilst Co-op don't. Well, are you modeling Porth by me? As Dylans 'The Old Post Offie' is my local Wetherspoons !
  10. The layout looks pretty good, Jack. The buildings could suit this layout realy well!
  11. Pudding390

    Pen y Bryn

    Phill I must say, your layout looks superb! Following!
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    Well, then Phil, I'm assuming your over in the Cynon valley or the Ogmore Valley?
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    That is amazing, Jack. Thanks a lot! What layout are you building now? As the last layout, I know off was the mixed era with your girlfriend? Am I correct to say this is still the case or have you got another layout in the process?
  14. Pudding390


    Hello, everyone. I would like to introduce to you my new layout under construction, Aberpandy. A small, sleepy town(ish) based in the valleys of south wales. When I was younger I loved Thomas the tank engine. so my mother bought me a Tomy set. but when I was a bit older, a Hornby set came my way as a Christmas present. Since that moment in time, I knew that I wanted to get into modeling as my main hobby. Years and years passed happily with me and my trains, spending (as you all know) hundreds of pounds on one loco. but then suddenly, It all stopped. I wanted to pursue a career in Mobile DJing and live performance stage management. but I honestly don't know why I stopped modeling trains. It kills me to say it. But now, I'm back on the game. I found my old locos and tracks. found my sheet of MDF (read below) and have the time and money at hand. Aberpandy (ABN) is going to be a modern image, Welsh themed layout again and is basically my version of the terminus station at Treherbet (TRB). Why the name Aberpandy? Aberdare is where one side of my family lives and Tonypandy is where the other side and myself live now. The two names combined creating the name. For my purposes, the line does end at Treherbet, It swings around the right into a small freight yard. I chose this scenario as for where I live, there ain't any freight traffic, but there was back when the coal mines were fully functional. It will allow me to have more operational interest rather than a simple 1/2/4 car DMU showing itself every 5 minutes or so and going 'of stage', just to repeat the process. the freight trains will be stored in a loco lift system and the passenger trains will be stored in a 2 track fiddly yard to quick access can run them into the station and back out easily in sequence with the run-round loop adding further entertainment Arriva Trains Wales will provide all the passenger services as you might expect with DMU's, such as 142's, 143's,150's and 153's handling most service, but there will also be a Class 57 or a Class 67 hauled Mk3/DVT 'Premier Set' operating between here and Cardiff Central (CDF) calling only at the major stations on route to give a faster journey time and provide extra passenger capacity on busy match days (like today 11/02/17. Wales V England. Home game, massive crowd). Although this doesn't happen (they only run a 4 car pacer or sprinter, maybe a combo if you're lucky), I love the look of the 57 and 67. Freight will consist of small wagons due to the nature of the sidings. I haven't fully decided on what wagons to haul yet as I don't know what scene to model. But I have a rough idea. Back in 2007, a main employer in the area closed it doors for the final time. It had over 300 people working for them making high-quality clothes, you may know the name for this company, you may not. The factory was only one stop down the line from Treherbert, so it makes a kinda fitting scene. Also, trucks like Scania, Volvos, Mercs, DAFs, MANs were a common sight from the factory and would love to model my love for trucks into the scene. Oh yes, I still haven't told you the name yet have I? Well, the company that closed this factory was Burberry. yes, Burberry had a factory in the small town of Ynyswen. As I said earlier about the name, where the factory was located, Aberdare is just over the mountain, maybe a 20-minute drive Tonypandy is only 6 stops away. So if I need any inspiration I can just catch a pacer or sprinter up and see the real thing. Right, that's the back story is done now for the technical stuff. Here's an (if not final) track plan. I didn't plan the fiddle yard as I'm not paying £30 for software I will use once. maybe twice a year. I would want power the layout via DCC. But control is not too sure. I had a DCC Select but that is broke (unless someone knows how to fix it). A Hornby E-Link looks kinds promising. I saw a few reviews on youtube about it and it doesn't look too bad. But, then there the Gaugemaster DCC02 Prodigy system or something similar. I would love to have 2 sockets on the baseboard, one by the sidings and the other by the station. But that might not be the case, as I would just buy a longer RJ12 Cable If that is what it uses. I found my 6x4 MDF sheet with all the other stuff. It's still in perfect condition, maybe a little bent where weight has been on it, but nothing like heavy books and books won't fix (i hope). I shall cut it down the middle to create 2 2x6 Boards. I have never built legs for a baseboard in mind. So what's the best building technique? Light and portable is a must. So, scenery. I don't know where to start. but this is a rough idea I had in mind with a better track plan, and boards in place Construction due to start Late February, early march. If there are any questions please free to ask. Any comments that could help me along the way will be amazing! Thanks. Connor. Edit: if anyone could point me in the right direction to find some ATW stock that could be amazing. Been looking all over the place and can't find any good looking products. Thanks again!
  15. Possibly not, but does this work on Mac?