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  1. Hi John, I used the Woodland road bed on my layout also on a removable section and have after 3 rebuilds still trouble with different heights on five (curved) tracks. First time I laid the track on the road bed and cut it after glueing and ballasting with PVA. The second time I used the Woodland road bed again and cut it before laying. I aligned it very carefully horizontally and vertically before ballasting. After a few weeks I had a height difference of 1mm. Last time I used plywood at the ends (ca. 3-4 cm) instead of the road bed. After the glue has dried all was perfect. But sadly the same issue after a few weeks. Don't know why. The baseboards have the same height as before. Very dissapointing. Now I will increase the height of the lower track by adding a piece of cardboard or plasticard between the sleepers and the plywood. I think the removable track is a good idea especially if you have just one track over the baseboard joint. Cheers, Guido