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  1. Cheers chaps, not much done over xmas, had to put up a wooden gazeebo and plant a new hedge out the front
  2. Basically Seaside terminus GWR/Southern, lower harbour halt with goods facilities, based roughly on Swanage/Kingswear. The Dog is the Giant Westy hunter of Clyde Puffers, she is also a carpet monster, don't drop anything as you are unlikely to find it again, sometimes stuff does get to her basket but its not guaranteed.
  3. I decided that I would have a small harbour and station, between the fiddle yard and upper terminus, so set about a bit of scenic work. Started with a removable harbour on the basis I could have multiple ones with different boats or tide levels. Then I needed a boat so knocked up a Clyde Puffer of sorts, out of cardboard and bits and pieces. More to follow later...
  4. Here is my attempt at building a model railway, the scenics are my favourite bit so I am trying to not have too much track, so decide on a single line running from a cassette fiddle yard to a terminus station with a bit of stuff in between. L girder construction in my 16 x 8 foot shed/summerhouse/cabin.
  5. Excellent, a Gormo Scribomatic. I could see one of those adapted to hold a pencil to be useful as well.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes, I will get a layout thread started shortly.
  7. cheers chaps. The site seems mobile friendly too, which is a bonus.
  8. Hi Recognise some of the names. I model in 00, and enjoy scratch building, hopefully I can contribute as well as learn. Cheers Andy