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  1. Hi Ian A bit late, just catching up, but welcome to the forum, good to hear from you. Paul
  2. Welcome Matt I better re-phrase that, Hi Matt, welcome to the forum Paul
  3. Hi Richie A warm welcome to the forum, and like the others looking forward to hearing more about your layout, and your modelling trials and tribulations Paul
  4. Welcome Andy, you'll definately find familiar names and characters here, and plenty of friendly new ones as well Paul
  5. paul_l

    Victoria Road

    Well my black friday purchase arrived from Hong Kong on Tuesday, which is quite amazing when one of my other purchases travelled from Amazons ware house 50 miles south of here and arrived 3 hours later. The purchase was a new camera (DSLR), so just to bore you all a bit more Considering these were on auto, with the on board flash, and an idiot at the controls, I'm quite impressed. The other purchase Why post a picture of a kindle fire, well at £35 for a 7" tablet, that can have the engine driver app (free) installed, which allows me to wirelessly control my layout - no brainer really. Paul
  6. paul_l


    Hi Ron Try vlc it will transcode. The video editing software I use - Corel Video Studio, can also import various video formats and transcode them into a format suitable for the projects chosen output format. Paul
  7. paul_l

    Lcut station

    Prepare for your gob to be further smacked Really impressed, and the brick work is very effective, even tho just a paper, re-read your post, at first I thought you had painted each brick. Welldone Ian a lovelly model Paul
  8. paul_l


    Matt, in the past I have used the body of a biro, a brass paper clip and wire to form the probe. Enlarge the hole in the pen tip to allow the wire to pass through, solder the wire to the brass paper clip, then feed through the pen body, and glue the brass paper clip to the pen body.... simples Paul Ron If you want to really fancy, engrave the track plan on to clear acrylic sheet, then light the ends and the track plan will glow or more coventionally 8mm insulation tape - will allow a degree of manipulation. You can always seal it in with varnish Paul
  9. Nice one Neil Really accentuates the flatness of the 47's sides, pity its still in its undercoat waiting for the real two tone green to be applied Paul
  10. paul_l


    Hi Ron For setting my routes I use JMRI (no surprise there), you can set a delay between firing each point - in reality the signal man can only pull one lever at a time. The default appears to be around 0.5 to 1 sec (not sure what it is as I have never changed the default), but each point fires approx 1 second apart. You may find a similar approach may help you to use all 8 output of the AV8. Paul
  11. paul_l


    Your old power supply - 16V ac will be perfect,thats what I use. If your after further accy decoders for solenoid point motors, then take alook at the Merg accy decoders in the DCC section of the kitlocker. Opto isolated from the trackbus to protect both sides, DCC & point motors. These have a built in cdu, with twin capacitors, and copes easily with route selection of several points in quick succession Paul
  12. Are the roof tiles plaster as well? You could try a grey colron dye, then use a thinned down acrylic wash to give tonal variation, and fill in the gaps between slates Paul
  13. paul_l

    Weybourne NNR

    Wait til Tom and Gormo take it for a spin. Money well spent there Ron, its looking good. Paul
  14. Hope the lungs clear, The walls are looking good, for the piers or buttresses, use the brick paper - if you have any left, and wrap it around card formers - I use 2mm grey board. Stick it onto the front side, and score down the inside of the paper at the joint to help create a sharp corner - careful tho' as you could go through - dont ask Paul
  15. paul_l

    Breadalbane TMD

    Welcome to my world, just drop off to sleep then I'm woke up by earth tremours, sorry SWMBO snoring, normally ends as the alarm goes off.