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  1. Cranwell Man

    Toto's Breadalbane Modern Image Fleet

    If I had those stored in my shed I wouldn't have room for a layout!!!
  2. Cranwell Man

    Web cam shock!

    Already done that Matt but it appeared to be a man who had escaped whilst being transported between mental homes. He is hiding from a Police helicopter I think!!
  3. Cranwell Man

    Still my favourite loco of all time!

    As a bonus,my favourite A4 clip! Cheers Ron (Sorry,not having a very good day! I only wanted to show this first video but it appears there are 198 others as well!!)
  4. Cranwell Man

    Still my favourite loco of all time!

    One I did earlier!! Seem to have 2 of the same and can't remove one? Cheers Ron
  5. Cranwell Man


    CDU fitted and mimic panel ready for wiring up next week. Cheers Ron
  6. Cranwell Man

    Web cam shock!

    True Bill, a sign of the times I think! Cheers Ron
  7. Cranwell Man

    Web cam shock!

    I keep a web cam in the garden for the wildlife and cats! I got a big shock when I checked the micro disk today!! 2.30 am next to my caravan in the back garden, gates always locked so don't know how he got in (or out!) Bit worrying though! Cheers Ron
  8. Cranwell Man

    Great Chesterford Junction

    Hey that looks a great bit of carpentry Brian! I'm sure it will work and look just great, just take a deep breath an go for it!! Look forward to seeing the results! Cheers Ron
  9. Cranwell Man


    Thanks Brian, I'll take a look over the weekend Cheers Ron
  10. A4's or streaks as we called them as kids are still my favourite loco of all time! Being born 200yds from the ECML helped, so it's only fitting to have my BR liveried A4's visit Weybourne (on a regular basis of course!)! Couple of photo's herewith: Cheers Ron
  11. Cranwell Man


    CDU wired up today and a wiring diagram for the points sorted out ready! Cheers Ron
  12. Cranwell Man

    Weybourne NNR

    Think I'm happy with this set up (better be, I've fixed the barn down!) Just need to grass up around the edges and add some tree's!! Cheers Ron
  13. Cranwell Man

    Modern EWS depot 00/4mm...

    Still think Digitrains is one of the best on the market! Cheers Ron
  14. Cranwell Man

    Hello to all

    Hi Andy, welcome to the forum Cheers Ron
  15. Cranwell Man


    Will give it a try Paul but the camcorder came with some software on a DVD that seems to work fine! Cheers Ron