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  1. Can confirm it's a great show ! I managed to pop in on Sunday for a brief ( 4 hours ;) visit and will definitely try again next year. Some great layouts, very friendly people, and good catering made for an enjoyable, relaxed and informative visit ! Definately one for the diary next year guys and gals, you wont be disappointed Cheers Matt
  2. Planning to make a detour on Sunday to pop in on my way south ( the wife will never know ;)
  3. What a lovely surprise David ! It's been good to watch this one grow from simple beginnings into a lovely little layout to inspire others. Well done mate Cheers Matt
  4. Looking really good David ! and another successful exhibition under your belt. Well done mate Cheers Matt
  5. Lovely video David, some nice looking locos and a great scenic line. I'm gathering some stock and materials to start an O 16.5 plank soon, as Upton Blewbury has gone backwards to bare boards again and I need something short and quirky to get the old mojo going again. Seeing your video just inspires me to "get T finger out" ! Cheers Matt
  6. Somehow David I've managed to completely miss the whole thing ! too much RL stuff going on at the moment Maybe catch the final though. Thanks for the heads up Cheers Matt
  7. Some great photos there young Sir ! I've bookmarked for a proper look later in the week Cheers Matt
  8. mattc6911

    Box Road Sidings

    Lovely little layout !! great for photo shoots to show off stock and new kit/ scratch builds etc nice one Cheers Matt
  9. Thanks for that Dave ! found and bookmarked one for ordering with some other bits and bobs at the end of the month Cheers Matt
  10. mattc6911

    Pen y Bryn

    super photos!! Cheers Matt
  11. mattc6911

    Chris's ramblings

    great news Chris so 4-6ft long but what width can you get away with ? cheers Matt
  12. nice grungy, grubby , rust buckets you got there mate Matt
  13. Thought of you the other day Dave . I was doing a sort out of some old magazines (modelling and other subjects) and came across an old 'Traction Models' magazine from September 1973 (Issue no 103) showing some old American traction units and some US model traction layouts. If you want a read send a PM with your address and I'll post it to you. . . Tis no good to me Cheers Matt
  14. Yup that would work as well Thanks Philip I'm just used to giving a post number rather than adding a link Cheers Matt