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  1. Like the look of your diesel shed. More piccies would be good. Toto
  2. Toto

    CazRail: Fleet

    C'mon then ....... Where's the photo......... Geeshhhh.
  3. A very true saying Jim. I'm still trying to tip the balance between making mistakes and making models in my favour yet ......... Perseverance I believe. still ....... Goodfun trying and can think of worse things I could be doing. toto
  4. You sound like a very handy man with the tools. Always to be applauded. cheers toto
  5. Very effective Jim. Traversers are not easy to get bang on. Nice modelling Sir. cheers toto
  6. Thank you kind sir. i'll do that. I have a few members over on my own forum who would be interested in his sound files. Any recent acquisitions yourself ? toto
  7. Hi Jim, it all looks solid enough to me.You are a dab hand on the woodwork. great stuff cheers toto
  8. Hi Steve, spill the beans ........ What have you decided to go with. We're a nosey bunch........
  9. Welcome aboard Jim. Friendly folks on here and some terrific layouts. An O gauger as well. Lucky man. cheers toto
  10. Met the man himself at model rail Scotland and heard some of his sounds. Very impressed. What's the best way to contact him direct ? may have a proposition or two
  11. Hi Jim, very interesting indeed. Nice work. toto
  12. Hi Neil, i have aver my translucent Hornby class 37 shell that needs a refurb. Colas would be good, especially after seeing your previous re spray of the same. If you are interested, Let me know hoe we can get the ball rolling. I will check in again soon to take some direction from your good self. I have been very much a part timer on here as I have been busy setting up a little venture of my own. However, I need my fix of the threads which I have come to drool over on here . so I'll be about. I'm off to have a look about to see what I've missed. thanks again good sir toto
  13. Toto

    Loch Garry

    Hi, I like the class 33's in west coast livery. I recognise them, Glen Loy and Glen Falloch........mmmmm....... Wonder how that is... the 37's are the stars of the show though. cheers toto
  14. Apologies for taking so long to come back. Might need your assistance with a certain class 37 in network rail .........Colas would be nice ....... cheers toto