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  1. Another year on, and whilst layout planning has progressed, actual layout building is no further forward. On the other hand, the fleet continues to grow with a DCC fitted DMU joining the fleet. Also, I've built a couple of cardboard kits, and have spent some time this weekend taking a 20 odd year old Autocoach and have added lighting (Train Tech battery powered coach lighting with warm lighting), some basic passengers, and a driver.
  2. Yes, using the new version on a mobile web browser is pretty good and whilst I like Tapatalk, I can cope without it for a while. Thanks for the response.
  3. Since the upgrade, accessing the forum through Tapatalk on both Android and iOS seems to be broken.
  4. Although I've got no further with track planning / laying (although I have purchased enough additional track to build a full layout), the 4wDM finally joined the DCC gang today after Santa kindly brought the correct Hornby 4 pin decoder for it. The Warship will be next, and I'm grateful for this month's Hornby Magazine which guides you through the best way to access the DCC socket.
  5. Model Rail and Hornby Magazine in print format, with the occasional BRM / selection of old magazines picked up from visiting preserved railways. Also my library offer a whole range of magazines to read for free online / on a tablet, so I am able to get Heritage Railway and Rail Express each month digitally.
  6. Yes Jack, it's a Train Tech DCC signal. Apart from setting a DCC address, it 'just works'. The buffer lights are Train Tech too (although technically the Gaugemaster buffer & buffer light bundle). I'm a big fan of Train Tech's simplicity within their products.
  7. Having been thinking about a return to model railways for a year or so, I had started to collect a few items (including a Hornby train pack, track and DCC accessories). With a purchase from a well known auction site last week, I needed to actually get a little DCC layout setup to test the purchase. After visiting Warley yesterday (returning with amongst other things a DCC controller), I setup a small amout of track to test everything out. Whilst setting up, I added a decoder to my Tornado too. D7067 Class 35 'Hymek' waits at a red signal for 60163 Tornado clearance to head towards the sidings (the left 3 all have buffer lights). Although working fine, D853 Warship Thruster and 4wDM Tarmac Sentinel Shunter (also both results of attending Warley) are awaiting decoders before they can join in. I've got enough wagons (another result of Warley) and track for a nice Inglenook Sidings like shunting puzzle. As I've realised I prefer operating to building, I may build this first layout in a similar layout to that shown to give me something to operate whilst I properly plan...
  8. swing


    New Modellers Shop sell NEM pockets within their Hornby spares section http://www.newmodellersshop.co.uk/hornby_spares_couplings.htm so they can be bought although how easy they will be to fit I don't know. The other option is something like the Keen Systems Close coupling kits, which use NEM pockets but are likely to need more modifications to the existing stock to fit. The other option I guess is Kadee couplings, which come in both direct fit and NEM fittings, and, as you say, there are S&W couplings.
  9. Ah, an interesting point, and something I hadn't considered (though I was aware they are better suited to slow moving locos).
  10. Yes, I was really lucky, managed to get a Hattons DCC decoder with both back EMF & Stay Alive (the current ones seem to not have SA) earlier this year. Most likely to end up in a Hornby Tornado.
  11. Thanks Phil, but I've already started collecting a few little DCC track accessories (plus I've got 1 decoder ready for my 1 DCC ready loco), so looking to jump straight into DCC. eBay did show me that there might be some bargains out there though.
  12. Interesting, I agree about not spending too little (or too much) and the Powercab was on the list, although I was thinking adding something like the DCC Twin for the kids to use, but maybe I can get away with just the Powercab after all. Thanks for the advice!
  13. Plans to build a railway possibly on hold; considering just laying a small amount of track onto a single board to allow me to test stock and new digital accessories, understand DCC & to be able to actually run some trains, even if not far. A simple design is being tested using old track (and old stock) before I pin down some of my new track. Now to choose a cheap controller...
  14. Thanks guys; ironically it was foam sheets that damaged the stock, as the foam stuck to the stock! Valid point about protecting against damage by storing vertically; I shall take that (and keeping original boxes) on board as I get some new stock (or return the old back into use).
  15. Having had some of my stock damaged by bad storage, I'm wondering what people use to store stock nowadays to keep it in good condition, but obviously away from stuff like dust? Thanks, Stephen
  16. Jeff, when's the next OO night at Stevenage? Stephen
  17. Jeff, thanks; a few stops further down the line, but quite close by road.
  18. I suppose I should say hi, having been a quiet lurker for the last few months. After some building works on the house, it looks like I now have some dedicated space, so am looking to get back into building after an absence of about 20 years. First railway was a fairly standard OO two track round & round, following by a 16-18 foot GWR branch line terminus (with fiddle yard) over multiple boards so it could be disassembled after each use. Neither got beyond boards & tracks, though the terminus layout was fully wired into 12 electrical sections with 23 point & isolating Hornby lever controls (the control panel being the best preserved bit!) Some damage over the years & age of kit (no NEM, no DCC sockets, not stored in ideal conditions) has encouraged me to start afresh, to jump into DCC and to start smaller and build up, as the terminus layout took years to design & build (mainly due to school & just being too big a task), so currently looking at a couple (3 max) of permanently erected 4*2 boards, with the round & round section most likely built first to give the kids some fun too. Era will be a modern fictitious preservation, ie I'll run whatever I like, but already impressed with some of the recent accessories now available from the likes of Train Tech to enhance the whole experience. I've just followed the Hornby Magazine Operation Build It over the last 8 months which has given me thoughts & ideas which I may well incorporate. Based in North Herts and also trying to free up an evening to join a local MRC (was a member of Epsom & Ewell MRC and used to help exhibit Ruxley OO layout). Stephen (edited to correct typos)