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  1. Started Building "Banks road" last year from scratch at our model railway club,here on the Wirral.Started out with three members,but went down to two members me and stav.Weve had fer few ups and downs along the way!! but within 18 months,we have gone from no layout to fully working dcc layout.And now have five more new members in our modern image group. Loco liverys go from 60"s green upto ews/drs ect .We have large station terminus at one end of the layout,and sidings.And fuel depot and TMD depot in the middle,along with Dmu servicing bay.At the opposite end there is fiddlers yard,tunnel complex,small branchline leading to station halt. The full length of banks road layout is 30ft long,by 3 ft wide,and about 5ft high. The layout is controlled by Nce Powercab,and seperate control panel.
  2. I normaly buy this loco for my 97"s project ;) ,makes realy good base for 97301... But ive now started using 37514,for some renumbering projects,and swopping of front nose cones. I would like fleet of subsector 37/5"s... This was 37514,but now its 37504.Using pictures off WNXX...
  3. class66

    Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

    Nice set of photos here Chris my frend,...
  4. class66

    Ipswich Fuelling Point

    Good picture this for ideas Dave cheers neil.
  5. class66

    Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Another 37 beastie!!! ive just finished weathering up my latest 37517... Another 37 has arrived on my workbench this evening,wasnt happy with the standard Bachmann weathering, so ive wiped it off and done my own...
  6. class66

    ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Very nice work here Caz!!! ive also done 37057 in EWS...
  7. class66

    Modern image 00 (home layout)

    Here is my "modern image" home layout,ive had this for many many years!! just seems to get bigger every now and again.It now has its own room in the house.Hope you enjoy the pictures....
  8. class66


    From the album: Modern image 00 (home layout)

    Dutch 37012 passing through Banks road level crossing on Saturday morning railtour...
  9. Hope you guys are well on here,

    not been on for while...

  10. class66

    Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Always nice to have top n tail "yellow 97s" visiting Banks road freight yard...
  11. Thought it was time for me to make progress thread on my "home layout". Ive had this layout for many years!! and along the way,its got bigger and bigger. The layout now has its own room in the house ;) Its all 1990"s traction to modern day traction,and lots of scenery too. The layout is 8ft long,one end is 5ft wide,and the other end is 7ft wide,with the extra sidings. Here are few pictures so far...
  12. class66

    Home Layout (Modern image) Freight Loco"s.....

    Hi folks,ive been busy adding more home made trees to this home layout build... hope everyone on here is well,not updated for while...
  13. class66

    Railfreight class 31

    From the album: Modern image 00 (home layout)

    Here is my "skinhead" 31 on ballast dutys to Bescot yard...
  14. class66

    EWS home 37 fleet

    From the album: Modern image 00 (home layout)

    Just few of the home fleet of 37s on the TMD this evening...
  15. class66

    top n tail colas 37s

    From the album: Modern image 00 (home layout)

    37219 and 37421 on mainline test this morning...
  16. class66

    Home Layout (Modern image) Freight Loco"s.....

    Been adding more shops to the town "scene"...
  17. class66

    Loch Garry

    Like your video above ..
  18. class66

    00Severn: Project Arley

    Looks good project Chris
  19. class66

    Llyn Cefni: A section of the Amlwch Branch

    Any new updates on this Caz...
  20. class66

    New project!

    Some nice modelling here my mate... cheers neil.
  21. class66

    Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Time for few new updates!! its been while... starting off with some New DRS...
  22. class66

    Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Wil post few more pictures this week... cheers neil.
  23. class66

    CazRail: Workbench

    Some nice modelling Caz
  24. class66


    Nice updates here my mate...
  25. class66

    Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Big update now... this is how banks road freight yard looks now... Tunnel complex has gone...