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  1. Hello everyone. I found the forum when I was looking at Javelin395 Flickr page at his model railway Tref Abergelli, I typed it into Google and found this forum. I have a `oo` layout and a few locos, I plan on building a little layout which I plan to call Wabtec North, where rolling stock and locos get re- painted. Thanks, Thomas Open to any questions.
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    As you may know I said that I was going to build a small layout called Wabtec North. Wabtec North is based North of Doncaster, there is going to be one track going into an engine shed - paint room. On the outside there will be an over grown area with spare parts rusting away and a car park. Stock Two class 37`s Shunter Mk3`s http://www.wabtecrail.co.uk/
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    Topic to be closed.
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    Basford Parkway

    Love the depot area, and your layout. What type of car have you got?
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    Thanks for the comments. I will be getting the base board end of January along with some track.
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    I seen something on hattons that I like, what do you think. http://www.ehattons.com/32382/Oxford_Diecast_76DAF02LL_DAF_105_Cadzow_Ltd_edition_of_2000_/StockDetail.aspx
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    Is I said yesterday I would show you an area of Doncaster that I would be modeling and a track plan. The photo at Doncaster is not mine. I am going to model the building in the background. Sorry about the track plan.
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    Wabtec North (Doncaster)

    I will get a track plan up tomorrow and a photo of what area I am going to be modelling.