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  1. For the time being the NR is running at 9 coaches. Not sure how many SLEPs are in the consist. Travelled on it a few times, so if you need any pics check out my flickr. Hope it may be of some use
  2. Talking of central trains, we did have an ex CT unit running in cornwall. I have a pic of it at Redruth on my flickr if your intrested.
  3. Superb. Looking really good Chris
  4. Falmouth docks was origionaly alot bigger than what it is now. It use to have two platforms, a goods shed, an overall roof and i believe an engine shed. Behind the station are the dissused tracks which lead into the docks its self, you can see them from the station and pendennis castle.
  5. Here are a few pics of Falmouth Docks. And the cat at Falmouth Town
  6. Not sure how i missed this but glad i found it. Looking really good Chris. If youre after some ideas could i suggest looking at falmouth docks station. I have a few pics on my facebook that i can try and post on here if youre intrested?
  7. Liking the new name chris. Suits it really well.
  8. I've been working on a little photo plank for a while. The plank consists of four sidings towards the back of an FGW maintenance depot, which ive decided to call Chyanmor Depot,, the sidings are known as Shannon Sidings.
  9. Had a bit of a trawl through flickr and found these links of the teigngrace site. Hopefully of some use Alternitavely, Exeter has a single line scrap loading terminal
  10. Been thinking about the operating potential of the layout. Currently its single line but i think i'll become bored quite easily. So i've decided that im going to incorparate BK Banks junction on the layout. This should hopefully provide two trains to operate. Will let you know if the idea works soon
  11. Hi Chris. I will try and sort track plan out soon. Been very busy with work and new car
  12. First two bits of track have been laid and ballasted. Ive decided to build it as a single line branch with sections of the former other main track disused and over grown. Im going to put a signal box at one end of the layout which will control the just out of sight (not icorpareted on the layout) Brick Kiln Bank junction. opefully will try and get some pics on tomorrow
  13. Hi Chris. Sorry didnt reply sooner. Thankyou. Downton is a huge inspiration, i must of looked through the topic at least 5 times or more.
  14. Thanks Chris. I have to admit that it was looking at Downton Coal that really got me inspired. Good news is that the layout has already got confirmation to attend my local model exhibition in October. Layout will be started on Sunday
  15. Thinking about buying a Bachmann class 70

    1. George D

      George D

      Don't do it! Get a 66 instead :D

    2. 57604 Pendennis Castle

      57604 Pendennis Castle

      Lol. I'll more than likely end with a 66 sometime soon George

    3. Chris


      I say go for it - quality model!

  16. Decided to make a slight change to the plan. Im now going to make it a single line branch to an off scene power station. Inspiration is from the ironbridge branch and im hoping to try and add in a couple of sidings, level crossing and signal box. Locos whic im hoping to obtain will be EWS 66s, freightliner 70 and a couple of 60s (roll on pay day). pics i found on flickr, just to give a rough idea
  17. Evening all. I've been away from the forums for a while but decided to return. I have a brand new layout idea based modern image coal trains. It wont be properly started untill the weekend as i need to sort out a track plan and do some research. I will be using ideas from Fidders ferry, Liverpool BT, and Avonmouth BT.
  18. Apologies if i seem to be hijacking the thread. Hers another pic of ironbridge's headshunt. Thought it may be useful http://maps.google.c...,318.22,,0,0.33 And a video
  19. Like the third pic Chris. Reminds me of the headshunt at Ironbridge PS
  20. A couple more pics showing 08410 running light engine
  21. Thanks very much Chris. In time im hoping to add another section. As i dont have room for a full layout yet im hoping to make one line operational, not sure if it will work. The good thing with Prospect road is that its small enough to sit on the window sill. This means i can make good use of natural light when taking photos