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  1. Chris

    More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    737 would surely be doable wit a plastic boat kit suitably bashed? Excellent photos.
  2. Chris

    All Cars Stop Here

    Are they 'stackable,' Dave? Could build up the base of a skyscraper and have some window cleaners at one as a cameo?
  3. Chris


    I do like this - it's really getting there. The station building is super. I'd have been tempted to make it slightly less so low relief but I don't know whether space dictates what you've done or not, not withstanding the fact that it's your layout as well, so it's up to you :-) Any more progress since your last update?
  4. Chris


    Great! Thank you!
  5. Chris


    Hi all, I've recently started making some Parkside Dundas 00 gauge kits - and super little kits they are too. However, I'm unsure what route to go down with the couplings. All my stock currently has the standard tension locks, but I find that, when I've shunted on previous layouts I hate how fiddly they are (not to mention their lack of aesthetic appeal). I've seen lots about Kadees - but they confuse me with all the different types and how you go about installing/aligning them. I think I''m leaning this way though? I'd also been pondering three link? Do it the way it's done in real life and use a 'hand in the sky' shunters pole? Thoughts? So, what's the best method? Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. Hi all, Just interested to see what people respond with here. Which model rail mags do you read? Personally, I'm a 'Model Rail' man myself, but feel issues since Ben Jones left as editor haven't been up to the usual high standard. Anyone have any thoughts? What do you all read? Used to quite like Rail Express too, but have gotten out of the habit of buying that one.
  7. Chris

    Which railway modelling mags do you read?

    I've actually cancelled all mine recently, moving to the Railway Modeller online subs. Like you say, it's a great way to look at old issues. I'm unsure if I'll keep it much longer or not though as I'm unsure how many articles actually float my boat. I find I'm preferring to buy books on specific topics - kit building, weathering etc - rather than looking at endless articles of 'unique' GWR branch termini! Now, if there was an industrial modelling magazine...!
  8. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Sadly, at this moment I think the layout is receiving the Beeching axe. All enthusiasm, as usual around this time, has completely gone. I need to remember that I really enjoy working on kits, stock and buildings, but I really struggle with keeping the motivation for a layout, so anything planned needs to be micro-micro, nano, if you will. I’ve been mulling lots of things recently; possibly 0 gauge (ruled out, too expensive) or building up more 00 gauge wagon kits (possible). . For now, no major modelling. Not a bad place to be in as, even though it’s Easter, I have lots of university work to do!
  9. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Huge thanks to Jack at modelsigns4u for the above station sign. Welcome to Little Lawley, an 00 gauge layout based on Lawley Village Station on the Telford Steam Railway. The layout will be 72 cm x 20 cm and - having been hugely inspired by City Goods - is designed to fit in one of the Really Useful wrapping paper boxes. The track layout is a simple tuning fork, with a small station that fits one coach and the loco on the main line, whilst the siding will play host to whatever is left there. The layout will not be an exact replica - it is heavily compromised in terms of size for starters - but is designed to capture the essence of the prototype. Handily, the prototype has a ready made scenic break as the station is approached by exiting Heath Hill tunnel, the tunnel mouth being a perfect way for trains to leave the scene.
  10. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Hi John, the platform has been ripped up currently due to the mess I made of it. There are plans to add fencing around it but, due to the prototype, there won’t be a ramp. Personally I prefer ramps on a platform but I want to stay reasonably prototypical, whilst adding a ramp will also eat up valuable platform length... which is pretty limited as it is.
  11. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Motivation: draining. Rapidly.
  12. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Ballasting. My new least favourite job.
  13. Chris

    Little Lawley

    The more I looked at the platform the more I disliked it. I tried adding the ballast, hoping that would help. It didn't - which is hardly surprising as I didn't like the ballast - so the platform is gone. This is the view at Little Lawley now. No platform. No trains. I've decided to start a bit of ballasting whilst I work out how to sort the platform out - luckily I kept the template for the platform top!
  14. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Today I've done a bit of work on the landscape at Little Lawley. I've decided to experiment and have used floral foam. It's lightweight, easy to shape and easy to cut. The next step is to paper mache over the top and paint it before applying static grass and other green scenic items. P.S. I mentioned doing the platform next on my last post. You'll spot I've started it, however it's a work in progress. Once it's done I'll post about it.
  15. Chris

    Going round the bend

    Thanks for the info, Bob. Much appreciated. Its all looking very good!
  16. Chris

    Little Lawley

    Today, in an effort to do some actual modelling, has seen me paint my Toad. Formerly an Acton, GWR grey, it is now bauxite, in keeping with the TSR's version. I've used Humbrol acrylic (no 70) and brush painted. It's taken well and the few areas where the coverage isn't perfect don't overly matter as some weathering will take car of them. I do want to add the Wellington R. U. letters and any other relevant signs as well - they'll have to be a custom job I think. Finally, here's a quick shot just to check how things look overall on Little Lawley. Quite happy if I'm honest, but as Mr Portillo will have quite a climb to get on any carriage currently, I'm thinking the platform should be my next job.
  17. Chris

    New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    You just need to get your big coat out, Dave ;-) In all seriousness, don't blame you. Safety first!
  18. Chris

    Going round the bend

    Hi Bob, Layout looks good - follow the blog closely and enjoy watching the progress. Quick question; where do you get your hanging basket liner from? All I seem to be able to get is the brown stuff. Cheers, KUTGW Chris
  19. Chris

    Little Lawley

    The humble Peco buffer stop. I'd been toying with some fancier versions but decided I could do some proper modelling using these as the starting point. A few cuts here and there, followed by a whisp of primer and I had the above. Next up, using the photo in an old Heritage Railway magazine for reference, came the painting. Burnt umber, red, black and an off white did the trick. I want to weather lightly, then varnish them using matt varnish, just to stop the paint flaking. Finally, a test fit. Excuse the poor light (iPhone camera in hazy artificial light) but overall I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.
  20. Chris

    Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Very nice. I do like the Mainline livery/logo.
  21. Yesterday Amy and myself went to Powis Castle. Lovely it is, too. After a hot chocolate and cake I persuaded her to head over to the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway for a look around. As luck would have it a train had not long arrived, so we stayed for half an hour watching 'Countess' have a drink and run around her train before heading back into Mid-Wales. Welshpool station has a few facilities, including a shop and a display shed. It's quite a charming location, with quite a bit of inspiration for a model!
  22. Chris

    Little Lawley

    John, what an excellent reply - thank you. Having had another look this morning I think it is your last point, that the track is moving, that is causing the issues. I’ve only clipped things together and dropped them in place at the moment, nothing has been properly laid and I think the movement is causing the issue. When I lay it i’ll ensure it’s all flat as a pancake. Thanks again, really appreciate it!
  23. Chris

    Little Lawley

    The left hand insulfrog point I ordered arrived on Thursday (amazing service by Track Shack, incidentally, as it was ordered on Wednesday afternoon). I wasted no time cutting the track and clipping everything together. I plugged the controller in, placed Wilbert in the 'tunnel' and out he came, cab-first, chuffing gallantly and proudly towards the point, which was set to go on the siding. He tackled the point blade with ease and then... Stutter. Stall. A quick prod got him going again. This time, going forwards, the point was no problem at all. So I tried him in reverse again. Frog. Stutter. Stall. Curse. Having looked around it seems the issue is Wilbert's 6 wheel arrangement with short wheel base locks being an issue over insulfrog points. Can I solve this in any way? On a micro I think track laying and running needs to be perfect. I've relaid the point and track to make it as flat as possible. That seemed to cure the issue going into the siding but left the main line a bit stuttery. Wiring is not my bag, the thoughts of soldering extra picks ups or extra feeds under the point bring me out in a cold sweat! Any help would be gratefully received.