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  1. Merry Christmas Dave, all the best for 2020. Phil
  2. You might be able to pop the plastic off in the middle to get to the gears and remove the axles:
  3. Hi Charles, A picture might help but normally you should be able to remove the rings in the gap between the wheel and bogie plastic moulding. A new one can be fitted in the same way by stretching it over the wheel. Philip
  4. Hi Elvis, Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing! Phil
  5. Thanks for sharing, the amount of stuff they must of had to ship over to Orkney to build the railways must of been amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow, really interesting read - thanks!
  7. Philip

    Two Sister's Farm

    Looks really good Peter, thanks for sharing. We have ran similar competitions in the past. How did you place in the competition...? Phil
  8. Sorry to see the updates go, dont think the only active member...! John certainly enjoys your updates! Phil
  9. Hi Peter, Welcome to the forums, love to see some pictures. Long narrow layouts, something i need some help inspiring me with please! Phil
  10. Hi Dave, Saddening to read this, my condolences. All the best with the exhibitions next month, im sure it will be difficult. Glad to hear the club are supporting you. Take care, Phil
  11. Hi Tim, That looks really good, very nice effect to it.
  12. Hi everyone, Our apologies over the last 2 weeks for the disruption Forum functionality is now restored after some complex challenges. Any other issues please feel free to reort them here.
  13. Apologies for the downtime last night & this morning, this was for a update to take place. 

    Running again now, some background processes are still running. 


    Enjoy the new look.

    1. Bob Hughes

      Bob Hughes

      It would be useful if the site would show some reason, and estimated time for recovery, when off line. As it was even the "contact us" option just looped round and round in circles.

    2. Philip


      It would of bee, but i couldn't even access it myself to put it up!

      It would of been, but i couldn't even access it myself!

  14. I think it depends on your layout too, if you are running a lot of shunting operations then DCC is a good choice, the ability to control individual locos is a big positive. DCC sound requires speakers to be added too, lights can be added etc. DCC also works a lot better on modern motors rather than pancakes. Unless you are adding sound, loads of lights and features then a simple 3 function decoded will do the trick. I doubt converting Hornby Dublo to DCC would be worth it, but with modern locos they are set up, designed and take advantage of DCC features. Saying that, you can still run analog locos on a DCC system, the motor does squeel at the high frequency AC from the tracks.
  15. Hi Tim, I think you are trying to log into the forum via Facebook, this Sync was removed by Facebook after their last hack. I have checked the connection to facebook and have disabled the feature on this forum if it is no longer available for our users and prevent confusion. Phil
  16. Hi Tim, Where are you trying to upload this link? Thanks, Phil
  17. Looks great matt, Would love to get one myself, so excited to see your results!
  18. Philip


    Sounds really good Richard, Suppose use of modular connectors could be used to allow operation of any individual board if it will be difficult to get a chance to connect them all. 3x boards of 3m? Phil
  19. Hi Adam, Had a quick look into this, unfortunately this feature is restricted for security reasons as malicious code can be injected to the site. An alternative is trying [video]URL[/video] tags, this may work in some cases. Sites such as YouTube are automatically detected.
  20. You can try pressing Source, and paste in the embeded HTML.
  21. Sorry for the interruption in service this afternoon, back to normal now.

  22. Sorry, been in Canada for a few weeks and only catching up. Is that a DC or AC Supply? Perf board looks OK to me, assuming its a +12V supply (not sure about why its 18V?) TIP120's are either for motor control or higher voltage (eg 12V)