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  1. A little more scenery added. A tree near the junction made and 'planted. A Dewsbury Market Place bound DMU passing Crown Point Yard.
  2. The Class 142 Pacer MicroModeller posted now at Locomotion in Shildon.
  3. Just my unorthodox style of modelling. Sometimes one cannot see any trains; just fifty shades of green. The times i have travelled on a train and seeing everything overgrown; especially north of Ladybank. Not everything is 'prim and proper'. Not here anyway.
  4. Hi MicroModeller. The squirrels I have had for some time and make their appearance now and again around the layout. I hope they can stay where they are now, The fencing at Roseville Station is now finished (with the squirrels at the other side).
  5. Summer is coming. The scenery is freshened up a little.
  6. Looking busy yet uncluttered. Excellent.
  7. Views of Clarence Dock section of layout. End of the line. Leaving the canal boat. Calder Railway locomotive 'Vivienne' departing .
  8. New bushes at Roseville Station. Red squirrels have appeared Class 121 arriving at the station.
  9. Always good to have a tram on a layout. 😀 Mine trundles back and forth Sovereign Street.
  10. I have been busy building a new station building and platform Next to Roseville School we now have Roseville Station. Still some 'tidying up etc.' to do. That's tomorrows job.
  11. A Wakefield Kirkgate to Leeds Central DMU at Sovereign Street. Class 121 Seacroft to Leeds Central Arriving at the newly opened Roseville Halt. The flowers on the tree are beginning to fall. At Sovereign Street Station
  12. Hi MicroModeller. It's a case of 'like Topsy, It growed'. It was all okay when the layout was in the loft, but everything is on a rotation (sort of) now the layout is in the spare bedroom.
  13. I have fifteen models of Class 47s. Most of which (the big stuff) were seen at Gateshead Shed one time or another. When I was 16 a colleague at where i was working let me read his copy of Model Railway Constructor. One of the articles was about 'Westerns'. I said there and then I would have a few models. The fleet now totals 13.
  14. Class 47 47517 'Andrew Carnegie' on a northbound oil train A quiet moment! -- Before Class 52 D1057 Western Chieftain on a diverted train passes
  15. Not too big. 😊 and like I said, 'One I saw regularly as a lad.'
  16. Class 47 47583 'County of Hertfordshire' on its way to Crown Point Yard. A Leeds Central to Dewsbury Market Place DMU passing Marston's Yard. A wagon to be unloaded oblivious to the passing DMU.
  17. The only LNER engine I have (and in Apple Green) I have. A must have. I used to see it regularly when I was a lad, albeit in its latter number of 62754 'The Berkeley'. Here it is doing a few circuits prior to me changing the layout over to running diesels.
  18. All the little locomotives have 'smoke' fitted. Here are the Calder Railway locomotives ready and 'steaming'.
  19. Scenes around the layout with new trees and greenery etc.
  20. All the Kirkstall & East Seacroft Railway locomotives have gone in for a repaint and some named. They are now in sap green colour. Further painting is still required to finish. More nameplates have been ordered, but are delayed due to Covid 19.
  21. An overall view of Marston's Yard.
  22. New wagons to the 'fleet'. Hudson Ward wagon at Hudson Ward Flour Millers dock. Fairbairn Lawson wagon at Fairbairn's dock. More Private Owner wagons relevant to the area being modelled...
  23. Scenes at the new Clarence Dock section. Waiting at the signal Line clear!
  24. New footbridge to be built over the running tracks
  25. Why walk round? 'The way across'.