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  1. 'Duchess of Sutherland' and 'Galatea' at the junction.
  2. Drivers and passengers added to DMUs
  3. New purchase (of two ordered) arrived today 5699 Galatea First run with coaches added.
  4. Hi Kevin. Welcome on board. David
  5. Class 47 47401 North Eastern at The Calls Junction. Class 47 47583 County of Hertfordshire Class 121 just leaving Roseville Station for Seacroft. David
  6. I received mine from a not too close a relative. I usually get something railway related from them, but the 'Rocket' was a total surprise. David
  7. The scene is coming together nicely. Well done. David
  8. I took 'five minutes' out to run 'Rocket'. Thanks for looking David
  9. The dock section of the layout is more or less finished. More people have been added. 'Getting a 'telling off'. 'Leefy' has a new cab and coal bunker The old coal wagons based in Scotland (previous layout) come out of retirement during testing the track . Shunting wagons.
  10. Rather strange if I may say so.
  11. Hi StaffsRail. I came across this site. Amongst it is how to fit a driver and passengers to the Class 150
  12. A lovely looking model that will fit in well with the layout.
  13. Views from the control area. In the distance a DMU at the signal. A Pacer at the junction Which does one see first? The red squirrels or the Pacer?
  14. Painted model of a Salvation Army lady from Hardy's Hobbies, at Clarence Dock.
  15. More rain has fallen. The ground is drying in places. Puddles are forming. New hoist fitted to the building.
  16. Class 25 25237 on trip to Royal Ordnance Factory (R O F) Barnbow. Entering Sovereign Street Station. Passing Roseville Station. There is mist ahead. Is it going to rain? The Postman is on his second delivery and waiting for an answer. He has a package to deliver. Two dogs are following on his round and are waiting patiently. Waiting at the signal whilst a diverted Down Thames - Clyde Express with Class 45 45048 'The Royal Marines' in charge, clears the junction.
  17. Lovely photographs throughout, StaffsRail. A number of them could be candidates for modellers to build. Thanks for showing. David
  18. More pictures of Clarence Dock. The board is just under three feet long and six and half inches wide, (because of the door entrance.)Yorkshire based wagons being shunted in the yard. In her new colour of Midnight Blue is Calder Railway locomotive 'Leefy' in charge today. The local scoundrel is getting a telling off from the Dock Policeman.
  19. The ground is drying after the recent rainfall. Mind the puddles. Is there more rain to come? Calder Railway Locomotive 'Raco' shunting in the yard. Thanks for looking.
  20. Scenes at Clarence Dock after the rain has stopped. Thanks for looking. David
  21. Not quite finished, but here is the new colour scheme for The Calder Railway Company (with the approval of Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway the supporters and part financial backers of the line.) The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway took full control of the line in 1920; before themselves merged with the LNWR in 1922.Gone is the original blue of the locomotives to the new Midnight Blue colour. The blue coaches (actually sold as Caledonian Blue) are now Alizarin Blue lower (a mix of deep blue and a deep red) and Yellow Ochre upper
  22. As the Calder Railway fleet of locomotives are looking worse for wear in their various blue colours, the new Chairman, Sir Charles Anderson has ordered all the engines to be repainted in Midnight Blue colour.Some of the locomotives returning for service in their new Midnight Blue livery. David
  23. A lovely little scene, Mark. Well done. David
  24. Because of the cruising 'lockdown' P & O cruise ship Oceana is in the Port of Tyne this week. Picture taken 09.06.20
  25. I wish I lived that close to a railway line as well. I used to live very close to the old Border Counties Railway line in Northumberland. Never saw any trains though. The line closed in 1958. 😢 David