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  3. rogerfarnworth

    Japanese Railways

    The Kiso Forest Railways - Part C This next post covers another of the significant 762mm railways in the Kiso Forest. The Ogawa Forest Railway. This railway was connected directly to the Otaki Forest Railway.
  4. TimberSurf


    Started on the next module for my layout, a dip in the board level to accommodate three bridges across a valley. One stayed cable bridge 1.2 meters long, a double steel bow bridge with steel under slung trestles and a stone road bridge, all over a canal, a river and a road. A rough 3D CAD drawing is my design plan. Essentially only the light purple bridge will be bought in, ALL other elements will be scratch built.
  5. The cruise was Shanghai - Nagasaki - Busan - Hong Kong - Ho Chi Minh City - Bangkok - Singapore. My railway and tramway visits were at Nagasaki, Hong Kong and Singapore. Nagasaki Traditional Nagasaki Tram Hong Kong Hong Kong Trams 34 and 72 at Western Market, once these trams turn the corner, 34 will head east to Shau Kei Wan and 72 will head west to Kennedy Town. Tram 77 passing Wan Chai Pawnbrokers, now a restaurant and bars. Tram 136 about to cross Pedder Street in the up-market part of the city. Happy Valley Racecourse Terminus. Singapore I'm not stranger to this island republic, having been here 17 times in almost 30 years! Singapore Mass Rapid Transit - a 30 years old Kawasaki built train in original livery on the North South Line. Withdrawal and scrapping of all 396 cars of this stock is between 2020 and 2023 as new stock replaces them over the same period. Bombardier C801A Automated People Movers being introduced on the 10 years old Bukit Panjang LRT replacing the Adtranz CX100 cars. Bombardier C801 and Adtranz CX100 units at work near Bukit Panjang. SMRT Siemans C651 unit recently refurbished leaving the sound screens near Choa Chu Kang. SMRT celebrated Chinese New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig!
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  7. rogerfarnworth

    Japanese Railways

    The Kiso Forest Railways - Part B This post covers one of the main logging railway networks in the Kiso Valley. .... The Otaki Forest Railway.
  8. rogerfarnworth

    Britain's Lost Railways

    At Christmas 2018, a friend gave me a book by John Minnis entitled 'Britain's Lost Railways'. It would be natural to assume that this was a book about the different lines that have been lost throughout the UK. This is, however, a book about the lost infrastructure that surrounds the railway, particularly about railway architecture. I have written a short review of the book:
  9. Tim Hale

    Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Loco building - old skool This is lost in this box-opening world but some modellers still build stuff. This is how it looked when it arrived and this is where it is going except it will be BR 30548 Or rather where it should go except it needs a fair amount of re-working. A new chassis and tender (the latter is a Bachmann N Class), the etched chassis is from SEF and a High Level motordrive It will need to be stripped and dipped and upgraded It should be ready in a few months.... Tim
  10. Tim Hale

    Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    This link may explain a bit more.... The Petite Properties kit is fairly basic but it is robust, all the pieces fit and every example is utterly unique. Some folk do some amazing things with a covering of air drying clay which they scribe to look like rough stone. My favourite method is a render coat of cheapo ready-mixed decorator's filler, spread it on like butter, let it dry for 24hrs and sand it until smooth, then apply a thin wash of water colour. The picture below is not my work, it is a bit too rough but you get the idea of what you can achieve...
  11. hallmodelrailways

    LoadHaul Class 37 in 00 gauge

    Sold sorry
  12. hallmodelrailways

    GWR King Class 00 Gauge

    sold sorry
  13. hallmodelrailways

    Hornby APT Active Tilt Project

    Any progress?
  14. hallmodelrailways

    Hi From Vancouver Canada.

    Hello interesting layout concept, hope you find help to push your project onto a new place. Please post any progress you make
  15. hallmodelrailways

    Hi all. This is me.

    Hello from the uk west sussex, hope you find the forum of use
  16. hallmodelrailways

    An introduction

    Hello from west sussex, welcome to the forum
  17. rogerfarnworth

    The Penydarren Tramway

    I have just begun reading a book by John Minnis - 'Britain's Lost Railways' - and found this picture which he says is the only one known to be in existence of the Mertyr/Penydarren Tramroad in use.
  18. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well the replacement Tori is just about done it just needs the black the keen eyed will notice the lines marking the black. Once that's done the base can be trimmed to fit the area and scenery at the back of the track completed. regards John
  19. rogerfarnworth

    Japanese Railways

    762mm Gauge - Part 2 - The Kiso Forest Railways - Part A This next post provides an introduction to the Logging Railways in the Kiso Forest. Only a short tourist railway now remains of what was once a very large system of 762mm lines. I am currently working on a short survey of one of the lines which made up the network.
  20. Philip

    Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim, That looks really good, very nice effect to it.
  21. buz

    Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim That does look nice. Am I right in thinking the back slope is longer or is that just a trick of the picture? Don't overdo the weathering also needs a really nice garden to go with it. regards John
  22. rogerfarnworth


    The Listowel and Ballybunion Railway I have already posted this elsewhere and I suspect I might be told that this is not really a mono-rail. The railway has fascinated me for some time . I hope this post is of interest on this thread. I have just purchased "Monorails of the 19th Century" by Adrian S. Garner, (Lightmoor Press) I am looking forward to reading it in the next few weeks.
  23. rogerfarnworth

    Rails in the Road

    I was given a copy of the book by Oliver Green, 'Rails in the Road' as a Christmas present. I have just finished reading it. The link below is to a review of the book. It is a large, coffee-table-sized book with a price tag of £30.00. It is illustrated throughout with high quality contemporary images. The story of the tram in the UK is well written and it seems to me that the author shows a good understanding of the underlying social issues which surrounded public transport throughout the decades of the late 19th, the 20th and the 21st centuries. Oliver Green was Head Curator of the London Transport Museum and now acts in a consultative capacity to a number of transport museums. Have others read the book?
  24. Tim Hale

    Dible's Wharf - a modern micro

    Unfortunately, Life has got in the way of building the layout and rather than waste precious time on Dibles Wharf, I will continue to build Beaminster Road. All the bits will be sold at amazingly reasonable figures:- Really Useful 71ltr box SMS Custom built boards made for the 71ltr box Hornby DCC-installed Peckett R3615 Roco 10775 acessory decoder Resin waterline barge Offers gratefully received and immediate response Tim
  25. Tim Hale

    Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    A couple of years ago, I 'discovered' the pleasure of laser-cut card buildings with really well designed kits from Stangel and Josswood but these were German outline, now I am modelling the Southern Region in the West of England. Petite Properties have a good reputation for really nice laser-cut kits in MDF, they are very accurately cut and robust, I bought a couple. This is the start of Washtub Cottage, rather typical of a small rural dwelling in West Dorset. The outer finish is Stangel Acrylmasse, two coats were needed, the window sills are painted in white artist's acrylic and the natural wood colour is Rowney diluted Sepia Dye. The roof of the main building and porch is Redutex 076PC121 weathered tiles The homemade ridge tiles will be folded and textured card but at the moment I am making some rainwater drainage from bits of brass. After that, it will need considerable amounts of weathering.
  26. Tim Hale

    Hints from Hornby

    Half a week's wages on a Ruston 48DS? When exactly was £156 the average wage in the UK, this isn't even a lunchtime.... ..... However, to be realistic, at £78, these are remarkable value, trying to put together the elusive Judith Edge kit will set you over £125 in bits alone using a High-Level motordrive and half decent wagon wheels, let alone the time making the beast. I regard Hornby's planned releases as rather interesting, certainly more confident than Bachmann's endless repaints. My pre-orders are almost exclusively from Hornby plus Kernow's sublime exLSWR Road Van. There again, my glass is always half-full. Tim
  27. Tim Hale

    exLSWR 4-4-0s

    The perceptive of most modellers is that the BR steam era was characterised by dirt and decline, a false image normally espoused by those who dismiss whatever they do not understand. The reality, is one of dynamic change, endless variety when BR's Modernisation plan of 1955 heralded a new age of traction and the demise of steam. It is notable that there are few groups dedicated to BR Steam whilst social media seems overflowing with Banger Blue this and post-sectorization that, unfortunately what is unspoken is the lack of variety in both operation and stock of modern railways merely to be replaced by odd paint schemes. A sole Facebook Group tries to buck the trend:- Personally, it is no secret that my 'soft spot' is the exLSWR Drummond 4-4-0 and whilst the T9 is well known, there were five other classes. Of these, the L12 and S11 were the unsung heroes of the operating department, Bert Hooker, once took an eleven coach boat 'special' non-stop to Southampton with an elderly S11 without any loss of time although the tender was almost empty of water. Here are a few images:- Just one S11, 30404 exBournemouth on a Salisbury up passing West Moors, the rest are all L12s and D15s. All the images were once part of my late father's collection, captured within a 45 mile radius in Hampshire and Wiltshire My late father travelled behind S11 30434 on the Hants and Surrey tour of the Tongham cut-off in 1953 S11 30404 exBournemouth passes West Moors on an up Salisbury over the S&DJR Below, all L12s, basically T9s with a larger boiler. Below two images of 30465, the last D15, on down Lymington boat trains. These could be over eleven coaches and were tightly scheduled, they were replaced by SR V Class.
  28. Another question, why is it impossible to delete our posts?

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      I dont think it has ever been requested, i think most people make edits.

      What is the requirement to delete a whole post?

    2. Tim Hale

      Tim Hale

      Because, some posts go unanswered and become irrelevant. 

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