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  2. 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車', Hong Kong Tramways micro layout, OO scale 738mm x 207mm The micro-layout gets a 'public' airing on Saturday 15/8 amongst members of a narrow gauge model group I belong to. It will be a car boot meeting where we will park socially distanced apart, open up our car boots and display our models/layouts. 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車',will be seen for the first time away from home and despite no electricity, I will have the 80M battery powered remote control tram running! If this meeting works, I might well buy a battery controller as it could be an interim way forward for future exhibitions? More photos tomorrow.
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  4. 'Duchess of Sutherland' and 'Galatea' at the junction.
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  6. Drivers and passengers added to DMUs
  7. New purchase (of two ordered) arrived today 5699 Galatea First run with coaches added.
  8. New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian Seaside Pier Tramway microlayout Latest Lockdown project: The other Shapeways/Westgate Models Southend Pier 'Toastrack' Car. Test run the 2nd Southend Pier Car in its 1890s Southend Local Board livery on New Walmington Pier on Saturday 01/082020 - the day before the 130th anniversary of the actual Southend Pier Railway!
  9. The last post above was uploaded yesterday (27th July 2020). Immediately after having sent it, I got a further email from Kerry Doherty who lives in Ballindrait close to the line. He sent me a number of additional photographs of the line, both historic and taken very recently. It seemed good to alter the article to include these pictures. If you read the article on 27th July, it is worth another look. My thanks to Kerry Doherty for the additional images referenced [45] throughout the article.
  10. Hi Kevin. Welcome on board. David
  11. This next post about the Co. Donegal Railways is the first looking at the Strabane to Letterkenny Railway. It begins at Strabane and runs as far as the town of Raphoe which was an ancient seat of temporal and spiritual power. ....
  12. Class 47 47401 North Eastern at The Calls Junction. Class 47 47583 County of Hertfordshire Class 121 just leaving Roseville Station for Seacroft. David
  13. Therapy whilst working!!! Using the 80M Hong Kong Tram remote control set, unfortunately my office desk isn't big enough for all the track!!!
  14. A short note about a couple of publications which focus on the Guinness Brewery Railways. .... .
  15. Hi Kevin, I haven't been online here for a few weeks, so Thank You for your comments about New Walmington Pier, All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車, and Test Tracks. I'll follow your new project with interest, but I'm sure I've seen it on Facebook? Cheers, Dave
  16. Morning Dave! All cars stop here is another one of your nicely detailed models. There is so much going on in such a small space, brilliant.👍
  17. While lockdown was in its height it was great to be able to get little jobs done on our layout. Dave I do like those diorama boards from Scalemodelscenery, perfect for testing our locos.
  18. New Walmington pier is a beautiful layout which emulates what life was like with trams. Dave I like your selection of trams and your friends tram layout is very nice to.
  19. I have been interests in what Mark has produced in his little diorama builds. So I thought why not jump on the bandwagon and have a go at one. I have been planning another diorama in 009 scale. The diorama I am going to model is a small stretch of line on the Lynton & Barnstaple railway at Woody Bay. The diorama baseboard is 140mm x 80mm in size. I know it sounds small but I’m looking forward to modelling this part of the railway. I have uploaded a picture of my baseboard and a picture of the stretch of line I’m planning to model.
  20. Thank Jack for the welcome.
  21. After completing the first two articles in the series, covering the Glenties Branch, I was put in touch with Kerry Doherty who lives in Co. Donegal and he provided a few images of the branch. I have updated the two linked articles with a total of four photographs, three of which come from Kerry Doherty and the fourth from the Co. Donegal Railway Heritage Centre. .... For ease of access I have repeated the two links here. ....
  22. Part 1 - Alderney There was a short industrial railway on Alderney which has since become a tourist attraction on the island carrying passengers in two 1959 London underground carriages.
  23. Yes, right under our very own Aunty Wainwright's nose!!!
  24. Did you get away without Anne emptying your entire wallet? 😂
  25. Dave a well deserved treat after the lockdown. They look great on the layout.
  26. Walmington pier still looks great in the raw flesh.
  27. With the 30+ degrees C we've been getting here in parts of the UK it would be worth checking your layouts in garages, lofts or elsewhere in the house especially if they are little used. My New Walmington Pier ( is wrapped in plastic and kept in the garage, luckily it is in the shade and suffered no damage, unlike some of the unfortunate tales I've heard about of boards warping, rails pulled out of their fixings, straight track doing S bends, etc. Just an occasional check is all that's needed. Took it out of its wrapping last week and the five most important items on the layout still work: Layout Southend Pier Tram Works Tram Carousel Sound system. Then re-wrapped and back on the shelf. Here's New Walmington Pier in the raw - No trams, no plane, no sound system and no electrics connected:
  28. All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車', Hong Kong Tramways micro layout, OO scale 738mm x 207mm Recently had my first day out into the great big world after lockdown and drove to my favourite model shop in Norwich and came back with a KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus) bus - Now three buses and a taxi hide my appalling cheap figures in front of the office block. EFE China Motor Bus (ex London Transport) Leyland Atlantean XA1 which was its LT fleet number. Corgi Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo Olympian Corgi Citibus Volvo Olympian.
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