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  2. Looks like you have had some interesting reading Roger, it’s always great to read about the history of our particular railways.
  3. Dave the engine is a bit cumbersome but I too like the Plasser machines.
  4. Thank you Piermaster, I plan to only use this forum from now on. So it means all my work will be displayed here.😋
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  6. Thanks Mark, I doubt I'll get anything done before New Year as my wife and I are driving up to Scotland for Christmas just to get away from unhappy memories of this year. The Bachmann RHTT is a really nice runner but it is a bit over-bearing for a 28ins long layout even with only one vehicle operating, so it looks like back to the two H0 Plasser machines.
  7. Welcome Back Mark! I've seen your handiwork on another forum that will remain nameless here, so please share your work around here!!
  8. Hi I’m back on the forum but with a different username. My original username was Bo-Bo but this is no longer due to being a victim of fraud. I’m pleased to be back on the forum and posting again.
  9. Hello fellow modellers, I have started a 4”x4” plinth diorama build. I like using these oak plinths for my dioramas. This will be based around a small section of transporting clay. The items I will use for this diorama are:Peco trackBachmann China clay wagonDisused stone buildingStone wallingGround cover such as grass, ballast and some flowersHere is a few pictures of my progress, still a little bit work before it’s complete.
  10. For a number of years in the 1920s and possibly also the 1930s my grandfather worked as a blacksmith in Horwich Loco Works. The works have always, as a result, had a specific interest for me. It has been somewhat saddening over the years to see their gradual deterioration and eventual closure. In November 2019 I finished reading Issue No. 27 of the Railway Archive Journal published by Black Dwarf Lightmoor Press of Lydney, Gloucestershire. I enjoyed reading Jeff Wells article in the journal about the Manchester Exhibition of 1887. [1] The article highlights a number of railway exhibits on display at the exhibition. Among these exhibits was 'Dot' a Beyer Peacock 1ft 6 inch gauge 0-4-0T engine. 'According to the official catalogue, Dot was 'specifically built for working on tramways in yards and workshops, and also adopted for tail-rope shunting of ordinary wagons'. After the exhibition, Dot found work at the L&YR's Horwich Works, joining two other Beyer, Peacock 18 in engines, Wren and Robin, which had arrived in April 1887. Such engines were considered necessary to convey materials around the seven miles of internal works' railway.' Horwich Locomotive Works "was the last major British railway works to be established on a green field site. There were traditionally very strong links between the Lancashire & Yorkshire and London & North Western railways, and John Ramsbottom, late of the LNWR was in 1883 appointed consultant to the LYR regarding the planning of Horwich Works. He advocated an 18in gauge internal transport system similar to that he had earlier installed at Crewe. Originally extending to 7½ miles, this enjoyed a longer life as the last surviving locomotive built for it, 'Wren', was not retired until 1962. The system was used for moving components around the works."
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  12. Dave this is a lovely tribute to your late friend Debbie. And I’m certain she will be looking down on you.
  13. A great review, even though it has a few cons it’s definitely something I would purchase in the future.
  14. Hi piermaster can I say this sounds like a good theme to model a layout on. The scale model scenery baseboards are nicely made and great to work with. You will have loads of fun with your purchase of the Bachmann Windhoff MPV. This build will be one I plan to follow.🙂
  15. I have recently purchased the six copies of The Railway Magazine which were issued in 1948. The first of these coincides with the formation of British Railways, and the January/February 1948 issue of the magazine highlights for the readers a little of the history of railways in Britain which led up to that momentous occasion. The linked article below builds on the article in The Railway Magazine.
  16. Hi piermaster That looks like an interesting beast you might need a bigger board?? The Bachmann stuff I have runs well, so I would expect that to be the same after a couple of runs. Rail head treatment isn't that just a different track machine? or is it something completely different? regards John
  17. Not if you split it!!! That's why I asked the question if the power unit can be run independently and StaffsRail answered it for me, if it doesn't work out, then at least I have an appropriate item to run on one of the club's layouts.
  18. Nice! That'll take up a fair portion of the board won't it?
  19. Was at the Manchester Model Railway Society Exhibition on 7/12, the first time I've been to this show in over 30 years!! Went a bit mad and bought this new, unused Bachmann Windhoff MPV in Railtrack livery for under £90!! So I might be changing the micro-layout's theme to RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) Depot. I'll see how it runs first.
  20. Guess What StaffsRail? I bought one at the Manchester Exhibition today - Brand New Railtrack livery for under £90!!!!
  21. Hi piermaster Nice little winter project You are joking It will take longer to do properly. The bench work looks interesting I look forward to how this progresses. regards John
  22. This layout in a box board looks excellent. It's something I'm considering myself too. Really liking the thoughts behind your new layout, Dave.
  23. Thanks StaffsRail Only 6.75 inches shorter than my baseboard - it's a no-goer!!!!
  24. The baseboard has arrived!!! Scale Model Scenery Micro Layout laser cut baseboard 730mm x 95mm x 207mm (28.75" long x 3.75" high x 8.14" wide) A nice little indoors winter project and like Sir Rod, I do get boring nights in hotel rooms when on business!!!
  25. Here is the second part looking at various layouts that have been invited to our show; Netherwood Sidings (c) G. Clark Clarendon &a Scrubs Lane (c) David Brandreth Axmouth (c) S. Saxby West Hill Wagon Works (c) Chris Bower Maristow (c) Tony Wright, BRM Kings Park (c) Model Rail Chelfham (c) B. Barnard Hartley Poole (c) A. York, BRM Ulvaryd (c) A. Burnham Marx Engels Platz (c) Derek Shore Again, please ignore anything not appropriate to this forum with the reminder that good modelling is good modelling whatever the scale.
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  27. Thanks StaffsRail, One more question: What is the overall length of the unit?
  28. Not tried mine without being coupled together but the connection is only for the lights on the non-power car so no reason the power unit shouldn't run on it's own.
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