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  2. The first instalment about Iran's Railways was about a narrow gauge line near Tehran. This is the next installment covering the Railways of Iran and covers the period up to the end of the Second World War. ....
  3. 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車'Hong Kong Tramways micro layoutOO scale 738mm x This microlayout has now grown up from a workbench project to a fully fledged layout, so all future postings will be here.
  4. This micro layout project has grown up from a workbench to a layout and future postings will be under the layout's name in Layouts.
  5. Hi John, Thank You for the compliment! Yes I have the HKT beer mat which will be put in front of the layout when (if ever) it gets exhibited. Operation is basic but it needs synchronisation! I'm using a Gaugemaster D dual controller with one car running end to end call at the tram stop, and the other car running non-stop. Both cars start and finish at opposite ends of the board and must run at the same speed so they pass each other at the mid point. Yes it is 8 inches shorter than its predecessor, but I don't get backache with it!! Cheers, Dave
  6. This is the first of what I hope will be a few articles about the Railways of Iran. It focusses on the first line built between Tehran and Rey and operating from 1888 to around 1960-61.
  7. Hi piermaster That is starting to look quite impressive for something so simple. Hope you still have a Hong Kong tram stop style beer mat that was a pretty neat touch on the old version. regards John
  8. Progress Report 21/03/20 Street lamps in place, Trolley Standards and wiring completed, followed by another running session!
  9. An independent standard-gauge line with no direct connection into the wider network. .... .... The first section of the line was completed in 1901, the full line finished in 1908. All of the track and rolling stock were requisitioned during the war and the railway closed in 1917. The materials never saw active service! .... ..... This next article covers the line from Bideford to Westward Ho! A final article from me which covers the remaining length of the line - the length from Westward Ho! to Appledore.
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  11. 20/03/20 Repositioned Tram Stop road marking to correct position and then played trams!!!
  12. Class 52 D1000 Western Enterprise on a diverted Newcastle to Liverpool Pullman service passing Sovereign Street. Class 26 26015 on a York to Leeds Central local service. A child's eye view 1-76 style -- Seeing Class 52 D1008 Western Harrier from Roseville School.
  13. Progress Report - 18/03/2020 Preparing for self-isolation if I have to and waiting for more bits and pieces. So I decided to play with my trams instead!! Tried out a simple but fairly entertaining exhibition sequence with one stopping tram and the other non-stopping then simultaneous running back to their start points. Figures, street lamps, trolley poles and wiring to be added along with loads more items that I can't even think of yet!
  14. Regret to announce that the 2020 Stowmarket Railway Club Exhibition scheduled for Sunday 26 April has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.
  15. This second post about the Tanat Valley Light Railway covers the length of the whole line and the Nantmawr Branch.
  16. A view from the control area. Class 55 55001 'St Paddy' with a diverted West Riding Ltd Pullman Service. Crown Point Yard
  17. Calder Railway train on its way to Sovereign Street. Another Calder Railway Goods Train passing Wyndham Farm Kirkstall & East Seacroft passenger train passing Canal Corner and Wyndham Farm
  18. Last exhibition for a while. Me and New Walmington Pier at Poringland, Norwich on 14/03/2020.
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    buz rail workshops

    Hi all At it again with the Christmas card. sorry for poor picture. regards John
  20. The newness of the warehouses has been removed.
  21. Whilst researching Royal Ordnance Factories (R.O.F.) I came across R.O.F. Number 8 at Thorp Arch and its railway. Due to the large number of workers at the site a six and a half mile circular railway was built round the complex. Trains ran one way (clockwise) and staff were dropped off or picked up at four stations. This allowed workers easy access to their work area The line was fitted with colour light automatic signals, so more than one train could run at once. The four stations were - River Station Platform. Ranges Platform. Roman Road Platform. Walton Platform Anyone thinks they could make a layout of it? David
  22. Thanks Chris, the prototype photo gave me the idea. The Faller Lift was a bugger to assemble!! It needs a lot of patience and my patience was well and truly gone when it came to threading the 'cable' through 16 miniscule holes between the lift car and the top bracket - after 2 hours I gave up and glued the car to the top bracket!!!
  23. A lovely layout that is unusual to see. Many thanks for your posts, Dave.
  24. Excellent, Dave. You've really captured the look of the prototype photo. How hard to put together was the lift?
  25. Progress Report - 15/03/2020 Handrails between footbridges and tram stop added. Bachmann office buildings secured to base and back board. Faller all-glass lift added to one footbridge. Still a long way to go!!! Handrails between footbridges and tram stop added. Bachmann office buildings secured to base and back board. Faller all-glass lift added to one footbridge. All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車 Hong Kong Tramways - Macau Ferry Terminal stop. This gave me the idea for the layout. All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車 This is the layout!!! All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車
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