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    The rebuilding continues. Ignore the 'unfinished' appearance, this is definitely a 'work in progress' moment. The ground colour is Chocolate Torte from B&Q, it isn't too chocolate and actually resembles the local colour scheme in West Dorset of mud and grass. The SM's house and garden are just placed to give some idea of colour and proportions, it looks pretty sparse because that is the intention. Tim Hale
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 01/12/2018: If anyone would like to let me know where time has gone, please write your answers on a postcard. How it's December already I do not know?! Anyway, the wallet has suffered even more this year and unfortunately as it's easy to get rest day work on the iron road, I've made some 'oops' purchases. Let's not beat around the bush, and start the list 08822 First Group (Hornby) - second hand 08907 DB (Bachmann) - Rails of Sheffield clearout sale 37099 Colas Railfreight (Bachmann) - Hattons wishlist 37429 Regional Railways (Bachmann) - second hand 57603 GWR sleeper (Bachmann, third party sound) - second hand 67004 Caledonian Sleeper (Hornby, TTS sound) - second hand 68006 ScotRail (Dapol) - Hattons 'Sale of the Century' 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Bachmann) - new, but without chassis (chassis purchased separately) 5x FGW sleeper Mk3 coaches (Hornby) - second hand 1x FGW sleeper buffet Mk3 coach (Hornby) - second hand, pro respray So yeah, the list is quite vast I'm afraid. Some of the items were merely 'ohhh that's a very good deal and I may have a use for that'. Some were things that ended up on my wishlist and have since been released or an opportunity arose to get one at a good price. Others have no excuse but I have no regrets. A perfect example of this is when I purchased the First 08 and Caledonian 67. The seller offered me 3 unused FGW sleeper carriages for a very reasonable price, considering they are going for mega ching on eBay. I said yes, thinking I can sell them on and make a bit of a profit. What did I do? I saw someone selling a GWR sound 57, two more sleepers and a custom respray (very good too) buffet coach. That's pretty much a 'complete' small sleeper rake! So yes, I got my wallet out... Do I need everything? No, of course not. After all, they're only toy trains Since the last update, I've also bought a house on the outskirts of York which, rather annoyingly, comes with a decently sized loft that has no crossbeams. This means there's plenty of space for a layout! Poor wallet...
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    The Grassmaster has received a new battery and some rather nice 10mm mixed grass. It will need detailing with dead grass at the road edges and the occasional tall weed would not come amiss. The revenge of the Grassmaster
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    More DMU action, this time a 158 on a working from Birmingham New Street.
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    Although not entirely finished, it should be close enough for getting some decent photos.
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    Bob Hughes

    Hints from Hornby

    I find the prices quite stunning, there's only one model that caught my interest but I'll not be spending half a week's wages on a tiny four wheeled diesel. The mechanism in this tiny loco is probably on a par with one of the the two power bogies in the original Bachmann HO scale 44 ton GE centre cab, so dodgy to say the least when running on Hornby's own points even if it is coupled to the match wagon. Of course, we all know about Hornby's (optimistic, to say the least) due dates so I reckon there's going to be enough wish-listing and pledges to buy "one each of every available livery" on a certain box-opening forum to keep its members' posting frequency at commercially acceptable levels for the next 18 to 24 months.
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    Tim Hale


    Pottendorf is featured in January's MIBA magazine, though I have still not received a copy, I suppose I will have to pay to see my own work? This is the Frankische Wohnhaus that was copied from the original in the open air museum in Bad Windsheim
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    new year new project

    Hi all I have only been able to do a few minutes here and there at the moment So I am trying to do work that makes a bit of an impact. The vegetation is starting to thicken up. full front on view of the station The station area still needs some detail work like a working lamp pole single passenger a bit more greenery along the fence and maybe a cat. regards John
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    Hi, The early 60s image of Verwood illustrates how standard Southern colours fade and deteriorate, although the ambient springtime light does make a big difference. It is the ‘real’ railway as opposed to what modellers want to see, especially on lines that are declining / due for closure Tim Hale https://www.facebook.com/groups/2111265285858032/
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    Peco buffer stops are excellent, the wooden beam is two layers of a coffee stir stick that has been stained with ink. Tim Hale
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    It could be less flat but went for the easy option. It can be improved later anyway. Working on ballasting at moment.
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    Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well I thought it was about time I started a workbench thread, hoping that it will spur on my modelling a bit! Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a 3D printer. After a bit of research and shopping around I went for a wanhao duplicator i3 mini. There are several other printers that all look suspiciously similar (that’s the Chinese market for you!) so there should be reasonably good support available. This was slightly more expensive than other models I was looking at, but I liked that it was a small size and wouldn’t look too bad sat on my desk (compared to some other examples!) Within an hour of it being delivered I’m up and running and it’s currently printing a test print from the sd card, although I have no idea what it is yet! It’s not got the best specs, but I wanted something that I can have a play around with and print some test prints and that sort of thing. I also paid slightly more and ordered it from amazon so I can always send it back if it breaks! Hopefully this will spur me on to get back into modelling. I will almost certainly be going back to T gauge which I’ve been following for a few years now, but I’ve recently got hold of a bit of Z gauge stuff too (thanks to a few trips to Japan with work). If anyone wants any more info let me know, but I’ll report back the success of the initial print when it’s complete! Matt
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    All Cars Stop Here

    Spent an hour or so planning the backscene and I like the Bachmann Scenecraft low-relief modern office block. With two already and two more ordered, supplemented with the Corgi Kowloon Motor Bus Olympian, I think I've got a typical modern city backscene on the way.
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    The very low relief station building is now in place.
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 26/05/2018: Can't wait to get the overtime in soon! I've been a bad boy again. A spell of 7 days where 2 bargains have cropped up. Couldn't resist! First up, Bachmann limited edition 37/4, more importantly 37425 'Pride of the Valleys / Balchder y Cymoedd' in large logo as it was in its final years with EWS and later DB before being transferred to DRS who put it in the house colours. Model came pre-weathered and was immaculate otherwise. Secondly, and still available if you're quick, Kernow Model Centre is shifting their stock of Hornby Class 60s in the silver DB 'Drax' livery. For a steal of £90, it was another deal too hard to miss. Especially considering even 2nd hand tugs go for a few quid. Right, to the photos!
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    Two Sister's Farm

    Hi Broadoak Now you just have to do a small extension so we can see just how you get such good results . Wake the bloke on the wagon if he has time to sleep he has time to tidy up all the junk. So the mechanics can see what they have to play with to make the new thingamabob the railway or the farm needs regards John
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    13th & 14th April 2019 exhibiting at Beamish Museum of the North East, it was so busy I didn't get the chance to get out and see the rest of the site!
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    A 67 passes the signal box on the way into the station.
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    The Network Rail depot.
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    Loco building - old skool This is lost in this box-opening world but some modellers still build stuff. This is how it looked when it arrived and this is where it is going except it will be BR 30548 Or rather where it should go except it needs a fair amount of re-working. A new chassis and tender (the latter is a Bachmann N Class), the etched chassis is from SEF and a High Level motordrive It will need to be stripped and dipped and upgraded It should be ready in a few months.... Due to the loss of Mashima Motors, a new motor was sourced from CCT in Cornwall. Beaminster Road
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    Tim Hale

    Hornby Dublo DCC

    Hi, Just a few misconceptions - For DC read analogue and DCC read digital. Analogue provides a variable source of power for motor control, whether DC or AC (German stud contact) Digital provides a 'carrier' for a digital message, the decoder extracts the message and this is passed to the motor, lights, speaker (sound) Modern multi-function sound decoders also control the motor/lights etc. no need to 'piggy-back'. Some cheaper sound decoders are pre-programmed with approppriate sound samples, you need to choose the right sound decoder for a chosen subject. Other sound decoders are programmable and one or two dealers offer a service to load the correct sound for your loco (You Choos is a good place to start) Presumably you do not wish to spend a great deal on DCC, if so, choose wisely, I began twenty years ago with an entry level system - Roco MultiMaus and I am still using the same system. It is simply ultra simple, glitch free and compatible with more expensive products, a complete system costs just £75 if sourced from eBay. I buy Laisdcc basic decoders at no more than £10 but avoid sound (personal preference) Tim
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    Bob Hughes


    Thanks for sharing, I was tempted to go but there were only a couple of layouts that I'd have been interested in and I've seen one of them before anyway.
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    My wife and I travel each year to Nice or other towns/cities in Provence and on the Cote d'Azur. Out of these regular Autumn visits has grown an interest in the extensive network of metre-gauge lines which all were lost by the late 1950s with the exception of the Nice to Digne line. I have been working on a series of blogs about the different lines. The post below is the first in a series about the Central Var line of Les Chemins de Fer du Sud de La France. ... https://rogerfarnworth.wordpress.com/2017/11/20/ligne-de-central-var-part-1
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    Had a terrific weekend in Blackpool last week (23 & 24/6) with New Walmington Pier at 'Totally Models' which is an exhibition of model trams and tram layouts organised jointly by Blackpool Transport Services and Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. Here's some photos of a few layouts and the real trams we rode! Trawler Tram 737 used for our 'Fish & Chips' tram supper on 22/06/18. New Walmington Pier. New Walmington Pier California Dreamland - HO scale. Aberdeen Trams on The Tram Stop - OO scale. 1934 built Balloon Car 717 recently restored to original livery ready to leave Rigby Road Depot for an exhibitors evening ride to Fleetwood and back on 23/06/18
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    I'll be working away from home 5-7 June so today (4th) was my only day to test 'New Walmington Pier' before 'Trains at Trinity' at Biggleswade Methodist Church on Saturday 09/06. Controller - works Connections secure - Yes Tram - works Carousel - works Background sound - works Plane sits securely - Yes Loose figures restuck - Yes All this in a 3 feet long layout!!!
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    Hi. Have you considered fitting NEM pockets? Then you have the choice of a lot of coupling types, including Tensiin Lock and Kadee couplings... Parkside make the mountings... Also see here? Regards, Sarah.
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    Bob Hughes

    Hello from the East Midlands

    Hiya Jim. Good to see another relic from the steam era here among the youngsters, they need showing that there's more to trains than brightly coloured diesels! To the aforementioned youngsters - Take a look at Jim's modelling techniques. Even if the scale and era do not appeal you can learn a lot about how models can be made without resorting to expensive materials. There was a time, many years ago, when styrene sheet had not been invented but cardboard is still around... And cheap too, don't throw those cornflake packets away!
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    Wil post bit more later on... Im using pictures of motorway bridges,to get ideas for this build...
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    Jim S-W

    LMS signal kits 00 4mm...

    Hi If you need a standard one let me know. I brought a ratio kit for my side project but didn't like it so I went for an MSE one instead. Below is a pic of th MSE one which I built as an abandoned one. Cheers Jim
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    DRS 37423 hard at work pulling heavy auto ballasters...
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    Few mor photos of dutch 37s... 37201,37211,and 37240..
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    Few more "night" shots of depot...
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    Bit more work done on station buildings and scenery...
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    And bit more scenery!! plus static grass
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    Peak Forest Revived

    Hi Paul, In truth it will probably be a while before I seriously consider building more rolling stock. I've got some serious grass and foliage work to do first. However every now and then I get tempted to throw the timetable in the bin and start weathering or detailing a particular wagon or five. The arrival of the new Polybulks made me want to see what they looked like on the layout. I wonder what John Gavin would charge for a PIA to complete the Dowlow trip working. The other day whilst looking for an easier option than a rake of ICI hoppers I began to trawl the Internet for some pictures of JTA box wagons when I came across a picture of what I thought was a rake of POA box wagons in South Sidings. They were well battered and would make a great modelling subject. After a lengthy trawl for images of similar box wagons I had only found three pictures of their use at Peak Forest. Then by chance I was re-reading your Speedlow thread and I saw your rake of future PSAs. I don't think I'd heard of PSAs til then, but it gave me the clue to finding the wagons on Paul Bartlett's wagon pages. I think I'm hooked, but will I have the commitment/patience to cut them down by 2mm? Would anyone but you notice? I'm still trying to find out the last time a rake of PSAs worked out of Peak Forest because I suspect that they are more your period than mine. Got any idea? Of course the two other alternatives to building PHVs are a rake of ex Yeoman POA hoppers (and have't you got one of those ,too!) or butchering the autoballasters to make up a short rake of Tiphook Rail hoppers. But I think grass and bushes are easier for now. On Speedlow, if you are setting it up at a Hazel Grove open evening or club night do let me know as I would love to see how it is progressing. Regards, Andy You will know where I'm going with this photo.
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    Peak Forest Revived

    A few more photos... Class 60077 returns empty to Peak Forest from Acton Former Buxton Volcano, 37419, heads the daily trip from Warrington to Dowlow. A quiet day on Peak Forest South Sidings. Just a couple of long standing residents.
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    EWS 37667 running through the railway cutting towards the tunnels...
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    37350 now arrives on Banks road station sidings,waits here for around 20 mins. Then heads light engine up towards the freight yard area...
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    DCC Converting made easy

    Every wondered how to convert a loco to DCC, We've made two videos that explain all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMnY_5ORxT0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOtHAFfLsfM Hope you enjoy them
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    Here is my DCC sound fitted EWS class 60029 ;) on test at banks road...
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    Had another "37" evening on banks road, 37417 and 37107 on ballast workings...
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    Started adding lighting on banks road....
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    Had few of my subsector locos down at the club,on banks road...
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    Keith brought the "pylons" down to the club,with the new cables attached
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    First pictures of the railway cutting going towards the fiddlers yard,and tunnel complex. I used builders foam packing from B&Q,modrock and cork sheeting.The cork sheeting was layered to make rock railway cutting...
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    The electrical outlets in the far corners of the layout needed disguising, hence all the tomfoolery as they are beyond my grasp. Tim
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    Southern National Bedford OB parked outside the station, awaiting passengers for Beaminster Broadwindsor and Bridport. A Thames Trader, new in 1960, bought by Eldridge Pope of Dorchester. The much-loved brewery was closed in 2003 due to financial mismanagement and the loss was keenly felt in Dorchester, which had lived in the shade of its towering chimney stack for over 100 years. Tim
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    Farmer Giles has just driven to the yard to collect some seed, please note that in the 60's only the emergency services and armed forces were the 'other' users of the Land Rover - it was another twenty years before it became a fashion statement. Their robust quality is legendary, over 75% of Land Rover produced are still on the road - try finding a Mk2 Cortina. Tim
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    Sorry, I forgot to show the rear of the office. I should have asked: Does anyone want to see any specific aspects of building Beaminster Road? Tim