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    New layout

    Haven't been on for a while as i have been revamping my layout. Some photos of pahse 1 completed. TMD area
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    Just been tested since last used in November at the Kempston, Beds. exhibition and 'Debbie's Layout' is all OK for next Saturday at Bushey, Herts.
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    The rebuilding continues. Ignore the 'unfinished' appearance, this is definitely a 'work in progress' moment. The ground colour is Chocolate Torte from B&Q, it isn't too chocolate and actually resembles the local colour scheme in West Dorset of mud and grass. The SM's house and garden are just placed to give some idea of colour and proportions, it looks pretty sparse because that is the intention. Tim Hale
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 01/12/2018: If anyone would like to let me know where time has gone, please write your answers on a postcard. How it's December already I do not know?! Anyway, the wallet has suffered even more this year and unfortunately as it's easy to get rest day work on the iron road, I've made some 'oops' purchases. Let's not beat around the bush, and start the list 08822 First Group (Hornby) - second hand 08907 DB (Bachmann) - Rails of Sheffield clearout sale 37099 Colas Railfreight (Bachmann) - Hattons wishlist 37429 Regional Railways (Bachmann) - second hand 57603 GWR sleeper (Bachmann, third party sound) - second hand 67004 Caledonian Sleeper (Hornby, TTS sound) - second hand 68006 ScotRail (Dapol) - Hattons 'Sale of the Century' 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Bachmann) - new, but without chassis (chassis purchased separately) 5x FGW sleeper Mk3 coaches (Hornby) - second hand 1x FGW sleeper buffet Mk3 coach (Hornby) - second hand, pro respray So yeah, the list is quite vast I'm afraid. Some of the items were merely 'ohhh that's a very good deal and I may have a use for that'. Some were things that ended up on my wishlist and have since been released or an opportunity arose to get one at a good price. Others have no excuse but I have no regrets. A perfect example of this is when I purchased the First 08 and Caledonian 67. The seller offered me 3 unused FGW sleeper carriages for a very reasonable price, considering they are going for mega ching on eBay. I said yes, thinking I can sell them on and make a bit of a profit. What did I do? I saw someone selling a GWR sound 57, two more sleepers and a custom respray (very good too) buffet coach. That's pretty much a 'complete' small sleeper rake! So yes, I got my wallet out... Do I need everything? No, of course not. After all, they're only toy trains Since the last update, I've also bought a house on the outskirts of York which, rather annoyingly, comes with a decently sized loft that has no crossbeams. This means there's plenty of space for a layout! Poor wallet...
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    Goods Yard working Diorama

    Hi I started work on my working goods yard diorama about three week ago. The diorama is being modelled in era 4. I plan to use my new Hornby Terrier BR early emblem loco. As you can see quite a lot of work has been completed but I still need to apply static grass to the scenic areas of the layout.
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    At the National Piers Society AGM, Princes Theatre, Clacton on 08/06/19:
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    The Grassmaster has received a new battery and some rather nice 10mm mixed grass. It will need detailing with dead grass at the road edges and the occasional tall weed would not come amiss. The revenge of the Grassmaster
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    More DMU action, this time a 158 on a working from Birmingham New Street.
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    Although not entirely finished, it should be close enough for getting some decent photos.
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    Bob Hughes

    Hints from Hornby

    I find the prices quite stunning, there's only one model that caught my interest but I'll not be spending half a week's wages on a tiny four wheeled diesel. The mechanism in this tiny loco is probably on a par with one of the the two power bogies in the original Bachmann HO scale 44 ton GE centre cab, so dodgy to say the least when running on Hornby's own points even if it is coupled to the match wagon. Of course, we all know about Hornby's (optimistic, to say the least) due dates so I reckon there's going to be enough wish-listing and pledges to buy "one each of every available livery" on a certain box-opening forum to keep its members' posting frequency at commercially acceptable levels for the next 18 to 24 months.
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    Tim Hale


    Pottendorf is featured in January's MIBA magazine, though I have still not received a copy, I suppose I will have to pay to see my own work? This is the Frankische Wohnhaus that was copied from the original in the open air museum in Bad Windsheim
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    new year new project

    Hi all I have only been able to do a few minutes here and there at the moment So I am trying to do work that makes a bit of an impact. The vegetation is starting to thicken up. full front on view of the station The station area still needs some detail work like a working lamp pole single passenger a bit more greenery along the fence and maybe a cat. regards John
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    Hi, The early 60s image of Verwood illustrates how standard Southern colours fade and deteriorate, although the ambient springtime light does make a big difference. It is the ‘real’ railway as opposed to what modellers want to see, especially on lines that are declining / due for closure Tim Hale https://www.facebook.com/groups/2111265285858032/
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    Peco buffer stops are excellent, the wooden beam is two layers of a coffee stir stick that has been stained with ink. Tim Hale
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    It could be less flat but went for the easy option. It can be improved later anyway. Working on ballasting at moment.
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian seaside pier tramway microlayout. The area of beach between the shore end of the pier and the pier workshop has been secured by 'The Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company' for the future installation of a hydraulic lift linking the promenade and beach. Who said that a 20 years old layout is finished? If Gordon Bulmer's 'Ravenscar Pier' can have a funicular, then my 'New Walmington Pier' can have a promenade lift!
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    Dave another fine example of your modelling and layout skills. I really like your trams and the attention to detail is super.😉
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    Exhibition went well and New Walmington Pier was well received by the public. The downside was me getting a front wheel blow out close to the school possibly due to the appalling third-world state of our roads in this country as the tyre was less than a month old. AA came and fitted my spacesaver tyre and because there are no tyre centres open in this third world country called UK after 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday it was a slow 50mph top speed drive home for the 100 miles home. Grrrrr
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    Hi, Dry walls in Dorset - picture and comment
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    This link may explain a bit more.... The Petite Properties kit is fairly basic but it is robust, all the pieces fit and every example is utterly unique. Some folk do some amazing things with a covering of air drying clay which they scribe to look like rough stone. My favourite method is a render coat of cheapo ready-mixed decorator's filler, spread it on like butter, let it dry for 24hrs and sand it until smooth, then apply a thin wash of water colour. The picture below is not my work, it is a bit too rough but you get the idea of what you can achieve...
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    A couple of years ago, I 'discovered' the pleasure of laser-cut card buildings with really well designed kits from Stangel and Josswood but these were German outline, now I am modelling the Southern Region in the West of England. Petite Properties have a good reputation for really nice laser-cut kits in MDF, they are very accurately cut and robust, I bought a couple. This is the start of Washtub Cottage, rather typical of a small rural dwelling in West Dorset. The outer finish is Stangel Acrylmasse, two coats were needed, the window sills are painted in white artist's acrylic and the natural wood colour is Rowney diluted Sepia Dye. The roof of the main building and porch is Redutex 076PC121 weathered tiles The homemade ridge tiles will be folded and textured card but at the moment I am making some rainwater drainage from bits of brass. After that, it will need considerable amounts of weathering.
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    Wow looking fantastic
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    buz rail workshops

    Hi all The latest project is another narrow gauge one a flying bench passenger coach. This a 3D print from Shapeways. It had little in the way of description from the designer so I assume the holes are for the tent frames that where originally fitted to these coaches. The holes seem to be in the right place for that if you want see the real thing you will find it on the Ffestiniog railway Seen here in glorious pink undercoat. It was cleaned in white spirit to remove the print residue has been primed with an automotive plastic primer and then painted pink Why pink simple the coach is going to be red and the undercoat can change the color of the top coat well it did change the top coat made it look more fairground red than railway like red that will be the next pic after the coach was inked to show the end panel detail. But still more fairground red than railway. regards John
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    Always nice to have top n tail "yellow 97s" visiting Banks road freight yard...
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    DRS 37423 on MRA wagon work...
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    This morning Network rail plant machine arrived with track gang on Banks TMD... These chaps must be on time n half £££...
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    Wil post bit more later on... Im using pictures of motorway bridges,to get ideas for this build...
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    Drs 20 leaves "banks road" station sidings with three flasks...
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    Ive been making more "real" trees using Seamoss...
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    And more 37s ;) sorry guys you must be fed up with me and these 37s by now... 37034 split head code. 37901 Rail freight...
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    37201 on the move... Passing level crossing...
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    Here are all three dutch 37s on the move they made some noise leaving the station...
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    Few more depot photos...
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    British Oak in an APA Box

    Yesterday, (March 1st) the APA Box layout received its first outing at the Granite City Train show in St. Cloud, MN. This little layout was probably the most labour intensive of the layouts I've shown there. The coal loading really making it a 2 person operation for smooth running. The working coal loader really grabbing peoples attention. A couple of people asked about the rolling stock as it was British outline, but most people were just content to watch the layout work. The coal loading was, as I've said, quite a labour intensive operation. We found it worked best with one person operating the railway watching the position of the wagons under the dispensing chute to see when they filled, and the other person actually doing the filling. Something that definitely needs to be worked on is cutting down on the spillage around the chute. This led to a lot of derailments very quickly and many breaks had to be taken to clear the coal away from the rails. Another thing I learnt is that the couplers on the Dapol hoppers were not as effective as the Bachmann ones in constant push-pull situations. The direction to take with the uncouplers needs to be worked on. I made a couple of hand uncoupling tools out of styrene before the show and they certainly did the job. I'm sure I'll get well meaning suggestions to use "Sprat and Winkle" or some other auto uncoupling brand, but they'd have to be shipped over from the UK and when you have to pay more for postage than the item its just not cost effective. I could use Kadees but they don't look right on 1960's UK stock. The Bachmann ones are surprisingly unobtrusive so I might just stick with them. There is a supplier in Canada that I get my Bachmann stock from. The next plan will be to rebuild the loading screens out of styrene and get a bit more detail into the structures. A fiddle yard rebuild is also on the cards. It was just a tad too short as it was. I'll try to rig up a three road sector plate for the next time. The next Granite City Train show is on November 15th so there is plenty of time. All in all, a good day out. I did come away with an O scale US outline boxcar kit. Who knows where that will lead? Above: This photo shows the layout ready for display. The layout rests on a couple of plastic "milk crate" type containers that are used to carry the stock and equipment into the show. Set up and knock down time was about 10 minutes. Below: These pictures centre on the loaded coal hoppers.
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    Got more scenery done this evening at the club so few more photos now... more to follow..
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    British Oak in an APA Box

    Oh, all right Bob. Subtle hint taken. Some pictures of the (now) Minnesota Iron Range Iron Ore loading point... In the first two pics a DMIR SD45-T (Athearn) shoves a quad set of ore "jennies" (also Athearn) into the receiving siding. This is where the Bachmann GE 45 tonner takes over and shoves the cars over to the loading points to be filled. A Baldwin S-12 switcher would also be a good choice for this duty as they were owned by the Oliver and Erie Mining concerns on the Iron Range.
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    This was the depot few days ago just one DRS 37,on inspection...
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    Subsector 37350 passes number "2" signal boxs on way upto freight yard area...
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    Banks road had two 60s turn up for repairs... EWS 60048... EWS 60029...
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    Also had my "dutch" 37211 on ballast dutys!!! ;)
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    Here is my DCC sound fitted EWS class 60029 ;) on test at banks road...
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    DRS 37510 on (network rail) test workings at "banks" level crossing...
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    Finaly got one of our Dapol signals to work,after hours of playing with wires...
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    Close up photo of Richys, DRS 37 with working wipack lights...
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    Few "new" scenery pictures,starting the railway cutting bridge...
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    Had mixs of DRS locos on banks road depot...
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LJJkj2LTjU&feature=youtu.be Not sure how this works, hopefully you click on the link. It is Hornby 34102 Lapford ruuning around Beaminster Road hauling a rake of Bachmann's finest Mk1 and a BR horse box. Enjoy Tim
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    This was the start of building Beaminster Road, the trackplan is unusually simple for a home layout with just six turnouts in the station. Tim
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    Glad to see it's not Farmer "Get orff moy laand" Palmer. ;) PS - For the benefit of younger readers - The old Landies were (and still are) far too basic be to seen as fashion statements, no essentials like heaters, radio, roof, etc. Lord and Lady Snooty waited until the Range Rover showed up before they could drive off road (ie Tesco Car Park) and it was quite a while before the rest of the Tonka Toys, aka Chelsea Tractors, appeared on the scene.
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    This is a typical corner in the station forecourt however this is what is going to be planted in the corner. Buddleia (also known as the "Butterfly Bush") are a great summer plant for the garden, they are easy to care for, they have bright vibrant colours, and they act like a magnet to butterflies (and Hummingbirds in warmer countries). But when the summer is over some backwork is needed in cutting back the old wood ready for the next season. The 'plant' is just 20mm high Tim