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    Little Lawley

    The humble Peco buffer stop. I'd been toying with some fancier versions but decided I could do some proper modelling using these as the starting point. A few cuts here and there, followed by a whisp of primer and I had the above. Next up, using the photo in an old Heritage Railway magazine for reference, came the painting. Burnt umber, red, black and an off white did the trick. I want to weather lightly, then varnish them using matt varnish, just to stop the paint flaking. Finally, a test fit. Excuse the poor light (iPhone camera in hazy artificial light) but overall I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.
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    Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well I thought it was about time I started a workbench thread, hoping that it will spur on my modelling a bit! Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a 3D printer. After a bit of research and shopping around I went for a wanhao duplicator i3 mini. There are several other printers that all look suspiciously similar (that’s the Chinese market for you!) so there should be reasonably good support available. This was slightly more expensive than other models I was looking at, but I liked that it was a small size and wouldn’t look too bad sat on my desk (compared to some other examples!) Within an hour of it being delivered I’m up and running and it’s currently printing a test print from the sd card, although I have no idea what it is yet! It’s not got the best specs, but I wanted something that I can have a play around with and print some test prints and that sort of thing. I also paid slightly more and ordered it from amazon so I can always send it back if it breaks! Hopefully this will spur me on to get back into modelling. I will almost certainly be going back to T gauge which I’ve been following for a few years now, but I’ve recently got hold of a bit of Z gauge stuff too (thanks to a few trips to Japan with work). If anyone wants any more info let me know, but I’ll report back the success of the initial print when it’s complete! Matt
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    The very low relief station building is now in place.
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 26/05/2018: Can't wait to get the overtime in soon! I've been a bad boy again. A spell of 7 days where 2 bargains have cropped up. Couldn't resist! First up, Bachmann limited edition 37/4, more importantly 37425 'Pride of the Valleys / Balchder y Cymoedd' in large logo as it was in its final years with EWS and later DB before being transferred to DRS who put it in the house colours. Model came pre-weathered and was immaculate otherwise. Secondly, and still available if you're quick, Kernow Model Centre is shifting their stock of Hornby Class 60s in the silver DB 'Drax' livery. For a steal of £90, it was another deal too hard to miss. Especially considering even 2nd hand tugs go for a few quid. Right, to the photos!
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    CazRail: Workbench

    The PAB covhops are taking leaps and bounds now, with the next three taking shape next week once I have materials. The first four are now on the rails, which need painting, decaling, and weighing down. Ive bought some Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity to add some weight to the wagons, which will improve running quality, which will be fixed in with Roket Card Glue. Ive also bought more Evergreen U-channel to finish the last three wagons. I felt my method of holding the wheels was hit and miss, and I wasnt happy with them, so I took to my CAD software and designed my own wheel holders. I didnt fancy buying the brass kit ones, as ive never worked with brass and i'd probably muck them up. This is what I came up with... With 2mm dia. shouldered Romford bearings fitted. All shoe'd up... Installed on the wagons(simply superglued on. And finally with Cambrian pedestal suspention unit moulding, simply glued on top. These wheel holders are 3D printed via Shapeways. The beauty of it is, you can make any shape of anything. These are a simple solution for any kit or scratchbuild.
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    Why do I always end up cheering for the Germans when watching the Sound of Music?
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    Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well, I suppose everyone will be happy to see what a japanese model shop looks like ... or at least I am !
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    Well first results are promising! I'm very happy with how easy the printer was to get going and get something useful out of it. Once I'd sorted some bed adhesion problems we were away! Now the test print...I appreciate these are tweaked to print as best as possible with the material provided but I am very happy with the results! There's a pic below... As a real test I printed my T Gauge class 450 bodyshell. I'd designed this to print in FUD from shapeways but was supposed to be a basic bodyshell ready to accept decals or similar. It's come out surprisingly well with smooth sides, there's just a small bit of detailing on the roof missing but I think this is down to limitations with the printer. Still, it's perfect as a test print!
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    There was also the Stratford and Moreton Tramway, I know it's off your beat but this display close to the RSC in Stratford upon Avon is a reminder of the plateways and waggonways that once existed.
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    Prior to the introduction of standard gauge railways in the Forest of Dean there was an extensive network of tramways or tramroads. These tramways were of a variety of gauges from 3ft 6in to 4ft. One of these was the Severn and Wye Tramroad. This post details the various branch and feeder tramways associated with this line. The tramway was replaced by the Severn and Wye Joint Railway. ... https://rogerfarnworth.wordpress.com/2017/09/28/the-branch-tramways-and-sidings-of-the-severn-and-wye-tramroad
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    Little Lawley

    Hi Chris We all have times when the motivation is somewhat lacking. Try putting a ramp on the platform and a fence at the back. regards John
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    It's been a bit quite on the forum lately so I thought some tractor thrash was in order.
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    Going round the bend

    Thanks for the info, Bob. Much appreciated. Its all looking very good!
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    Rainhill MRC cancelled their show at the weekend, again it's clear here, but the organisers did recognise the fact that other parts of the country have had it a lot worse than what we got in the NW and a lot of their exhibitors and traders would have been unable to make it.
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    Bob Hughes

    Going round the bend

    Hi Chris, My basket liner is from Handy Household in Sandbach, it is brown as supplied but I use trigger spray bottle (the type that comes with cleaning products in) and diluted poster paint to get it green. Work around Bodjio is on hold while the glue dries on the ballast and weeds so I've diverted my attention to the other end of the garage where the line crosses the doorway to the garden. The existing station at Cumbre has been removed, to be replaced with a new rail/ferry interchange called Lago Cumbre (Summit Lake) on the section which was previously hidden from view. The painted mountains screen has been relocated behind the line to act as a backscene. The water tower from Cumbre is now at Grande and the tower from there has been returned to Rio Paleta. When originally here it cast a shadow on the backscene so its new location is on the near side of the line to prevent this. Structure gauging at Lago Cumbre and Rio Paleta was done using the Peru Rail diesel and Fleischmann coach as these are both slightly larger than the Bachmann trains.
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    New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    Exactly Chris, I'm not risking my life to drive 125 miles round trip in these conditions for 30 pieces of silver, especially when the exhibition manager tells me 'it's clear here' and I would be struggling to get my car out of the driveway then along a narrow road and up a slope to hopefully meet my first stretch of gritted road. 9 out 13 shows were cancelled this weekend.
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    Been glueing some fencing in place.
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    Always nice to have top n tail "yellow 97s" visiting Banks road freight yard...
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    The short extension to complete the fiddle yard is now in place allowing me to assess what trains can be fitted in. From left to right we have: 1) Class 67/Mk3/DVT set 2) Autoballaster rake of 5 (I have a Network Rail Class 57 for this) 3) Other freight train to be decided - more on that below 4) Network Rail test train 5) 150 & 153 DMU's 6) 158 DMU My original plan for the other freight train was to have a log train running from a loading point up the Welsh coast to Chirk having run around in Aberforth. Because of the loop in the station it would be limited to 7, or 8 at a push, OTA wagons. I am now thinking that isn't really long enough to be convincing plus the OTA's don't fit into the modern era so I'm considering an alternative. The obvious option would be another engineers train of some sort or for something a bit different a 5/6 rake set of silver bullets delivering china clay slurry to a paper factory located near to Aberforth with a run-round required in the station. Any other suggestions welcome!
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    Business Unveiling #1 Apart from a bit more signage to add and putting something inside the windows so it doesn't look empty, the office & warehouse is finished. Cambrian Tyres are a real life business in Aberystwyth and are the UK importers of Continental bicycle and motorbike tyres.
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    I got the fiddle yard board done yesterday and put them all in place on some boxes as a temporary measure. At this stage I was going to crack on with the track etc and think about some proper supports later but have decided it would be worth sorting out now whilst the boards can still be flipped upside down. I'm guessing that it is either a case of making some legs with wood or getting an off the shelf option such as trestles? Any other ideas or experience of this would be appreciated.
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    Bin bags.... yes really :p

    Bin bags???? BIN BAGS???? i hear you say... Well I was repairing something, and over did the amount of milliput that i needed and the stuff was going off... at speed!!!!.... and I was in a panic... and then a little electric light turned on... I grabbed the sharp point of a pencil as a modelling tool... I could just roll a few bags then push down the base, quickly press a bit for the tie... and let the beggars dry (the easiest bit!!!!!) then add a quick touch of paint... black .....green... white... and dump them around the place :) IMG 267 hint... always mix the minimum you need! And 2nd hint having a to scale figure nearby helps you get the size about right. IMG 357 easy to see there is no special skills needed here IMG 280 the orange... well Sainsbury's supermarket ...... IMG 358 how many people pile them up on the wheelie bins? IMG 278 green ones...
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    Jim S-W

    LMS signal kits 00 4mm...

    Hi If you need a standard one let me know. I brought a ratio kit for my side project but didn't like it so I went for an MSE one instead. Below is a pic of th MSE one which I built as an abandoned one. Cheers Jim
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    Blimey, nobody's posted here yet.... Ah well, I'll get the ball rolling then, shall I? On Monday 19th May 2014, DB Schenker Teenage Spirit passes the signalbox at Tarvin Heights MPD, with a short engineer's train in tow. (Dedicated to Stephen Sutton, who sadly passed away this month from cancer, aged 19. R.I.P)
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    DCC Converting made easy

    Every wondered how to convert a loco to DCC, We've made two videos that explain all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMnY_5ORxT0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOtHAFfLsfM Hope you enjoy them