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    Goods Yard working Diorama

    Hi I started work on my working goods yard diorama about three week ago. The diorama is being modelled in era 4. I plan to use my new Hornby Terrier BR early emblem loco. As you can see quite a lot of work has been completed but I still need to apply static grass to the scenic areas of the layout.
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    New layout

    Haven't been on for a while as i have been revamping my layout. Some photos of pahse 1 completed. TMD area
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    Dave another fine example of your modelling and layout skills. I really like your trams and the attention to detail is super.😉
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    Hornby Terrier. The New Build...

    Hornby Terrier, the new version. R3767. BR Lined Black, Early Crest. 32655 (Stepney). General views.... after I had installed a loco crew, and changed the colour of the reverser lever and regulator.... and the gauge glasses. The extra pipes, which fit under the buffer beams.... Initial modifications.... All locos deserve a crew! The gauge glasses look better (IMO) in white than "Copper" or "Brass", and the Reverser is not likely to be made of Brass or Copper, as it would likely bend! (It is coloured "Copper" or "Brass"as it comes. The Regulator is plain black as it comes.... I prefer it in red! Getting into the cab....body dis-assembly. The body, boiler, side tanks, cab and bunker, are held onto the metal footplate by 7 screws. one into the smokebox, two each side into the side tanks, and two into the cab/bunker. The cab seems to be clipped to the boiler, but there are a few pipes from the boiler that are probably glued into the holes in the cab front.... I did not try to part the cab from the boiler as I did not relish trying to get the pipes back into their holes, even if they were not glued in! DCC Decoder Fitting. The 6-Pin socket is in a position that precludes the use of most, if not all, direct plug 6-pin decoders. The Hornby R7150 6-pin decoder has a short wire harness and 6-pin plug. The wires are just about the maximum length that can be folded over the decoder, and still fit inside the body. Some insulating tape is a very good idea to cover the exposed connexions, and prevent the decoder coming into contact with any metal.... It is one of very few 6-pin decoders that can be fitted, it would seem.... I have got the Hornby decoder, and fitted it to mine. Less hassle for me. Couplings. I have fitted Kadee NEM couplings to my Terrier. #19. The NEM pockets on the Terrier are at the correct height when seated properly, but the Kadee couplings require packing under the shaft inside the pockets, otherwise they are a bit of a loose fit and droop. Coupled to a Hornby Ex LNER Class O1 tender chassis....again the NEM pocket is at the correct height....
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    Dave it’s really great to see that the pier layout is still bringing a lot of joy to everyone who has seen this great layout.😉
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    At the National Piers Society AGM, Princes Theatre, Clacton on 08/06/19: