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    Cyber Bullying

    The press has recently highlighted social networking sites and the effects of cyber bullying. Our Administrators and Moderators closely monitor the forums, although private messages (PM’s) are unmonitored between users on this forum and hence can only be viewed by Administration or Moderation staff if reported or staff invited into the conversation. We urge members if they are affected by cyber bullying through the use of the PM system to report it using the report system and staff will support you as necessary. Cyber bullying in any form will not be tolerated by this forum and any member found cyber bullying here, if appropriate, will have their account locked, membership terminated and details passed to the police. We have never had any problems with cyber bullying on the MRL Forums as of yet, must mean you are all really nice members!
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    Basford Parkway

    At last, a weekend where I'm free to do what I like! Not often I get some time to myself... anyway, on with today's progress. I've been looking at the depot and thought that I should rebuild it so it looks more like the track plan I'm following. The whole of the scenic area will have flexitrack code 75 rails and so nothing is going to be stuck down until the track bed is down and built and the order of new track has been made. Thus meaning I have to continue playing with code 100 until further notice. The depot in the track plan uses 2x 3-way points which I don't have, so I've had to make do with using 5 set-track points that I had spare. Although the track plan isn't 100% accurate, you get a feel for how it will look (using set-track points mean there's less room for the straights and so cannot fit as long-a trains as I wanted, but it'll do for now). The Overall View The Fueling Points (2-lane fueling, 1 short lane for stabling for shorter locos like 73s, 20s, 08s etc) The Main TMD which can fit 2 full 4-car 350s, 3-car mk3s and a 2-car mk3 set with DVT The Staff Car Park Enjoy! I know it's not much progress, but I'm doing as much as I can without breaking the bank...
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    Bill Jones

    Fordingbridge & Verwood

    As a new member, today, and following a couple of requests to show my layout progress to date I thought I might post a few photos to allow people to see how it has progressed over the past couple of years. It is a section of the old Salisbury & Dorset line with two of its stations, Fordingbridge and Verwood. Both stations had good facilities, especially Fordingbridge, but neither had a head shunt. I chose these two as the goods areas are entered from opposite ends to each other, which gives me a great deal of interesting shunting movements. Starting with Verwood, as with all the layout still much to do. Then onto the Station building, goods shed and signal box for Fordingbridge. Fordingbridge more or less as it is so far. All buildings and structures are scratch built using photo, diagrams and architects original drawings where obtainable. I've tried to keep each station as close to the original as possible within my space constraints. Hope I've not over burdened you with these, it could be a while before I dig the camera out again. Thanks for looking Bill
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    Oo, my Christmas avatar is getting uploaded that day too I'd like to see a 365 and a Dominion Of New Zealand model. I would also like to see the 2012 'releases' actually be released. I'm hoping they are using this time to improve the 91 model... Yeah right.
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    Basford Parkway

    My mate Danny (dc_western) came around yesterday to have a cheeky little bash on the layout for the afternoon. Another excellent day was had, and so here are the photos taken on Basford (more to be found here on Tref Abergelli's topic). 66301 by Javelin395, on Flickr 56095 by Javelin395, on Flickr 56095 (2) by Javelin395, on Flickr 37049 by Javelin395, on Flickr Enjoy!
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    Tref Abergelli a Depo Lôn Pwll

    Thanks Carwyn for the translations! As always, Welsh isn't easy and so when it came to introducing 'Abergelli' into the name, it changed... oh well. I've decided that the gates into the depot will be featured on the front left hand corner of the extension meaning I get to display my new sign Right, down to business...
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    Franco's pictures

    Just to start the experience I put here some pictures I took last summer. Location is the station of Rivarolo Canavese (I live in a small town near there) terminus of a local railway operated by Turin's public transport company Hope you'll enjoy them TTR emu ETR Y emu Diesel railcar Aln 668 for services on the non electrified section from Rivarolo to Pont Canavese
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    Network South East Class 67

    Hopefully this time i will actually be able to contribute and the thread doesnt get locked. Heres the latest Hornby Class 67 being resprayed in Network South East livery, Started on Friday, and got the stage below today, so a work in progress, should be finished tomorrow or wednesday. Lee
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    Network South East Class 67

    And the finished locomotive, Lee
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    The prices of a lot of these models are outrageous! £123 for a 2-car train pack? £164 for a Class 395 pack? £189 for the Brighton Belle... again? Coaches.. up to £45! Single locomotives in the hundreds whilst railroad locos are into the £80's... and a train SET... £400. A TRAIN SET?! With 'elink'? Whoopdy bloody do. Another digital unit that probably still isn't as good as other ones. And that Eurostar repaint? I bet that's the old design with a new paint job. No lights, no metal panto, no super detail... I bet you. None of that. And of course, the biggest disappointment... No more Intercity MK3s. Disappointed! Overall.. Can't say I'm impressed by any of the releases. Nothing looks that great and the prices look ridiculous. Very put off Hornby products now seeing those prices. I don't feel I would be getting value for money at all. I'd want some sort of reassurance that spending that much would be worth it.
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    My Resprays

    Will start off with what i have done this weekend (2 ov them), started these on Saturday morning, finished on Sunday night, 37419 in DB Schenker livery, super detailed at 1 end and fitted with legomanbiffo sound chip. Hope you like, Lee
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    Welcome to our new forum moderator!

    We would like to Welcome Chris (chris47709) to our Forum Moderator Team! Chris is a long standing member of our forum and a fantastic contributor to our forum, he has accepted a place on our Moderator Team. He will be getting involved in the running of the forum as well as helping out.
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    Right, Quick vid I did of my DCC SOUND 67001 with a V4 Locksound chip with Bass reflex speaker in the body and a sugar cube speaker in the fuel tank... (SWD sound chip) Tom.
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    Tref Abergelli a Depo Lôn Pwll

    Been another productive day on the layout. The post man came this morning with my two lengths of flexi-track and a bag of ballast (the other parcel with my point work is due tomorrow). Brought out the brown paint and covered the baseboard with the stuff to represent mud (so if there are any gaps in scenery, the show up as brown rather than pale wood colour). Also made some signs for the front of the layout so people know what it is etc. I'll update you all tomorrow when the point work has arrived.
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    Tref Abergelli a Depo Lôn Pwll

    Took the layout into the garden to have a photoshoot but realised that due to the low backsenes, I ended up with a large white house in the backdrop. A quick trip upstairs to grab a 3x1ft board and the spare sheet of backscenes from Tref Abergelli solved the problem. Enjoy!
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    Network Rail Mk3 & DVT set

    And after the first session in the paint shop... http://mrlforum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/3328-nr-dvt-mk3-view1/ http://mrlforum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/3329-nr-dvt-mk3-view2/ Let me know what you think!! Cheers
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    Wrexham General

    The platform lights are now also in place.
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    Challenge Accepted.
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    Network Rail Mk3 & DVT set

    Hi there, i have already done this set and the end results are worth it, although u must admit it is quite an expensive set to do as the transfers come in at £35 for the set. Some pictures of the set i did. Lee
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    David Hennessey

    Tarvin Heights M.P.D

    24/02/2013 Having put the acquisition of motive power on the backburner throughout 2012 to concentrate funding on the major work on Tarvin Heights, I felt it was time to get hold of some more locos. Model Rail Scotland 2013 was a great excuse to do so, and I came back with not one, or two, but three beauties! We'll start off with a very interesting piece. Model Rail magazine, in association with Bachmann, recently commissioned a limited edition of 47475 in BR 'Provincial' Trans-Pennine livery. Although the layout is set in the privatised era, there's nothing wrong with a little late British Rail action... Anyway, here is 47475 herself, and boy does she look a stunner! "Oh no, not another one?!" you might very well exclaim, but having been impressed with Bachmann's excellently modelled Freightliner 70, a partner for 70006 was in order. 70003 stands at the signalbox: Until now, the motive power on Tarvin Heights MPD has come from the ViTrains and Bachmann stables respectively. However, the taboo is now broken, with the arrival of my first Hornby product in many years of my interest in railway modelling. Hornby's DB Schenker 60074 'Teenage Spirit' (a Rail Express magazine exclusive) is the first 'tug' to grace the scene at Tarvin Heights MPD. Here she is at the signalbox: To accompany the exclusively modelled 47475, Bachmann and Model Rail magazine commissioned a two-coach pack; A Mk2 First Corridor and a Mk2 Tourist Second Open, both in Trans-Pennine livery. Both vehicles well detailed, including route stickers in the droplight windows! Here they are at the signalbox: Another Model Rail Magazine exclusive, was another Bachmann two-coach pack: Two Mk2 vehicles in Regional Railways livery. They are made up of a Mk2 Second Brake, and a Mk2 Tourist Second Open. Seen here at the signalbox: Freight traffic hasn't been neglected; more of it should be appearing on the layout really! I've decided to put it right; starting with a trio of Bachmann BP fuel tankers (one example seen here at the signalbox). A quartet of Heljan Dogfish waggons also appear at the signalbox: And finally (on the rails for now, at least), a duo of Flangeways 00 scale BR snowploughs (both in Railtrack livery; one example seen here at the signalbox): More road-vehicles have also been acquired from the superb Oxford Diecast range. They are a quartet of Ford Transists (1x Merseyside Police, 1x Royal Mail, 1x RAC and 1x Network Rail), and a Land Rover Discovery: I also got some more Bachmann figures (police/security, track workers and more businessman) and lifting jacks, but you'll see them sometime soon... Anyway, that's it for now. Till next time...
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    Ive now got all four 97"s,they are. 97303 and 304 are weatherd.97301 and 302 are still clean :) ive used the bachmann body shells which have spring loaded cab doors!! and all chassies are 21 pin...
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    Good night all! And what a wonderful evenening it is! Well, a simple message does not do justice... so here is something else. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Seriously, all you guys are just so amazing and awesome! Nearly two years I've been here now and wow... that has gone by sooo so quickly it seems. So, I thought.... being new years and all... I'd give you all a specialll message from mee! You're all fantastic! Seriously. You are all such amazing people! I love being part of this community and I love all you people here! Members and staff alike. You're all soo talented and awesome and it's such an epicc pleasure to know you all. So my friends... I wish you a very happy... very awesome... and possibly a slightly tipsy or do-la-lally random new year!! And thank you. Thank you for being who you are and being awesome at that! Jack, thank you for your help here over the years and being an all round great chap! And also rest assured, you will be assimilated into the herd in due course ;) Phil, thank you for all the hard work you've put in here and being an awesome guy! Rich, thank you for having one of the most awesome first names ever. And also for helping to start what we have here! Dave, Danny... thank you both for being awesome. Jeff, thank you for your the number of times you've helped me out over the past couple of years and at the model club. Daniel (S91), thank you for being a great friend. Though you need to smile more lad :) And I will make you smile! 7APT7, thank you for the many likes you have given me and being a great guy! Chris, Peakdale, 37425, TAB, Bob, Crownstreet, Sammer, SamTrains, Catapult, Pendennis, Jim, Tim, oorail Bigada, Comet, dwestern, trains12, Staffsrail, Parkhead, and so many many many many more of you! I cannot list everyone as my mind is slipping away from me at this time of night. But all of you, mentioned above or not... thank you for being all awesome and a great and fantasticc bunch of people! My friends, keep on rocking, and keep on being awesome. I'm proud to be here and know you all! I wish the best for all of you in the grand year of 2013. This is a year for more awesomeness, and also for celebration more so - we survived another predicted appocolyptic date. Again. Huz-frigging-zah! And with that, I bid you good night... before I pass out on this beautiful comfy keyboard once again... So all the very best to you all! Regards and love to you all! From your future over-lord and master of the world, the resident Brony, the random one... the one who I'd like to mention is NOT drunk (just quite quite tired and rather random minded)... All the best once more! -Richard
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    Jim S-W

    P4 New Street

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    Some of the wagons for the layout : Cambrian Tunny, Chivers Grampus and Hornby Shark
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    Basford Parkway

    Sorry for the lack of updates chaps... not had much time nor money meaning the layout's been a sitting duck for the past few months. However, had some family relatives around today, one of which has always wanted to have a play with a train set, so I decided to lay some track down and create a basic single-track loop with some sidings for him to run some stock. Nothing worth taking a photograph of really, but I did snap up this one of the three trains that were found in the sidings before I got out a few more bits and bobs. With Christmas quickly approaching, the purchase of the necessary parts for the track bed will be bought and hopefully I'll have space to start laying some track. Saying that, I am going for code 75 rails on the scenic area meaning I need to buy a whole load of track... It'll be worth it afterwards!