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    The Grassmaster has received a new battery and some rather nice 10mm mixed grass. It will need detailing with dead grass at the road edges and the occasional tall weed would not come amiss. The revenge of the Grassmaster
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    Two Sister's Farm

    Hi Broadoak Now you just have to do a small extension so we can see just how you get such good results . Wake the bloke on the wagon if he has time to sleep he has time to tidy up all the junk. So the mechanics can see what they have to play with to make the new thingamabob the railway or the farm needs regards John
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    Willin Ford

    The fiction is the 08 was due to be withdrawn as it was only fitted with vacuum brakes. The local quarry purchased it and it is now no 80 but it is not lettered with the name of its owners on its bodywork. It shunts incognito as it were. Three views show her working in the yard at Willin Ford shunting wooden opens from the quarry. So there is my collection of motive power enabling me to run trains from just after the second war up to the run down in the 1980’s. Peter M
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    Benson Arkansas

    Rock Island GP18 #1350 is seen trundling round the yard at Benson wearing the livery she was delivered in from the makers at EMD. A Great Northern EMD GP30 #3016 still wearing a coat of Omaha orange and Pullman green, and looking very pretty to my eye arrives at Benson with a small train. I know the GP30 shape is not attractive to all but I rather like their Humpty Dumpty appearance. On March 2 1970 GN became part of the Burlington Northern the result of a merger with Burlington, Northern Pacific, and Spokane, Portland and Seattle. Many locomotives still carried the old livery until they went into the shops later and emerged wearing a coat of Cascade green and black. #3016 spots the empty pulpwood flats in the loop and uncouples the GM&O covered hopper which it propels to the Farmers Co-op elevator in the east yard. It removes an empty Cotton Belt hopper and waits in the yard for the yard goat an GN SW7 #145 to pick up the empty flats and propel them to the pulpwood loading track. While the flats are being loaded the GP30 runs to the west yard and collects an empty Burlington covered hopper from the Continental Grain Elevator.
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    First 'proper' exhibition at Cambridge on 06.04: All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 Car 45 in earlier JCDecaux advertising wrap. Car 56 in Hong Kong Tramways Centennial Wrap. Car 60 in plain white primer, the actual Car 60 ran like this in late 1989 before receiving an advertising wrap. Car 84 in Hong Kong Tramways standard British Racing Green. Car 106 in later JCDecaux advertising wrap. Works Car 400. Eastbound shelter with Toyota Crown taxi and Citybus Volvo Olympian bus (UK built). Westbound Shelter with Sheung Wan Junction behind and Kowloon Motor Bus Daimler (Leyland) Fleetline bus.
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    Loco building - old skool This is lost in this box-opening world but some modellers still build stuff. This is how it looked when it arrived and this is where it is going except it will be BR 30548 Or rather where it should go except it needs a fair amount of re-working. A new chassis and tender (the latter is a Bachmann N Class), the etched chassis is from SEF and a High Level motordrive It will need to be stripped and dipped and upgraded It should be ready in a few months.... Due to the loss of Mashima Motors, a new motor was sourced from CCT in Cornwall. Beaminster Road
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    A couple of years ago, I 'discovered' the pleasure of laser-cut card buildings with really well designed kits from Stangel and Josswood but these were German outline, now I am modelling the Southern Region in the West of England. Petite Properties have a good reputation for really nice laser-cut kits in MDF, they are very accurately cut and robust, I bought a couple. This is the start of Washtub Cottage, rather typical of a small rural dwelling in West Dorset. The outer finish is Stangel Acrylmasse, two coats were needed, the window sills are painted in white artist's acrylic and the natural wood colour is Rowney diluted Sepia Dye. The roof of the main building and porch is Redutex 076PC121 weathered tiles The homemade ridge tiles will be folded and textured card but at the moment I am making some rainwater drainage from bits of brass. After that, it will need considerable amounts of weathering.
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    Sunday morning chores in the workshop - clean up time. I used to own this, a U class made from bits of from DJH+South East Finecast+Hornby, it was sold in 2013, when Bill Jones passed away and I lost all interest in railways. Unfortunately, the DJH kit of the U and U1 class have been long out of production, prices have risen and even an incomplete kit recently sold for £160. When a completed U1 popped up on eBay described as a U, interest was aroused despite the SR livery and uncertain provenance however it had been built for Alton Model Centre and they have a good reputation. and the 'hallmark' of quality It is uncertain whether it can be converted into the more common U class however two U1s were loaned to the SR's Western Division to replace the T9s but were not liked, maybe it can represent one of these unwanted locos. More photos when it arrives.....
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    Hi, Just over a week ago, work began on the station area, it required a certain amount of excavating the existing scenery and rather than installing the track to pre-cut platforms and I had to adapt the platform shape to the existing trackplan. The first problem was the down platform, a business card placed against the sleeper edge provided a uniform distance, a flexible piece of wood and a marker pen created a black line which was followed with the circular saw in the Proxxon drill, finally an old bread knife broke the glue under the foam. Thinking about how to do the task took several cups of tea but about five minutes to accomplish. The all important clearance on curves is simply fixed by a small 10mm wooden block against the sleeper edge and fixed in place with a dressmaker's pin. Repeat this every 55mm along the intended length of the platform, a bead of PVA and install the balsa stripwood platform wall. The balsa was held is place by rows of ordinary dressmakers pins and the combined weight of some handtools. Four balsa platform walls and cross members support the tops The platforms tops are 2mm ply, all cosmetic platform facings will be Wills. Total cost was about £12 of 12mm balsa stripwood and 2mm ply. The reduced height and width helps to disguise the extremely short platforms, just three coach + van long. The square end of the platforms is due to the siding, steps will be added for railway personnel - see the image of Hayling Island. Passengers will cross the track by a barrow crossing (not yet installed) at the opposite end of the platforms, access will be supervised by the signal box and a warning bell.
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    DRS 37423 on MRA wagon work...
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    Banks road is having "motorway" bridge getting built over the freight yard This wil be "big" building job...
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    Last night ive added few more flowers to the railway cutting embankment Pleased how its turned out...
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    Another "new" arrival , after waiting months and months for chap on here to paint me Colas 37,and stil nothing from him. I asked frend on Rmweb to make me this "beast" for me,which only took one month to do... COLAS 37421...
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    Here is another finished project,I'll be adding "biffo" sound to this soon. DRS 37423 Spirit of the lakes...
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    Few "new" loco updates so far... Here is my project 37401,on banks road TMD.
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    Bit of small update... Ive been making some scratch built ground frames for the TMD and station siding points... now freshley painted...
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    Been adding more depot safety signs ... Wil be having full EWS running night this week!! so all my EWS 37s wil be out for this...
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    "Big update" 1: Ive ripped all the electrics out of banks road,ready for new wiring to go in... 2: Full Dynamis pro system added... 3: X3 new members to Banks road Team... 4: New passing Loop,and sidings added... 5:Track down on the branch,along with new station. Scenery is the best ive done so far!! im well pleased...
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    Ive also made start on the "scrapyard" scrap holding area...
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    Few more photos of 56105...
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    Just up the line fro the station,by the TMD. Ive fitted in electric substation ;) just need Keith to make another pylon now... Im also planning to fit WW2 pilbox into the sides of the railway cutting...
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    Yer also rubbish on the trackside,signs,old bikes,road cones ect... ;)
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    Got more scenery done this evening at the club so few more photos now... more to follow..
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    British Oak in an APA Box

    I said yesterday that today's plan was to work on the lighting and paint the frontage. As good as my word that was what I did. In the end I opted for a light grey to paint the display rather than a black which I thought would be too overpowering. For the photo I also knocked up a quick nameplate on my computer. It looks OK. The lighting is not so good in the basement where I work usually so please excuse the darker lighting but it does show how effective the IKEA "KOMPLEMENT" lighting strip is at lighting the scene. A sneak peek behind the pelmet shows the KOMPLEMENT strip fixed in place as per the fitting instructions. Though I did use some slightly longer (3/4") fixing screws instead of the 1/4" screws supplied. If I'm being hyper-critical the lighting strip needs to be angled a bit because there is a slightly darker strip at the very front of the layout. But that will be less noticeable in the exhibition hall, I expect. A few more bits and pieces and I'll have a very presentable layout for Saturdays show.
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    The build has started!!!! banks road station,wil have road bridge and station carpark... Im going to have another railway cutting made out of scrap bits of cork... More to follow shortly... ;)
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    Big update!! ive spent few hourson banks road electrics!! and were now up n running again So heres few new update pictures starting with my project 37350,and my EWS 37667 on ballast workings... 37350 at TMD having inspection...
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    Had my new Hornby EWS class 56059 on test this evening on banks road!! pulled well.
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    Here is my DCC sound fitted EWS class 60029 ;) on test at banks road...
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    Had EWS "Tug" 60029 arrive on Banks road this evening to collect some (TEA) black tankers... This is only the second 60 to arrive on this line...
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    Fiddle yard diesel line up.... :) 37s and one lonely 31...
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    37107 and 37514 at stop signal,banks railway cutting...
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    Started adding lighting on banks road....
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    Few new "bits" added to banks road this evening ;) Two new Dapol old type signals in the railway cutting...
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    Few "new" scenery pictures,starting the railway cutting bridge...
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    Just finished off detailing the "Level crossing and signal box" on Banks road.using cable trunking,and Wills kits relay cabnets,next to the box.next plan is to get DCC level crossing lights fitted... Here are few pictures so far..... :)
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    And the fleet 97s on visit to banks depot... :)
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    Banks road station sidings...
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    Picture update!! had good running session at the club on friday night,with my new loco line 37 sound....
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    Had mixs of DRS locos on banks road depot...
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    Had few of my subsector locos down at the club,on banks road...
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    Member Keith,was testing out these new pylons tonight....
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    Part Deux.............................. Enjoy... D421
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    Here's an assortment of pics taken last year with various stock...
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    Organic trees, whatever next? Using some of the techniques in Gordon Gravett's book but mostly adapted from other sources, this tree is based on organic materials rather than a wire frame. It stands about 20cms and looks just like the trees alongside the line at Wayford.
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    It is very difficult to describe this magnificent locomotive, it is the very antithesis of elegance, it is sheer power without even moving and Hornby have captured it to perfection. This will haul the daily ballast train through Beaminster Road. Tim
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    Southern National Bedford OB parked outside the station, awaiting passengers for Beaminster Broadwindsor and Bridport. A Thames Trader, new in 1960, bought by Eldridge Pope of Dorchester. The much-loved brewery was closed in 2003 due to financial mismanagement and the loss was keenly felt in Dorchester, which had lived in the shade of its towering chimney stack for over 100 years. Tim
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    Real farmers Whilst we might think that we 'know' what our surroundings look like, how good are we at remembering the past? This image shows a dairy during a tanker driver's strike in '63, please note that the farmers did not drive enormous 4x4's, indeed not a Land Rover in sight. However in these pre-CAP days the farmers seemed to favour cheap vehicles such as the Ford 100E Squire estate and Austin A50 pickups. Thank goodness for the Classix range of 50's cars. Tim
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    Richard, The Provender store is an RTP from Scenecraft, the trick is to blob some paint on each leg and very carefully place it. Then, using the paint marks, drill shallow 8mm holes in the ground to depth of about 3mm so that the building is 'planted' in the ground surface. The grass is merely puffed around the edge of the building's footprint which is painted dark earth -B&Q emulsion Hanna. The greenhouse looked too 'up market' for the goods yard's veg plot, so here is the lovely 'tatty' shed and it does need bedding-in. Tim
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    June 2012 October 2012 A bit of a difference? Tim