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    Marks test track

    Hi all! This is my test track build. Seen as SMS don’t have the baseboard in I want. I thought why not build your own test track which I started today. The test track is made of dressed pine and measures 900mm x 90mm. Tomorrow I will give it a good sanding to get rid of any sharp edges. The track I am using is Peco code 100 track with a Hornby R8206 power track. A photo of my test track board before it’s sanded tomorrow.
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    I have two of them. They fit in well imho with the two or three coaches or wagons being run. 😊
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    Young Jimmy Marston is 'spinning the job out'. He has been trying to fix the wheel for over a year now. -------------------------------------- Bathed in the afternoon sunshine Class 27 27037 with the second leg of the northbound oil train entering Sovereign Street. At Roseville level crossing Looking through the railings - A child's view.
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    Nice pictures I do like the little Terrier loco.
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    Hi NorthBrit great shot of the guys working on the truck as the oil freight goes by.😉
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    Scenes at Roseville Station. Kirkstall & East Seacroft passenger train arriving at Roseville Station. Leeds, Scarcroft & Wetherby Railway passenger train Departing for Leeds
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    Staffs Rail General Photos

    Excellent photographs StaffsRail. Thanks for showing.
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    Class 47 47593 Galloway Princess with a northbound oil train. New tree (on the left) and bushes added. Young Jimmy Marston is still fixing the wheel. View from the control area.
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    Little Lockdown Jobs

    Thanks Mark, This is what the 3D print looks like when arrived from Luxembourg:
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    My 80M Remote Control Hong Kong Tram was successfully tested on my 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車' layout, although it only runs at one speed and in one direction, it passed!!!
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    Little Lockdown Jobs

    Little Lockdown Job no.? New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian Seaside Pier Tramway microlayout www.walmingtonpier.webs.com Made a start on another Shapeways/Westgate Models Southend Pier 'Toastrack' Car.
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    Staffs Rail General Photos

    There were a coupe of these road-railers at Stone this morning plus some trailers.