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    Update 25/01/2020: Ground cover now flush with rail level due to two layers of thick card and track inserts added. Layout mocked up with Bachmann Scenecraft offices and trial fit of Hornby Railways R071 Footbridge - I’m surprised that no model manufacturer does a modern footbridge. Then a test run with two trams
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    That's this year's modelling done!

    My modelling achievements (?) if you can call them that for 2019 were: 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車' Layout completed, exhibited seven times and it suffered badly, dismantled, replacement has commenced. 'New Walmington Pier' Now 18 years old, revamped, exhibited five times, has a very busy 2020 ahead with nine shows, the layout is strong enough to take it. 'OTPD - On Track Plant Depot' Acquired all rolling stock, structures and track. Baseboard to be ordered in 2020 and work starts. Exhibitions attended: Stowmarket Mini Exhibition, Cambridge, Beamish Museum, Watford, National Piers Society Clacton, Blackpool, Braintree, Hoddesdon, Haverhill, Milton Keynes, and Aylsham. Both layouts are now out of the garage and stored in the house over Christmas. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
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    Pembroke Haven

    The first item specifically bought for the new layout is this Hornby Murco tanker.
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 21/08/2019: Well in traditional fashion, I've been very quiet both on the forums and in the hobby. The good news I'm not far off starting designing and building my new loft layout which will sit in the roofspace above my house which I bought in September last year. Depending on the height I build it at, I could get as much as 18x14ft or there abouts. I'll see how things pan out.... In the meantime, I've been building up the stock for the layout and the new additions so far this year sit at: 43048 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT 43055 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT 43285 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars 43321 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars 143607 Arriva Trains Wales (RealTrack) - Legomanbiffo sound fitted, along with pro repaint into newer ATW livery. Requires transfers to be purchased and unit reassembled 153368 Great Western Railway (Hornby) 373005/06 Eurostar (Kato - N gauge) - One of them random 'because I want to' purchases during a sale at Hattons 6x East Midlands Mk3s (Hornby) - Full rake to be obtained. A TSO requires a repaint job on one side owing to previous owner's actions 3x Network Rail RHTT FEA-Fs (Hattons) 5x ScotRail Saltire Mk2Fs (Hornby) Cheers
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    Replacing 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車' Hong Kong Tramways micro layout OO scale 738mm x 207mm www.hongkongtramlayout.webs.com Latest progress: 23/02/20: A strip of Busch road surface added.between the tracks to tidy things up. End-scenes selected, printed, mounted and trimmed. Mocked with my Bachmann low-relief offices and flanked by two Hornby R071 Footbridges. Got first exhibition booking in February 2021 - 'PANIC'!!!!!
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    New Walmington Pier - 2020

    It looks like the people on the pier are enjoying it too. lol. David
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    A Christmas Present -- At the level crossing.
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    Railway at Beamish Museum.

    Glad you like the photos, Mark. It was a great day out.
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    Thanks again, Mark. Much appreciated. When I was 16 years of age (many moons ago) a work colleague let me read his copy of Model Railway Constructor. One of the articles was on Class 52s (as they are now) I was smitten. I have twelve models of them. Here is D1003 Western Pioneer in the shed, with others of my fleet of locomotives. David
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    buz rail workshops

    Hi all Well we are nearing the end of this one the roof is all done so structural work done Just needs barge boards, station name boards and the roof painted then it can be mounted on the platform. Oh! and a caboose smoke stack regards John
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    On the layout I try to incorporate things not normally seen on model railways. Marston's Scrap Yard
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    British Railways in 1948

    I have recently purchased the six copies of The Railway Magazine which were issued in 1948. The first of these coincides with the formation of British Railways, and the January/February 1948 issue of the magazine highlights for the readers a little of the history of railways in Britain which led up to that momentous occasion. The linked article below builds on the article in The Railway Magazine. http://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/12/09/british-railways-1948
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    Last photos of Edinburgh Trams at York Place terminus before I head for an overnight stop in Lichfield before home on Saturday 28/12.
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    China clay diorama

    Hi I hope all have had a nice Christmas. Some work progressed on my little diorama just before Christmas, hopefully I can concentrate on adding more items. A picture of my progress.
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    Jack's modern image fleet

    Hi Jack this is a great thread, you have an interesting variety of locomotives. I hope your loft layout build goes to plan and it will be nice to see some pictures of your build progress.
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    Been busy making my own road work or site barriers...
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    New Walmington Pier in 2019

    New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian seaside pier tramway microlayout. The area of beach between the shore end of the pier and the pier workshop has been secured by 'The Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company' for the future installation of a hydraulic lift linking the promenade and beach. Who said that a 20 years old layout is finished? If Gordon Bulmer's 'Ravenscar Pier' can have a funicular, then my 'New Walmington Pier' can have a promenade lift!
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    Chris' workbench

    The past week has seen me get a bit of time, here and there, on the Sentinel. Its coming along pretty well, and is now resplendant in the maroon/crimson of the Living Ironstone Museum’s very own Sentinel fleet. This is destined to become Betty, therefore I’ve acquired the transfers from Railtec (stunning service, satisfied customer etc) and need to place the order for nameplates with Narrow Planet. Currently I’m undecided on the glazing. It’s a bit ‘bottom of a beer glass’ using the Hornby inserts, but am unsure whether I want to splash out of the Shaw plan lazer glaze. There is a few bits that require tweaking – and I’m dreading adding the yellow on the front and back grills – but I’m pleased with how it’s come along so far.
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    All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 OO (1:76) scale Hong Kong Tramways themed microlayout. Where service disruptions cause trams to traverse an emergency crossover serving alighting and boarding shelters. All ready for Totally Models Blackpool on 22 & 23 June and Braintree exhibition on 29 June. Entire view of layout. Static Safety Training Car 888 has been removed to give a clear view for photography. One taxi, two buses and three trams all in three feet length!! Bit more 'concreting' in the crossover area (actually more plastic track infills) A bit of subtle humour - Birkenhead 69 (built in Hong Kong) returns home!!!
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    Wow, not seen this in quite a while. Excellent work. How beautiful is the Arriva livery too!
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    Willin Ford

    The fiction is the 08 was due to be withdrawn as it was only fitted with vacuum brakes. The local quarry purchased it and it is now no 80 but it is not lettered with the name of its owners on its bodywork. It shunts incognito as it were. Three views show her working in the yard at Willin Ford shunting wooden opens from the quarry. So there is my collection of motive power enabling me to run trains from just after the second war up to the run down in the 1980’s. Peter M
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    A 67 passes the signal box on the way into the station.
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    Still a great looking layout Neil.
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    Time for few new updates!! its been while... starting off with some New DRS...
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    Few close pictures in the TMD with class 08 on the inspection bay...
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    Bob Hughes

    Hello from the East Midlands

    Hiya Jim. Good to see another relic from the steam era here among the youngsters, they need showing that there's more to trains than brightly coloured diesels! To the aforementioned youngsters - Take a look at Jim's modelling techniques. Even if the scale and era do not appeal you can learn a lot about how models can be made without resorting to expensive materials. There was a time, many years ago, when styrene sheet had not been invented but cardboard is still around... And cheap too, don't throw those cornflake packets away!
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    Ive added some "new" semaphores to "slaters junction" on Banks road... Im using both Dapol and Ratio LMS signals...
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    Wil post bit more later on... Im using pictures of motorway bridges,to get ideas for this build...
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    Got more scenery done last night getting low on PVA glue now though... Lots of pictures...
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    Embankment now starting to go in!! using builders foam,from B&Q. And lots n lots of PVA too Ripped out depot area... New branchline embankment... More to follow soon...
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    Few more photos of dutch 37240 at work...
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    Few mor photos of dutch 37s... 37201,37211,and 37240..
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    Few night shots of the depot... with lights inside the depot building...
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    Few more scenic photos...
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    Yer also rubbish on the trackside,signs,old bikes,road cones ect... ;)
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    Banks road TMD was packed out with grey subsector 37s for its open day...
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    Ive now fitted (Howes) DCC sound into my BR blue Welsh Dragon class 108 Dmu... Had test run on banks road this evening...
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    Banks road had two 60s turn up for repairs... EWS 60048... EWS 60029...
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    DRS 37510 on (network rail) test workings at "banks" level crossing...
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    These two splithead code 37s,operating on behalf of EWS!! arrived this afternoon to collect few (TEA tankers) from the fiddle yard... 37111 Transrail. 37107 RFD...
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    Had "bit" of 90s freight evening!! lots of 37 action.... 37107 37406 37514 37905...
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    We also had visit from this impressive "loco" on banks depot.Stopped for "brake" inspection...
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    Here is close up on "banks road" pylons,so far. Finaly got the cabling fixed in place,between each pylon. We have three different types of pylons.... ;)
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    Just finished off detailing the "Level crossing and signal box" on Banks road.using cable trunking,and Wills kits relay cabnets,next to the box.next plan is to get DCC level crossing lights fitted... Here are few pictures so far..... :)
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    And the fleet 97s on visit to banks depot... :)
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    First scenery went down on the layout last year in October 2012,mostly round the fueling point...
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    Here's an assortment of pics taken last year with various stock...
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    Christmas has brought a Southern goods loco, albeit a foreigner, but still a Southern loco and a delightful model. The connection is the C-Class was the only steam loco that I remember on the Hayes branch that run past our home in West Wickham. The local service served the suburban community in and out of London, Charing Cross and was operated by 2-Bils whilst the local coal merchant received his supplies hauled by a C-Class. West Wickham is a leafy part of Bromley and provided happy memories of Mister Polly written by Bromley author HG Wells. Merry Christmas to everyone Tim
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    Real farmers Whilst we might think that we 'know' what our surroundings look like, how good are we at remembering the past? This image shows a dairy during a tanker driver's strike in '63, please note that the farmers did not drive enormous 4x4's, indeed not a Land Rover in sight. However in these pre-CAP days the farmers seemed to favour cheap vehicles such as the Ford 100E Squire estate and Austin A50 pickups. Thank goodness for the Classix range of 50's cars. Tim
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    This is the lock-up, the inspiration comes from Chandlers Ford on the Eastleigh-Romsey line. In turn, this was used by Martyn Welch to create Hursley. Does anyone remember the cameo of the old Ford parked alongside the lockup? As the layout is still being built, none of the building have been planted hence the gap at the base. The goods yard represents a typical yard in the 50's, the original surface had been laid in concrete during WW2 to cope with the increased military traffic at this once important logistic depot, however nature has begun to take over. Tim