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    Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

    Nice set of photos here Chris my frend,...
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    Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Another 37 beastie!!! ive just finished weathering up my latest 37517... Another 37 has arrived on my workbench this evening,wasnt happy with the standard Bachmann weathering, so ive wiped it off and done my own...
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    ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Managed some progress on 37057 today whilst watching Scotland v France in the 6 nations... Now all decal'd up, next up after the varnish dries is fit it out with windows, which will be the original for the time being, and to *possibly* steal the chassis from 37425 (which is out of traffic at the minute as it needs new decals) to get this one running. This will mean the need to wire my replacement LEDs. Onward...
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    Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

    Hi Chris Your next micro Can't be mine Kiso Forest Railway and Puffing Billy coaches don't quite match the theme they are 2'6" gauge for a start Regards John