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    Thanks for the warm welcome folks! ;). Once I have done some clear images of my modelling tweaks. I will share my ideas and hopefully post a couple of tutorials here to help others tweak their models for a bit of realism ;). I appreciate all the positive feedback on my YouTube channel and I am pleased that my videos are helpful for those that are deciding if to purchase a certain railway item as although my reviews are unofficial. I tend to keep them truthful and unbiased :). I have a great sense of humour overall (I know I may sound serious on my videos) and Jack, you are welcome to use my introductions mate :). I hope the moderators and admin won't mind me asking a question regarding posting YouTube videos. Is there an embed function that allows YouTube videos to be embedded into the topics when the url is pasted into the topic post similar to how the smilies are displayed? Best Regards Ash.
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    Aigh. *face in hands*
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    CazRail: Workbench

    So my loco fleet seems to be having mixed fortunes at the moment... Class 37 fleet performing faultless, well, apart from 37411 'Castell Caerffili/Caerphilly Castle' (ViTrains) which is my oldest Vi loco. She needs a wheel clean, and some minor repairs on one of her bogie frames, which slips down from time to time and causes problems. With her being put back in her box for now, this meant there was room for 37405 on the layout. My Hornby class 60s are not so good, both suffering from coupling issues. 60026 (EW&S) has been repaired, and Im currently testing her, whilst 60040 (DB Schenker / Territorial Army) I have given up with for now. They have both been suffering from 'sticking' couplers, which have the annoying tendancy to drag off the front vehicle of a rake. I will report on their repairs soon :) Regards, Caz...
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    Two disused stations in Suffolk

    Hi Team, Visited Clare Castle Country Park today and on my way I passed Cockfield Station: Cockfield Station on the Bury St. Edmunds - Sudbury line, closed 19/04/1965 and used for solid fuel storage. I met the site's owner who aslo showed me the site of the signal box, but it was just too hot to photograph it today! Then onto Clare Castle Country Park of which Clare Station, formerly on the Sudbury-Haverhill line, closed 06/03/1967, forms the centrepiece: The Station House was the Park Rangers house, but local authority cutbacks have taken their toll and the building and shelter are now boarded up. A short walk east to the bridge over the trackbed still with the white background for a signal. West of the station below the castle ruins is the Goods Shed, now used as the Visitors Centre and is home to a BR 12ton van that occasionally sees daylight! Enjoy!
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    37107 and 37514 at stop signal,banks railway cutting...
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    37107 and 37406 RFD pulling cargowagons out of banks fiddle yard!!
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    Hello From Lincolnshire.

    hi ash welcome to the forum i am a newbee myself your find a great bunch on here
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    Bob Hughes

    MRL Modular Idea

    A modular layout should be flexible. The modules should all be capable of joining to any other module, if one or more are not present the layout is smaller but can still function, the fiddleyard should be capable of being set up so that its length matches that of the scenic sections. For instance if the layout has six scenic sections along the front you have two fiddleyard boards with the points on at each end and four intermediate boards between them. If there are ten scenic sections the fiddleyard has the two outer boards and eight intermediate boards. The fiddleyard boards need to be the same length, individually, as the scenic boards so that the front and back of the layout match. What is not optional is getting the 180 degree bends at each end. These have to be present in full every time the layout is set up as a roundy roundy. To use the same layout as an end to end would be easy though. Just use half the fiddleyard sections at each end of the layout instead of putting them behind. Your train lengths will be governed by the fiddleyards and variable depending upon the size and formation of the layout.
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    Bob Hughes

    MRL Modular Idea

    Too small and you have too many baseboard joins as well as the obvious restriction of what can be fitted on each board. Too large and it becomes transportable, instead of portable. Happy medium? Again based on experience I'd say 42in x 18in (3.5ft by 1.5ft). Alternatively, for you youngsters that don't do old money, that's 106.68cm x 45.72 but if you're going to go metric it might be easier with 110 x 45 as whole numbers, in which case don't mix metric and imperial because they won't match! Why 42 x 18? Because it will fit on the back seat of the average car. Legs, 2x2 (or similar metric measure) timber. Cut to the right length, join in pairs using plywood sheet for stability. Attach to the underside of the layout with more G clamps for adjustability. A good pair of G clamps will set you back about 6 to 8 quid. The timber and plywood can be obtained fairly cheaply as off-cuts from B&Q etc. Still an outlay, but cheaper than trestles. When you've decided on your baseboard size you'll then need to agree on a height. This is purely a matter of preference, everbody has their own idea of what's too low and what's too high, so you'll have to come to a happy medium between you.
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    The log train

    The 6C37 running 162 late due to a loco failure seen snaking across the WCML onto the Manchester line with the Chirk - Carlisle via Shrewsbury, Stafford and Manchester on Sunday at the Crewe Heritage Centre. 57087 56105 by Javelin395, on Flickr
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    This looks fantastic :) You can't be too far from me? I drive and Wirrals around 40 mins from me ! Keep up the good work guys :)
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    CazRail: Workbench

    Haven't updated here in a while... All of my loco fleet is serviceable, with only a shortage of decoders requiring abit of a shake-up when I want to run something I rarely use. You will have seen my latest project involving Mk3 coach, a DVT and a load of yellow Halfords Car Paints. That project has concluded, for more on it, visit the thread! So, currently, my workbench is a rather empty area, with only one project on hand, but is a substantial one... Using a Hornby RailRoad class 06, I am creating a model of the Dolgarrog Railway Society's 0-4-0DM shunter 'Taurus'. I will soon create a separate thread on this topic, as I think its worth a read! So whats next? ...well, each loco will gradually visit 'the works' in the next few weeks to have front end detailing fitted to one end only. Not all locos will receive this treatment, likely only to be Hornby and Bachmann locos. The only loco treated so far is DB Schenker 67018, and of course my NR DVT as it comes detailed by default. For more info, keep your eyes here!