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    The Grassmaster has received a new battery and some rather nice 10mm mixed grass. It will need detailing with dead grass at the road edges and the occasional tall weed would not come amiss. The revenge of the Grassmaster
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    Hi, Dry walls in Dorset - picture and comment
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    An MPV on vegetation control duties arrives in to change ends.
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    This link may explain a bit more.... The Petite Properties kit is fairly basic but it is robust, all the pieces fit and every example is utterly unique. Some folk do some amazing things with a covering of air drying clay which they scribe to look like rough stone. My favourite method is a render coat of cheapo ready-mixed decorator's filler, spread it on like butter, let it dry for 24hrs and sand it until smooth, then apply a thin wash of water colour. The picture below is not my work, it is a bit too rough but you get the idea of what you can achieve...
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    Hi, The transition from a double to single track layout can be found here:- https://timhalesblog.blogspot.com/2018/12/scenery-upgrade-1.html For the next couple of months, the only work on the layout will be scenery and re-testing, though a break is being taken during Christmas to run some trains. However, in the meantime, a picture of a slightly weathered BLP and a mucky N15 ToodlePip Tim
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    The rebuilding continues. Ignore the 'unfinished' appearance, this is definitely a 'work in progress' moment. The ground colour is Chocolate Torte from B&Q, it isn't too chocolate and actually resembles the local colour scheme in West Dorset of mud and grass. The SM's house and garden are just placed to give some idea of colour and proportions, it looks pretty sparse because that is the intention. Tim Hale
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    Bob Hughes

    Hello from the East Midlands

    Hiya Jim. Good to see another relic from the steam era here among the youngsters, they need showing that there's more to trains than brightly coloured diesels! To the aforementioned youngsters - Take a look at Jim's modelling techniques. Even if the scale and era do not appeal you can learn a lot about how models can be made without resorting to expensive materials. There was a time, many years ago, when styrene sheet had not been invented but cardboard is still around... And cheap too, don't throw those cornflake packets away!
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    Few rusty rail done this evening...
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    Ive started adding oily black track grime in and around the station on banks road, using air brush... next stage wil be adding rust to the rails....
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    Ive added some "new" semaphores to "slaters junction" on Banks road... Im using both Dapol and Ratio LMS signals...
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    Here is the "new" pylon...
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    Realy coming along treat now this "bridge".... Ive made my 1st "scratch built" speed camera....
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    Bit more done on the sign gantry... Signs fitted and cctv pole...
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    Had our "big" Network rail cranes out tonight to move Br blue HST...
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    Few more photos of the "Tamper" on the move...
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    Banks road TMD had EWS visitor today... EWS "37521" arrived to have one of its bogie wheel sets replaced at the depot...
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    Few more pictures... Single "branchline"..... With an old rusty gantry and dis-used water tower...
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    This morning Network rail plant machine arrived with track gang on Banks TMD... These chaps must be on time n half £££...
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    Had three of "banks road" members working on this tonight More,plastic pipes,wood and super glue
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    DRS 37423 hard at work pulling heavy auto ballasters...
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    Drs 20904 on test train along the "branch"
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    Colas rail freight arrives for inspection on banks TMD this evening...
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    Embankment now starting to go in!! using builders foam,from B&Q. And lots n lots of PVA too Ripped out depot area... New branchline embankment... More to follow soon...
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    Ive turned the old DMU sidings now into breakers yard for scrap locos... Here is my first "plant machine" 1.87 scale...
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    Few more "night" shots of depot...
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    Few night shots of the depot... with lights inside the depot building...
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    Few more pictures!! i spent another "7" hours at the club this evening modeling...
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    British Oak in an APA Box

    One week to the Granite City Train Show. There hadn't been much progress over the past few weeks. The Winter Road Rally season had been in full swing and the wife and I had been competing and organizing around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Highlight of which had been sliding into a snow bank on a forest track that when I got out to push turned out be a three food deep ditch full of snow! But I digress... Today I was lucky enough to be able to devote the whole day to working on the layout. The important thing was to wire up the fiddle yard and get the layout running. Which was achieved without too much difficulty. Then, as per usual I got carried away creating a whole boxed up self contained system. This first picture shows the boxed up state. The fiddle yard tray sits ontop of the roof which when inverted and placed at the end of the layout forms the base of the fiddle yard. The lid comes off, the front protection door unscrews, opens and then screws to the fiddle yard base. An operation that only takes a couple of moments. then you wire up the layout pop some stock on the track and away you go. Total time setting up the layout? Five minutes maybe. LED lighting will be added and the bare wood will get a coat of paint tomorrow
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    New update on the bridge area.... ;) Ive now started to use "woodland scenics" on the road bridge embankments... few photos...
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    Peak Forest Revived

    Hi Jamie, One of the many similar to this I suspect:-
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    British Oak in an APA Box

    Oh, all right Bob. Subtle hint taken. Some pictures of the (now) Minnesota Iron Range Iron Ore loading point... In the first two pics a DMIR SD45-T (Athearn) shoves a quad set of ore "jennies" (also Athearn) into the receiving siding. This is where the Bachmann GE 45 tonner takes over and shoves the cars over to the loading points to be filled. A Baldwin S-12 switcher would also be a good choice for this duty as they were owned by the Oliver and Erie Mining concerns on the Iron Range.
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    Few more photos of 37350 on the sigle branch last night!! it was very over grown now for the 37...
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    37350 now arrives on Banks road station sidings,waits here for around 20 mins. Then heads light engine up towards the freight yard area...
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    Ive now fitted (Howes) DCC sound into my BR blue Welsh Dragon class 108 Dmu... Had test run on banks road this evening...
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    EWS 37411 on Auto-ballast workings,leaving the depot area and heading towards the fiddle yard...
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    DRS 37510 on (network rail) test workings at "banks" level crossing...
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    Later on we had visit with two freightliner 66s both with DCC sound... lots of ying ying!!
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    This pylon is the main one which goes down into transform/substation
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    Here is close up on "banks road" pylons,so far. Finaly got the cabling fixed in place,between each pylon. We have three different types of pylons.... ;)
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    Class 97301 waiting for clear road into "banks" depot...
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    Few more pictures
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    Keith brought the "pylons" down to the club,with the new cables attached
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    Keith also builds these yard light towers from scratch!!! he charges £35 for two light towers :) So ive bought few for my home layout....
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    Here are the pictures of the railway cutting with scenery,using woodland scenics,and static grass machine... :)
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    Glad to see it's not Farmer "Get orff moy laand" Palmer. ;) PS - For the benefit of younger readers - The old Landies were (and still are) far too basic be to seen as fashion statements, no essentials like heaters, radio, roof, etc. Lord and Lady Snooty waited until the Range Rover showed up before they could drive off road (ie Tesco Car Park) and it was quite a while before the rest of the Tonka Toys, aka Chelsea Tractors, appeared on the scene.
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    Farmer Giles has just driven to the yard to collect some seed, please note that in the 60's only the emergency services and armed forces were the 'other' users of the Land Rover - it was another twenty years before it became a fashion statement. Their robust quality is legendary, over 75% of Land Rover produced are still on the road - try finding a Mk2 Cortina. Tim
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    Although not strictly a yard office, this building is an exLSWR structure, the old crossing hut at Axminster Gates on the Yeovil-Exeter line. It has not been 'bedded-in' but placed at the exit to the goods yard. Tim
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    The layout is just 4,8m x 3,0m but the track plan is very simple whilst the majority of track is in the fiddleyard: It took three wasted years to get where I was in June but the Diamond Jubilee break was four days of hard work and I already had the station buildings etc. Since June I have worked almost every evening and weekend to create the scenery, the grass will be detailed, fences, hedges built but the most important feature will be the trees. For this I plan to use a mixture of RTP and handbuilt, with a signature 25cm tree standing alone in the field behind the pillbox. Tim BTW doesn't anyone use the 'likes'?
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    As promised, here is the Buddleia in the corner of the station forecourt. Tim
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    For the past couple of evenings, I have been creating another vegetable plot for the layout, this time adjacent to the goods yard. Rather than use 'proper' fences, I remembered that the railway didn't pay their employees a good wage and they would use whatever was handy - in this case corrugated sheets as fencing. Here the sheets are being held whilst the glue sets, more to come when the glue sets. Almost finished, a water butt and other gardening paraphernalia are needed. Tim