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    The biggest change is about to happen to my New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian Seaside Pier Tramway microlayout - It really needs some backscene improvement, so I took a photo of Beer Cliffs when I was in Seaton in July and using the photo editor that come with Windows 10 (The only good thing about Windows 10), I flipped the image, slightly cropped it and plan to get a 3ft x 8ins print to create a backscene to give the layout some depth. The photos show the layout as it stands now, Beer Cliffs as nature intended, Beer Cliffs after I've mucked about with them, and a rough Photoshop done by a friend to show what I am aiming for!!!
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    Hi I’m Kevin and I live in the beautiful City of Durham. I have been modelling in OO gauge for a few years now and hope to participate in some of the forum discussions.
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    Update: No Trams, Just Scenics: Felt a bit unwell to visit a local exhibition, so back into garage and trimmed the new backscene, inserted holes for leads and speaker, and because there is a huge expanse of sand on the backscene which clashes with the sea effect under my pier I built a groyne using a palisade fencing kit to visually divide beach and sea. New backscene trimmed to fit Palisade Fence kit Palisade fences as groyne between beach and sea.
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    New Backscene in place and left to dry before trimming next Monday. John & Franco: The original Wright Flyer was built in 1903 and was the first in manned powered flight. The Wright bi-plane was further developed from the 1903 Flyer and produced in significant numbers and under licence in UK and Europe up to WW1, by which time both British and German military planes had advanced rapidly. I chose the Corgi Wright Flyer as it was more or less to scale, just right for the period of the layout, and depicted as 'A Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine' parodying the 1960s film. John: The Lift was added in March converted from a badly bodged second-hand model and rebuilt to represent a hydraulic lift (hence the tall accumulator tower), it gives the layout a bit of height.
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    Backscene returned from the printer. Awaiting trimming.
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    It's the little things...

    (Part 1)....... New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian Seaside Pier Tramway (www.newwalmingtonpier.com) This is the start of the autumn/winter layout overhaul before its 2020 exhibition season starts next February. Today I got rid of the God-awful Peco 009 buffer stops and replaced them with 3D printed track bumpers https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pack-of-10-x-009-narrow-gauge-post-type-buffers/323850036820?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Here's the before and after photos. The big job to come is repainting the white edging of the pier which involves removing several coats of the white paint and replacing the plastic railings with laser-cut ones. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Part 2)........ All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車 00 scale Hong Kong Tramways street scene (www.hongkongtramlayout.webs.com) The 80M Hong Kong made 'Tram Stop' transfers cracked and flaked once dried rendering them useless, I replaced them with a self-adhesive print of the card backing and cut them to fit. The other simple job was to add the crossover wire to my dummy overhead and both items make a difference!