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    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 21/08/2019: Well in traditional fashion, I've been very quiet both on the forums and in the hobby. The good news I'm not far off starting designing and building my new loft layout which will sit in the roofspace above my house which I bought in September last year. Depending on the height I build it at, I could get as much as 18x14ft or there abouts. I'll see how things pan out.... In the meantime, I've been building up the stock for the layout and the new additions so far this year sit at: 43048 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT 43055 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT 43285 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars 43321 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars 143607 Arriva Trains Wales (RealTrack) - Legomanbiffo sound fitted, along with pro repaint into newer ATW livery. Requires transfers to be purchased and unit reassembled 153368 Great Western Railway (Hornby) 373005/06 Eurostar (Kato - N gauge) - One of them random 'because I want to' purchases during a sale at Hattons 6x East Midlands Mk3s (Hornby) - Full rake to be obtained. A TSO requires a repaint job on one side owing to previous owner's actions 3x Network Rail RHTT FEA-Fs (Hattons) 5x ScotRail Saltire Mk2Fs (Hornby) Cheers
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    Chris' workbench

    Thanks class 66. So, here's an update on the Sentinel. It's painted and I've lined both sides higher up. The yellow ends weren't as bad as I thought, using a cocktail stick to place the paint on worked well. Still lots to do and the above is just plonked in place. It's getting there, though.
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    This is "37" fleet so far....

    Heres were im at with my Bachmann 37s was upto 100, but sold 50 off since last year. money used to fit sound in these....
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    New layout

    Haven't been on for a while as i have been revamping my layout. Some photos of pahse 1 completed. TMD area
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    Been busy making my own road work or site barriers...
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    Yer im on both here,rmweb and fb groups with Banks road. plus youtube channel... many thanks neill. Thanks Steve my good frend.... Few new updates for you chaps, not been on here in ages!! banks road stil going strong here and other modelling groups... thanks neil...
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    Chris' workbench

    The past week has seen me get a bit of time, here and there, on the Sentinel. Its coming along pretty well, and is now resplendant in the maroon/crimson of the Living Ironstone Museum’s very own Sentinel fleet. This is destined to become Betty, therefore I’ve acquired the transfers from Railtec (stunning service, satisfied customer etc) and need to place the order for nameplates with Narrow Planet. Currently I’m undecided on the glazing. It’s a bit ‘bottom of a beer glass’ using the Hornby inserts, but am unsure whether I want to splash out of the Shaw plan lazer glaze. There is a few bits that require tweaking – and I’m dreading adding the yellow on the front and back grills – but I’m pleased with how it’s come along so far.
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    New layout

    Kevin you have a great layout which looks brilliant when in night scene mode.
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    Still a great looking layout Neil.
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    Just been catching up on this thread - I've just realised, I recognise this layout from a Facebook group we're both in! The Modern Image modelling one. Thought the extensive range of 37s looked familiar
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    Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Very nice. I do like the Mainline livery/logo.
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    Always nice to have top n tail "yellow 97s" visiting Banks road freight yard...
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    Parkside Dundas PC36 SR (Ex SECR) PMV. Even Planked Version. Plastic Kit. This is an older issue of the Kit, going by the packaging and instructions...C 1989... This kit makes up into the South Eastern & Chatham Railway type van, and includes optional parts to make a Southern Railway Built version (1930s, Even Planked type). The optional parts are the Chalk Boards, and side vents. The chalk boards may have been fitted to SECR vans, as the Bluebell Railway has one in SECR colours. (But this may not be fully authentic.) http://www.bluebellrailway.co.uk/bluebell/pics/153.html Southern Railway version... http://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk/bluebell/pics/mls2186.html Romford metal disk wheels (Coach, 14mm type) and brass beraings are supplied, as are mountings for a Tri-ang Type MKIII Tension Lock Coupling. Kit Packaging... Instructions The partially made up kit... The roof is not glued on yet... painting and glazing to do first! All the parts in the photos are supplied in the kit, except for the coupling hooks, which are whitemetal ones from out parts stock. Plastic hooks ARE provided though! I was wondering about the colour of the window bars. Some real ones seem to have galvanised bars. Of course, the RTR ones have white lines printed onto the glazing (see Hornby Dublo / Wrenn / Dapol models...). Parkside Dundas kit...Part 2... Couplings fitted. NEM Couplings Fitted...using Parkside Dundas NEM mountings (PA34) on plastic card spacers. The coupling pocket and hook are Hornby parts. (X.9289) I am working on fitting NEM pockets on most of the Ffrwd Locks Rolling Stock...I may later fit NEM Kadees... all options open!
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    Time for few new updates!! its been while... starting off with some New DRS...
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    Big update now... this is how banks road freight yard looks now... Tunnel complex has gone...
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    This is "37" fleet so far....

    the shanker is a bit bright... where's my sunglasses? ....runs...grabs hat and coat... LOL... I know I already said it elsewhere, but Merry Xmas and a Happy New You.
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    Few class 20s visited banks TMD on Friday evening...
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    Few close pictures in the TMD with class 08 on the inspection bay...