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    Tracklaying and adding under-board wiring connections.
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    Happy New Year!

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    That's this year's modelling done!

    My modelling achievements (?) if you can call them that for 2019 were: 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車' Layout completed, exhibited seven times and it suffered badly, dismantled, replacement has commenced. 'New Walmington Pier' Now 18 years old, revamped, exhibited five times, has a very busy 2020 ahead with nine shows, the layout is strong enough to take it. 'OTPD - On Track Plant Depot' Acquired all rolling stock, structures and track. Baseboard to be ordered in 2020 and work starts. Exhibitions attended: Stowmarket Mini Exhibition, Cambridge, Beamish Museum, Watford, National Piers Society Clacton, Blackpool, Braintree, Hoddesdon, Haverhill, Milton Keynes, and Aylsham. Both layouts are now out of the garage and stored in the house over Christmas. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We’re in Edinburgh for Christmas. Edinburgh Trams in Princes Street and York Place:
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    Chris' workbench

    Finally, an update on the Sentinel project! The repainting was done ages ago and so was the lining on the side panels. However, I couldn’t fashion any lining for the side of the bonnets – and there were none on the decal sheet I bought – so I have ummed and arred about what to do for a long time. Add in the fact I hadn’t put the windows back in, or attached the nameplates, and you can see the project was in limbo. Not any more. I bit the bullet and left the lining as it was, quickly added the nameplates and then wrestled the ‘bottom of the beer glass’ windows back in place. Therefore, it’s as finished as it will be for a now and I’m pretty pleased with it.
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    Lunchtime visit to Harburn Hobbies - only 250 yards from my hotel and bought these to complete my electrics for the new 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車'
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    Last photos of Edinburgh Trams at York Place terminus before I head for an overnight stop in Lichfield before home on Saturday 28/12.
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    Loading coal diorama

    Hi I hope all have had a nice Christmas. Some work progressed on my little diorama just before Christmas, hopefully I can concentrate on adding more items. A picture of my progress.
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    Looks like you have had some interesting reading Roger, it’s always great to read about the history of our particular railways.
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    New member

    Hi Kevin, Welcome to our forums. Nice to have you on board. I'm just down the road in York and often find myself passing through Durham with work. See you about, Jack