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  2. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 OO (1:76) scale Hong Kong Tramways themed microlayout. Where service disruptions cause trams to traverse an emergency crossover serving alighting and boarding shelters. All ready for Totally Models Blackpool on 22 & 23 June and Braintree exhibition on 29 June. Entire view of layout. Static Safety Training Car 888 has been removed to give a clear view for photography. One taxi, two buses and three trams all in three feet length!! Bit more 'concreting' in the crossover area (actually more plastic track infills) A bit of subtle humour - Birkenhead 69 (built in Hong Kong) returns home!!!
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  4. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    I recently dipped my toes into the transfer market and swapped my Hornby Sentinel, Clara, for an outside crank variety. I’ve long wanted to model Betty, based at Rocks by Rail, and when I was offered a straight swap I jumped at the chance. It was a Wabtec liveried beast but, no problem there. Once it arrived it was soon stripped and is currently sat in the state you see above: primed and ready for the crimson.
  5. This post covers the tramway from Ballinamore to Arigna and completes the full length of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway empire. I am working on one further post which will pull together a few different things relating to the C&L.
  6. Pleased you managed to get your layout sorted.
  7. Hi Kev, Back from Norwich with a Hornby R8206 connector track and it’s all sorted!!
  8. Dave I’m sure you will sort out the issue. I must admit I always use Hornby R8206 power track for my micro layouts and dioramas. I find they are so much easier than soldering.
  9. Who said this hobby was relaxing and therapeutic? Just about a week before packing to go to Blackpool and withdrew the Tow Truck as it is too delicate for exhibition use, then I've found a broken wiring connection, can't find soldering iron, nearest model shop to me is 15 miles away in Bury St Edmunds, nearest really good model shop to me is 35 miles away in Norwich who has come to the rescue with a Hornby power connector track (I swear by them for their robustness on the exhibition circuit). So off to Norwich tomorrow (14/6) and after the weekend, a day to sort everything out for the show.
  10. Dave another fine example of your modelling and layout skills. I really like your trams and the attention to detail is super.😉
  11. My OO scale Hong Kong Tramways microlayout 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' next two exhibitions are: 22 & 23 June - Totally Models, Blackpool Transport Services, Rigby Road, Blackpool FY1 5DD and 29 June - Braintree & Halstead MRC, Braintree Arts Theatre, 15 Bocking End, Braintree CM7 9AE Based upon a Hong Kong street scene where service disruptions cause trams to traverse an emergency crossover serving alighting and boarding shelters. See
  12. Hi I started work on my working goods yard diorama about three week ago. The diorama is being modelled in era 4. I plan to use my new Hornby Terrier BR early emblem loco. As you can see quite a lot of work has been completed but I still need to apply static grass to the scenic areas of the layout.
  13. Kev

    New layout

    Kevin you have a great layout which looks brilliant when in night scene mode.
  14. Nice work on the Hornby Terrier, I like the extra details you have added to the loco and I like the crew.😉
  15. Hi rogerfarnsworth I am a fan of N gauge railway modelling but my eyes are for the bigger gauges OO and O.
  16. Dave it’s really great to see that the pier layout is still bringing a lot of joy to everyone who has seen this great layout.😉
  17. Hi rogerfarnsworth I would argue "N is a scale for very big scenery and long trains in a reasonable space But also a scale for the younger modellers as you get older things start to go eye sight being one of them. As you reach the senior years OO and O scale become better options. I some times wonder if TT had it taken better than it did, would it have been the happy medium scale easy to work with but still small enough to get a reasonably large layout in a sensible space. regards John
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  19. This is a bid to claim that the best scale is 2mm and the best gauge is 'N'!! What is not to like in N gauge? I guess that some may disagree?
  20. At the National Piers Society AGM, Princes Theatre, Clacton on 08/06/19:
  21. The last length of the mainline of the Cavan & Leitrim railway is covered by this next post - the length form Ballyconnell to Belturbet.
  22. Thank You Kev. It's been over four months since Debbie died and I still miss her badly. It is our favourite layout and despite its simplicity it entertains at shows and still going strong after 18 years!!! It is out again on Saturday 8/6 at the National Piers Society AGM in Clacton.
  23. An independent standard-gauge line with no direct connection into the wider network. .... .... The first section of the line was completed in 1901, the full line finished in 1908. All of the track and rolling stock were requisitioned during the war and the railway closed in 1917. The materials never saw active service! .... .....
  24. Hi Dave this is a lovely little layout, great modelling throughout. Your late friend will be looking down with a big smile on her face.👍
  25. You might wonder as to what does the Bressingham fairground gallopers have in common with model railways? Well, my New Walmington Pier microlayout has a working carousel at the pier head and it would be nice to have some fairground organ music, so I downloaded a free 30 second track on my phone and will occasionally play it back behind the layout when out on exhibitions. Bressingham Steam Museum Gallopers built in 1897 by Frederick Savage & Co, King's Lynn, who built almost all of them. New Walmington Pier's German Carousel.
  26. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' Hong Kong Tramways microlayout (www.hongkongtramlayout.webs,com) Was wondering what to do with the front right of this microlayout as it had a static car there and nothing else. The static Safety Training Car 888 now has a towing mate in the form of an Asian Bus Models China Motor Bus Tow Truck.
  27. TimberSurf


    A day trip to Bala Lake (narrow gauge) Railway and complimentary Model Railway show yielded three things other than a great day out! I came back with a good haul of second hand wagons (mostly Mainline) to top up my block rakes and two video's! Bala Lake Railway ride and Bala Lake Railway Model Railway Show
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