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  2. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Lunch time its just about visible the panda is eating the bamboo. One more stem to do then it can go on the layout. regards John
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  4. Further decline in the urban tramway network in Nice occurred from the late 1920s into the 1930s. Buses became politically more acceptable than the trams. .... This post continues my reflections based on a translation of the work of Jose Banaudo from French into English. ....
  5. Very recently, I have been reading a book about the Bicester Military Railway which was published in 1992. It was published by the Oxford Publishing Company and is widely available to buy second-hand. It is worth a read. ....
  6. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well after much delay waiting for pandas with apologies for the lousy picture taken on a mobile phone The tedious job of the next stand of bamboo has started. I know Japan does not have pandas in the wild but I could not resist temptation. regards John
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  8. I have recently encountered two small books, both of which are facsimile editions of much older books. The first is a 19th century guide to the Forest of Dean for early holiday makers. The second provides a guide to the various coal mines in the Forest. ....
  9. That's my 2019 exhibition season over. Back in circulation from February 2020.
  10. The revamped New Walmington Pier was very well received.
  11. Hi Kevin, Welcome to our forums. Nice to have you on board. I'm just down the road in York and often find myself passing through Durham with work. See you about, Jack
  12. The layout has done seven shows up and down the country this year and it has suffered some damage Consequently it has been temporarily withdrawn from exhibitions pending repairs and possibly rebuilding.
  13. Broadlands MRC Exhibition, Jubilee Hall, Norwich Road, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6JG on Saturday 05/10. I will not be bringing my Hong Kong Tram Layout 'All Cars Stop Here' as 7 shows up and down the country this years has taken its toll on the layout which needs extensive repairs and possible rebuilding. Instead I will be exhibiting the newly revamped 'New Walmington Pier' Apologies for any disappointment caused.
  14. A bit of tidying up before it’s last show of the year on 5/10 at Aylsham, Norfolk The KMB Atlantean bus has now been substituted by a China Motor Bus 1926 Leyland Lion to provide a heritage cameo. The crossover has been secured ‘open’ to allow cars to cross and to save my back at exhibitions. With only two shows booked for 2020 the layout”s future in this form is questionable. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 Emergency Crossover now secured 'open' ABC Models (HK), 1926 China Motor Bus Company Leyland Lion HKT Car 45 I TramOramic Sightseeing Car 68 Works Car 400 HKT Car 106 HKT Car 56 HKT Car 84
  15. Today's update: Reduced height of new laser-cut post and rail fencing for the pier by a third as my figures are Preiser HO and the OO fencing would be too high, added 7 feet total length. Tested the Japanese? freight tram (origin unknown) before modifying it to a Works Car. Gave the Southend Pier Car a quick run and it works smoothly. Now ready for The Broadlands MRC exhibition at Aylsham, Norfolk on Saturday 5/10.
  16. Nice modelling Dave. The back scene looks fantastic and the fencing is just right. Thanks for sharing.
  17. BRman


    Hi I have progressed a bit further with my diorama. The trunking and relay boxes have been glued in place, the painting and weathering of these are completed and I am happy the way it looks. A picture of my work to date.
  18. Update: No Trams, Just Scenics: Felt a bit unwell to visit a local exhibition, so back into garage and trimmed the new backscene, inserted holes for leads and speaker, and because there is a huge expanse of sand on the backscene which clashes with the sea effect under my pier I built a groyne using a palisade fencing kit to visually divide beach and sea. New backscene trimmed to fit Palisade Fence kit Palisade fences as groyne between beach and sea.
  19. I know it will sound quite strange, but in Trieste there still is a beach where men and women are divided by a wall .... and it seems that everyone is happy that way.
  20. Hi piermaster Was not aware that the Wright plane was built under license out side the USA. I think your tram might be a bit small to land a plane on 🤣 regards John
  21. Thanks for the explanation, I must confess that aviation isn't really my field, I thought that Wright's flyers were already obsolete after the '10s and I thought to Bleriot's one as he was the first to fly over the Channel. I agreee with you that "A magnificent man in his flying machine" was a really fun movie
  22. New Backscene in place and left to dry before trimming next Monday. John & Franco: The original Wright Flyer was built in 1903 and was the first in manned powered flight. The Wright bi-plane was further developed from the 1903 Flyer and produced in significant numbers and under licence in UK and Europe up to WW1, by which time both British and German military planes had advanced rapidly. I chose the Corgi Wright Flyer as it was more or less to scale, just right for the period of the layout, and depicted as 'A Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine' parodying the 1960s film. John: The Lift was added in March converted from a badly bodged second-hand model and rebuilt to represent a hydraulic lift (hence the tall accumulator tower), it gives the layout a bit of height.
  23. Yet another Forest colliery and its railways and tramways - Trafalgar Colliery
  24. Hi piermaster That is going to be a big improvement. I see the police haven't been called yet to deal with the shocking mixed bathing I tend to agree with Franco with regard to the early airoplane When did you add the lift? regards John
  25. Backscene returned from the printer. Awaiting trimming.
  26. All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車 00 scale Hong Kong Tramways street scene ( I never was 100% happy with the EFE KMB Daimler Fleetline bus on the layout so how about something heritage? A China Motor Bus 1926 Leyland Lion at the bus layby. Tidied up the crossover as well.
  27. Dave I like the 3D track bumpers and the crossover wire to the layout.
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