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  2. A long time since I put anything on here but here's a nice pic I took the other night of the Inverdovian Whisky Trail Tour waiting for the last stragglers to stumble their way out of the distillery tasting rooms. Hopefully they'll all make it back to Glasgow in one piece (maybe some sore heads around thought).
  3. I don't really tend to comment too much on other peoples work, we all know that it's a labour of love and I don't want to go around bursting bubbles.... but I hope you don't mind a little bit of constructive critique about something that's glaring at me. I love the concept of urban tramway modelling and I totally I get your idea of engineering works and possibly that's the back story behind the bare crossover slap bang in the middle of the layout - the focal point - but it really spoils the overall effect. I would imagine that if prototypical engineering works like that were being carried out on a public highway, especially somewhere as busy as HK, there wouldn't really be a massive perfectly angular void around what obviously looks like some bare pointwork. Surely the recesses would be closer to the track wouldn't they so as to keep interference with traffic to an absolute minimum? It would be simple enough to do in model form, just don't encroach on the workings of the points. It would still work and it would look so much better. More 'Exhibition Standard'. Please don't get upset by my observations, it's just that I've done this kind of modelling for many years and I know how easy it is to get the right effect without too much effort... especially in 00, I usually work in N and believe me, that's a lot harder to do effectively.
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  5. Model Tram layouts don't have that much operating potential, but following my 'Eureka Moment' a few days ago on my 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' where I decided that a service disruption adds operating interest (of sorts) so here is my 'modus operandi' Engineering works or a service disruption has resulted in trams being stopped short and reversed back into service on this microlayout. The front (westbound) tram shelter is empty and used for alighting passengers and the back (eastbound) tram shelter is overcrowded with passengers waiting to board the tram that has reversed. Works Car 400 starts and ends the sequence with arriving at the temporary crossover site and stabling then leaving after all the passengers cars have left. Safety Training Car 888 is static and is just an 'ornament' on the layout! Nor do I get backache operating it now!!! The accompanying photos explain all.... . All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 The empty Arrivals Shelter. Car 45 arrives to disgorge its passengers before crossing back to the Departures Shelter. Car 56 at the Arrivals Shelter and Works Car 400 on the worksite. Car 84 loading up at the overcrowded Departures Shelter. Car 106 approaches the Departures Shelter. Static Safety Training Car 888.
  6. Thanks for sharing, the amount of stuff they must of had to ship over to Orkney to build the railways must of been amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Apologies for the long title for this thread. I was challenged by someone who read my posts about the Bicester Military Railway and about MoD Kinston to look at the Nescliffe Camp. I have started by looking at the feeder railway which was commandeered by the military and this has become a post in its own right. I will get round to the military areas in the next post in the series.
  8. The second post on the Cavan & Leitrim takes us from Dromod to Mohill:
  9. This is, I think, likely to be my last post about the railways in Orkney. It has been prompted by finding a secondhand copy of Wilfred Simms book.
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    The follow up video to my 100 subs competition is out now, with an insight into LUMSDONIA given by the answers and the winner is named! 100 Youtube Subs Competition Winner
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  12. Wow, really interesting read - thanks!
  13. Ever had a 'Eureka Moment' or a 💡moment? I've been racking my brains trying to get the best out my 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' OO scale Hong Kong Tram micro layout. After suffering back ache at the Beamish exhibition through stretching reaching to reach the further point levers of the crossover, I was planning to convert the layout into two single track shuttles. Then another tram modeller came up with an idea of works cars on one track and passenger cars on the other track, nice idea, then my Eureka moment just came.- Use the crossover so that my passenger cars (45, 56, 68 - when it returns from being motorised, 84 and 106) will enter the layout from the rear right, traverse the crossover to the front shelter, then return via the rear shelter off the board. Works Car 400 will start and finish the sequence by running direct to the work site, stabling and finally return off the board - that point lever is less than a foot from my operating position. HKT Safety Training Car is a static vehicle and is parked on the front right. All this done with no extra cost to the layout, but I stupidly bought an HM2000 controller on Saturday, offers please? All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 - Overall view showing revised working arrangements. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 Hong Kong Tramways static Safety Training Car 888 remaining static and providing a 'conversation piece'. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 Works Car 400 on the worksite as 45 arrives at the Eastbound shelter. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 Car 56 at the Westbound shelter and Works Car 400 on the worksite
  14. Exhibition went well and New Walmington Pier was well received by the public. The downside was me getting a front wheel blow out close to the school possibly due to the appalling third-world state of our roads in this country as the tyre was less than a month old. AA came and fitted my spacesaver tyre and because there are no tyre centres open in this third world country called UK after 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday it was a slow 50mph top speed drive home for the 100 miles home. Grrrrr
  15. We crossed back from Orkney today and drove via John O'Groats and Wick before heading south through Inverness. About 6 miles north of Wick on the A99 we drove over a narrow gauge (metre-gauge) line. This was a surprise and it needed to be investigated. .... This post is the result.
  16. This next post takes us to the Kilkee terminus of the West Clare Railway. We still have another arm of the journey to complete.
  17. This is first of the main series of posts about the Cavan & Leitrim Railway. I have enjoyed reading Patrick Flanagan's little book published by Pan. It is rather dog-eared and falling apart now. The text of the book has helped me explore the line, even though I have done so from my armchair. References to the text of his book abound, and these are all credited in the blog. In this post we review the history of the line and then, with the aid of a good few pictures, we look round Dromod Station as it was.
  18. No bank holiday at the wagon works. 06.05.19 #1.mp4
  19. I don't think that I have posted anything about one of my local railways before?This is a very short reflection on how the struggles of this smaller company ultimately left the Great Central Railway with its own financial struggles!It may not be without controversy. keep the post itself brief, the detail is carried in Appendices.
  20. The journey along the West Clare continues. We are now firmly in the territory of what was built as the South Clare Railway. This length of the journey takes us from Quilty to Moyasta Junction. ....
  21. Hornby Terrier, the new version. R3767. BR Lined Black, Early Crest. 32655 (Stepney). General views.... after I had installed a loco crew, and changed the colour of the reverser lever and regulator.... and the gauge glasses. The extra pipes, which fit under the buffer beams.... Initial modifications.... All locos deserve a crew! The gauge glasses look better (IMO) in white than "Copper" or "Brass", and the Reverser is not likely to be made of Brass or Copper, as it would likely bend! (It is coloured "Copper" or "Brass"as it comes. The Regulator is plain black as it comes.... I prefer it in red! Getting into the cab....body dis-assembly. The body, boiler, side tanks, cab and bunker, are held onto the metal footplate by 7 screws. one into the smokebox, two each side into the side tanks, and two into the cab/bunker. The cab seems to be clipped to the boiler, but there are a few pipes from the boiler that are probably glued into the holes in the cab front.... I did not try to part the cab from the boiler as I did not relish trying to get the pipes back into their holes, even if they were not glued in! DCC Decoder Fitting. The 6-Pin socket is in a position that precludes the use of most, if not all, direct plug 6-pin decoders. The Hornby R7150 6-pin decoder has a short wire harness and 6-pin plug. The wires are just about the maximum length that can be folded over the decoder, and still fit inside the body. Some insulating tape is a very good idea to cover the exposed connexions, and prevent the decoder coming into contact with any metal.... It is one of very few 6-pin decoders that can be fitted, it would seem.... I have got the Hornby decoder, and fitted it to mine. Less hassle for me. Couplings. I have fitted Kadee NEM couplings to my Terrier. #19. The NEM pockets on the Terrier are at the correct height when seated properly, but the Kadee couplings require packing under the shaft inside the pockets, otherwise they are a bit of a loose fit and droop. Coupled to a Hornby Ex LNER Class O1 tender chassis....again the NEM pocket is at the correct height....
  22. Just been tested since last used in November at the Kempston, Beds. exhibition and 'Debbie's Layout' is all OK for next Saturday at Bushey, Herts.
  23. So much for a holiday away from everything (including railways). .... Here is the second attempt to get railways out of the system for the holidays here on Orkney!
  24. Hi Franco Internal factory railways can get quite big even if not in the chosen gauge I am sure some one used to manufacture a kit for the steam loco at least. regards John
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    As I now have 100+ followers (Subscribers) on my Youtube channel, I will be sheepishly follow the Youtube trend and have a competition! A rare opportunity to 'hear' me in my 'narrator's' mode, I sound like the old guy from 'The Gadget Show' 😁 A small bespoke prize is up for grab's, to celebrate the 100 subscriber milestone. Take a gander, join the fun and take part! You never know, you might win! 100 Youtube Subs Competition announcement ☺️
  26. There should be a layout inspired at the Guinness' railway in the site of the late Carl Arendt but I'd never imagined it was so big
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