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  2. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 OO scale Hong Kong Tramways Microlayout will be out at Silverfox DCC Model Railway Club, Oakgrove School, Brickhill Street, Milton Keynes MK10 9JQ on Saturday 17th August.
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  4. This is my final post about the West Clare Railway. I hope that you have enjoyed the series.
  5. One layout, Two exhibitions, One weekend!!! Robert Barclay Academy, Hoddesdon on 13/7/19 Haverhill Transport Fair on 14/7/19!
  6. Tri-ang Railways, Tri-ang Hornby, Hornby Railways and Hornby locomotives all come originaly with an instruction sheet, which have basic maintenance guides for the locomotives of the time the Instruction Sheet or book was printed. These can be obtained, to replace original lost ones, from various sources. Ringfield Motors.... Type 5 and 6, 1989. The first type of Tri-ang Hornby / Hornby Railways Ringfield Motor. Type 1.
  7. Hi Kev. Thanks. The crew are from a Bachmann pack. There are currently two packs containing Steam era locomotive department type figures. 1950s Train Crew Bachmann Model 36-407 Scale: OO (1/76) Locomotive staff Bachmann Model 36-047 Scale: OO (1/76) Some really good figures. Some can be modified, by removing oil cans, cleaning rags, wheel hammers, etc. for more general use. Some have the arms as seperate mouldings, glued into place. These can be removed and replaced differently if required....
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  9. 1951 was the year of the Standard Steam Locomotive. The Railway Magazine of the time focussed on the development of these locos. Rather than just looking backwards to those days, it is good to listen to and read things from the perspective of the time!
  10. We have almost reached the end of the story of the West Clare Railway and the study of its route. The post below completes the details of the remainder of the line, covering the route from Moyasta to Kilrush and Cappagh Pier. One further post will follow eventually which will look at the Locomotives and Rolling Stock on the line.
  11. A pair of 158's heading past RAF Cosford this afternoon.
  12. The Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company's Hydraulic Lift between beach and promenade is now lettered, complete and finally positioned. Here it is in relation to the rest of the pier.
  13. Thelwall and Grappenhall Model Railway ClubOPEN DAY 2019 Stockton Heath Festival, at the TGMRC, WarringtonStockton Heath Festival, Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th July 201912 Noon to 4pmGrappenhall Community Centre on Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 2SGFour layouts - analogue 'OO' gauge, 'N' gauge and '009' plus a digital '00' gauge (DCC)We now have a 5th Layout - 'N' gauge Modern EraAdmission - Adults £1.50; Children 50pChildren must be accompanied by an adult. available in the Grappenhall Community Centre BarThere will also be a Tombola stallPart of the Stockton Heath FestivalFor more info call John on 01925 601294
  14. Lots of inbound steel wagons today courtesy of 66119 with a mixed set of ballast and hoppers outbound.
  15. The Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company has almost completed refurbishment of its newly-acquired lift tower and temporarily placed it in its final position to gauge the visual impact .
  16. A pair of cats heading north past Searchlight Lane Junction with a single nuclear waste container just. And not far behind was the Felixstowe to Trafford Park intermodal service. And this body snatcher nearly caught me off guard.
  17. This is my final post about the Cavan & Leitrim Railway. It includes details about locos and rolling stock but starts with some information about the preservation society at Dromod and the heritage centre at Belturbet.
  18. Today the Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company took delivery of a pre-owned hydraulic lift. It was poorly made from a dubious source with upper and lower landings on the same level! and to call the structure's finish 'mediocre' is being polite! As the tower is around 8ins high it is roughly the same height as the layout's backscene. So with a good bit of 'cutting and shutting' today, the upper landing is now at the Promenade level and after re-assembly has been temporarily sealed to allow adhesive to set. The remainder of the tower would've held the accumulator to create the water pressure to operate the lift. Stage 1 photos showing sea side and land side after the cutting and shutting .
  19. Blackpool 22 & 23/06/19 and Braintree 29/06/19. Blackpool: Works Car 400 on the crossover. Blackpool: TramOramic Sightseeing Car 68 just delivered to layout after being motorised. Braintree: Car 106 and Citybus 521 Braintree: Works Car 400 and Citybus 521.
  20. My New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian Pier Tramway layout is now almost 20 years old and here's some detail photos of life on, under and above the pier! Mixed bathing under the pier!!! How dare they!!! Preiser figures and the 'Bathing Machine' (mobile ladies changing room) made from an Atlas (USA) Telephone shanty mounted on a Preiser 4wh trolley. Shapeways/Westgate Models Southend Pier 'Toastrack' Car along the pier. My 'Magnificent Man in His Flying Machine' Corgi Wright Brothers Bi-plane. Several were made after the 1903 first manned flight prototype. A rare view of the pier head beyond the pier. An N scale GWR goods crane makes an effective boat hoist and the hole in the backscene below the pier accommodates a speaker with ambient seaside sounds. Preiser figures being entertained by a barrel organ and monkeys as they wait for the tram back to the shore. Pier Head with Faller German Carousel, Punch & Judy booth, Balloon Seller and in the distance my 'Grim Reaper' taking some time out! Shore End with Preiser figures waiting for the tram, part of Bachmann Cable Car body representing a vehicle of the former Walmington Horse Tramways in use as a shelter, A Wills garage kit adapted as a workshop/stores to cover the wiring connections through the backscene and the end scene is Dover's Burlington Hotel built in 1890 and destroyed in an air raid in 1940.
  21. Lucky catch of a truck mounted cherry picker trundling north on the wcml freight line.
  22. New Walmington Pier 009 Edwardian seaside pier tramway microlayout. The area of beach between the shore end of the pier and the pier workshop has been secured by 'The Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company' for the future installation of a hydraulic lift linking the promenade and beach. Who said that a 20 years old layout is finished? If Gordon Bulmer's 'Ravenscar Pier' can have a funicular, then my 'New Walmington Pier' can have a promenade lift!
  23. Totally Models Weekend at Blackpool Transport Services, Rigby Road Depot on 22 & 23 June 2019 with layouts including my 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 ', Steve Smith's Hong Kong Layout 'Yellowthreads Treat' and Gordon Bulmer's 'Ravenscar Pier'. Real Trams included 700 on the Fish & Chips Tram Supper on 21/6, 717 on our private evening tour on 22/6, 600 out on the road 23/6 and a modern Flexity car thrown in for good measure. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 - Tram 56 and Citybus 521 All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 - 80M Models TramOramic Sightseeing Car 68 bought in Hong Kong and motorised in Birmingham. Steve Smith's 'Yellowthreads Treat' Gordon Bulmer's 'Ravenscar Pier' Refurbished 'Balloon' Car 700 on the Fish & Chips Tram Supper on 21/06/19. Restored 'Balloon' Car 717 in its original 1934 livery. 22/06/19 Boat Car 600 on Heritage Tram duty on the Promenade 23/06/19 The Modern Order - Flexity 011 at Harrow Place 22/06/19.
  24. All ready for the drive to Blackpool tomorrow (21/6), the weekend will have its sad moments for my late friend Debbie and I were there last year, but this year there are differences - Different route A1/M62/M6/M55, (last year it was M6/M55 at 25mph average speed). Different layout All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 , (last year it was New Walmington Pier). Different hotel. Different hall in the tram depot. and.... .... The layout will receive a new tram. More about that when I get back on Monday!
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    The past week has seen me get a bit of time, here and there, on the Sentinel. Its coming along pretty well, and is now resplendant in the maroon/crimson of the Living Ironstone Museum’s very own Sentinel fleet. This is destined to become Betty, therefore I’ve acquired the transfers from Railtec (stunning service, satisfied customer etc) and need to place the order for nameplates with Narrow Planet. Currently I’m undecided on the glazing. It’s a bit ‘bottom of a beer glass’ using the Hornby inserts, but am unsure whether I want to splash out of the Shaw plan lazer glaze. There is a few bits that require tweaking – and I’m dreading adding the yellow on the front and back grills – but I’m pleased with how it’s come along so far.
  26. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 OO (1:76) scale Hong Kong Tramways themed microlayout. Where service disruptions cause trams to traverse an emergency crossover serving alighting and boarding shelters. All ready for Totally Models Blackpool on 22 & 23 June and Braintree exhibition on 29 June. Entire view of layout. Static Safety Training Car 888 has been removed to give a clear view for photography. One taxi, two buses and three trams all in three feet length!! Bit more 'concreting' in the crossover area (actually more plastic track infills) A bit of subtle humour - Birkenhead 69 (built in Hong Kong) returns home!!!
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    Chris' workbench

    I recently dipped my toes into the transfer market and swapped my Hornby Sentinel, Clara, for an outside crank variety. I’ve long wanted to model Betty, based at Rocks by Rail, and when I was offered a straight swap I jumped at the chance. It was a Wabtec liveried beast but, no problem there. Once it arrived it was soon stripped and is currently sat in the state you see above: primed and ready for the crimson.
  28. This post covers the tramway from Ballinamore to Arigna and completes the full length of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway empire. I am working on one further post which will pull together a few different things relating to the C&L.
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