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  2. What makes a good post? I am not exactly sure. Many of mine are somewhat self-indulgent. I see something I want to investigate and I write about it. ....There are older threads about Skelton Junction and surrounding lines on which I reference towards the end of this post.The reason I wanted to look at this was utterly self-indulgent.Long ago, .... long, long ago .... I lived in Broadheath. My home was less than a mile from Skelton Junction. Doing some investigation was as much about my roots as it was about railways. .... This short piece is the result: really significant piece of work was what prompted my interest in the first place - an article by Eddie Johnson in the November 2003 issue of Steam Days.
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    buz rail workshops

    Hi all We all have that modeling project or two that went wrong. This is one of mine a desert house for war-games that was made too small not a big disaster But in terms of what it was supposed to be pretty major it's now a possible model railway building if I ever work out what on earth to do with it. I kept on with the work because it was going OK and except for glue and paint it cost me nothing. walls and roof left over foam core board A bit of polyfilla and some coffee stirrers and a bit of gyp-rock tape for window bars basicaly done Now I just have to work out what to do with it as it really does have a middle eastern look to it. regards John
  5. I have just picked up a copy of Global Railway Review. The July 2019 issue. The feature article focusses on infrastructure in Slovenia. It can also be found on line ( Jo, my wife, and I travelled to Slovenia in 2006 and stayed in Bled. Reading the article in Global Railway Review brought back memories of that holiday. The linked post highlights the changes in the Slovenian Railway System over the years and the Railway Museum. Don't miss out on the photographs from the museum in the appendix at the end of the linked post.
  6. This is probably my last post on the S&MLR. It covers the line and the military depots that it served from 1941 until it closure in the very early 1960s.
  7. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 00 Hong Kong Tramway street scene microlayout ( A quiet day today and it is about time I tidied up the crossover on this microlayout. Before (18/06/19) and After (11/08/19) photos.
  8. All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 OO scale Hong Kong Tramways Microlayout will be out at: Silverfox DCC Model Railway Club Exhibition, Oakgrove School, Venturer Gate, Milton Keynes MK10 9JQ
  9. Colonel Stephens loved to experiment. Railmotors were a particular theme. He bought a series of Ford Railmotors for his different light railways. One set was purchased for the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Light Railway. This post provides an introduction to these small vehicles:
  10. I went on a quarry tour around Dove Holes today, which included a quick look at the loading sidings (no activity today due to the tunnel being flooded) and a ride in one of the huge dumpers.
  11. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    Thanks class 66. So, here's an update on the Sentinel. It's painted and I've lined both sides higher up. The yellow ends weren't as bad as I thought, using a cocktail stick to place the paint on worked well. Still lots to do and the above is just plonked in place. It's getting there, though.
  12. The 'nameplate' is very effective. Great work.
  13. Blimey! That's a large collection.
  14. Nice to get back on here,banks road stil going strong....


  15. Heres were im at with my Bachmann 37s was upto 100, but sold 50 off since last year. money used to fit sound in these....
  16. New update heres my latest weathered rusted 37/4 this has been scratched and cut,filled in with three tone rust effects, lightly airbrushed over... then sealed....
  17. class66

    Chris' workbench

    Had nice catch up here Chris... great work as always...
  18. class66

    New layout

    Some very nice modelling here my frend....
  19. Been busy making my own road work or site barriers...
  20. Yer im on both here,rmweb and fb groups with Banks road. plus youtube channel... many thanks neill. Thanks Steve my good frend.... Few new updates for you chaps, not been on here in ages!! banks road stil going strong here and other modelling groups... thanks neil...
  21. Hi Elvis, Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing! Phil
  22. 😉 My name si Elvis there i present my layout based from my collections of models dedicate locomotive of slovenian,croatian and another balkans state . Today the First video of cab ride tour on my layout 😎 my new website with other photos from italy villa opicina- slovenja -croatia-the news photos from the station Rijeka BYE Elvis
  23. I've just done a Bucket List Item following my 65th Birthday last month - A Full Day Tram Driving Experience on the 3 miles long Seaton Tramway in Devon where I did 36 miles driving between 10.00 and 17.30!!! Car 16 -My tram for the day. Me, Inspector/Instructor Allan Mace and Car 16 A Very Happy Tram Driver!!! Me driving Car 16. Car 2 Works Car 02 Car 6 Car 10 Car 12 Seaton Tramway Terminus built 2018.
  24. Mental Block is still there!! So all of the above are now on eBay.
  25. Gazelle is known to have taken charge of two different coaches in its time on the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway. The first was a cut down version of a London Horse Tram. The second used the same chassis with a body from a Wolseley-Siddeley Railcar which Colonel Stephens first used on the Selsey Tramway. That Railcar was itself a signioficantly modifies rail-lorry based on a Wolseley-Siddeley chassis.... .....
  26. The next post in this series links the place I grew up during teenage years with the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway. 'Gazelle' was made in King's Lynn and has had an interesting history!
  27. A few random bits and pieces which relate to the docks railways in King's Lynn .... One of the directors of the Docks and Harbour Railways in King's Lynn was William Burkitt, a self-made local business man who had the means to order his own locomotive from Alfred Dodman & Company of Kings Lynn. The loco was named 'Gazelle'. This is the story of that locomotive. It pulls, Colonel Stephens, King's Lynn and the Shropshire and Montgomery Light Railway into one story!
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