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  2. Dave thanks for the information on purchasing trams, I must have one. Hi NorthBrit Iโ€™m tempted to buy one, would look nice one a SMS diorama board.
  3. Always good to have a tram on a layout. ๐Ÿ˜€ Mine trundles back and forth Sovereign Street.
  4. Hi Mark, Trams can be expensive and there's so few ready-to-run two rail trams about. Suggest you trawl eBay and look for Bachmann trams, ideally the plain red and plain blue Hong Kong style ones once made for UK market or the Birkenhead ones 69 & 70.
  5. Hi All, Just to let you know that I have resigned from Stowmarket Railway Club as both member and chairman. I had 12 years there but the last two years have been fraught with internal politics and power struggles and it got to the point that I dreaded going there and often felt ill. I'll still be modelling and exhibiting under my name as I've always done and now feel relaxed and relieved. For obvious reasons this topic is locked, but is open to discussion on the messaging system.
  6. MNR has one too now Dave
  7. Last week
  8. Now that is a lovely looking unit Dave, thanks for sharing.
  9. Hi Mark, We never had these in East Anglia,but there is one preserved on the Colne Valley Railway at Castle Hedingham, Essex. Meanwhile on Greater Anglia we have these Class 755 Bi-Mode units and here is 755 410 changing from electric to diesel power at my local station - Stowmarket on an Ipswich-Cambridge service on 24/05/20, and 755 427 at Stowmarket 18/02/20.
  10. Dave Iโ€™m starting to develop a liking for trams, this is due to your New Walmington Pier layout. Nice job on the trams.
  11. As Im from the market town of Bishop Auckland, I thought I would share a picture of a Northern class 142 pacer. This was departing for Saltburn. This DMU now stands at Shildon Railway Museum as this Class no longer operates.
  12. Unbagged the layout in the garage to see if it has suffered with the heat and everything was found to be OK. As I've recently touched up the Southend Pier Car and re-roofed and repainted the stores tram, it was time to give them a run.... ...
  13. NorthBrit I like the look of the station, nicely modelled.๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. I have been busy building a new station building and platform Next to Roseville School we now have Roseville Station. Still some 'tidying up etc.' to do. That's tomorrows job.
  15. Hi I have completed a little more work on my micro diorama. The ballast was laid yesterday and today itโ€™s set nicely, just needs a little weathering. The buffer stop is spare parts from a wagon kit. Iโ€™m pleased with the way it looks. This will be rusted and weathered in due course. Today Iโ€™m hoping the front of the workshop building arrives so work can begin on that. But for now some snaps...
  16. Hi Dave I only run steam locos like the Terrier, Peckett and the Andrew Barclay. Perfect for that size of board.
  17. Be patient Mark! You can run something in 400mm length. On the Test Tracks I can test run my OO scale Hong Kong trams and on the 009 I can test run my New Walmington Pier cars. On the OTPD (On Track Plant Depot) I can test run each track maintenance vehicle along their own sidings! These 'micro-boards' are not suitable for running a Deltic or an HO 'Big Boy'!!!
  18. SMS donโ€™t have any of the micro layout baseboards in at the moment. Soon as they arrive I will definitely be purchasing one.
  19. There is something about the shape of the class 121 that appeals to me. I do have a soft spot for DMUs. Some really nice shots.
  20. A Wakefield Kirkgate to Leeds Central DMU at Sovereign Street. Class 121 Seacroft to Leeds Central Arriving at the newly opened Roseville Halt. The flowers on the tree are beginning to fall. At Sovereign Street Station
  21. Hi MicroModeller. It's a case of 'like Topsy, It growed'. It was all okay when the layout was in the loft, but everything is on a rotation (sort of) now the layout is in the spare bedroom.
  22. Hi NorthBrit it sounds like a nice collection you have and especially with fifteen models of the Class 47s.
  23. I have fifteen models of Class 47s. Most of which (the big stuff) were seen at Gateshead Shed one time or another. When I was 16 a colleague at where i was working let me read his copy of Model Railway Constructor. One of the articles was about 'Westerns'. I said there and then I would have a few models. The fleet now totals 13.
  24. Thanks NorthBrit and StaffsRail for the likes. I made a tiny b**b on the wall section, I laid the track before realising I had the wall to build. So I cut out a gap but all will be hidden with a wall mounted buffer stop and foliage.๐Ÿ˜‰
  25. More wonderful pictures of the Class 47 and Class 52.๐Ÿ˜‰
  26. Class 47 47517 'Andrew Carnegie' on a northbound oil train A quiet moment! -- Before Class 52 D1057 Western Chieftain on a diverted train passes
  27. I hope everyone on the forum is staying safe and looking after themselves. As the weeks roll on we are still in lockdown but Restrictions are starting to ease slowly. I can see some people are starting to take the law into their own hands and social distancing does not seem to matter to the few. Trust me I speak from experience. I was hospitalised for three weeks and was on a ventilator, I am coming through this but still no where near my best. People must still take notice of distancing, stay safe, stay well.
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