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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thanks Dave I must have a look at the link you sent me.
  3. Hi Mark, It's around £53 + postage = approx £65|parentrq%3A71a971ea1720a4e865a49c1cfff6ba78|iid%3A1 Cheaper than a used Bachmann HK tram!!!
  4. Dave that’s a lovely little Hong Kong tram set, it looks like fun.
  5. My 80M Remote Control Hong Kong Tram set arrived today and it provides some fun!! A plus side is that the tram's track gauge is standard OO/HO 16.5mm gauge and I've even tested it on my test bench.
  6. A little more scenery added. A tree near the junction made and 'planted. A Dewsbury Market Place bound DMU passing Crown Point Yard.
  7. Hi NorthBrit I remember seeing it before the shutdown started. A piece of history.
  8. Thanks guys for the likes and a trophy. It means a lot as I know my diorama is heading in the right direction.👍
  9. The Class 142 Pacer MicroModeller posted now at Locomotion in Shildon.
  10. Just my unorthodox style of modelling. Sometimes one cannot see any trains; just fifty shades of green. The times i have travelled on a train and seeing everything overgrown; especially north of Ladybank. Not everything is 'prim and proper'. Not here anyway.
  11. Last week
  12. A bit more time has been spent modelling items on my micro diorama. The steel coal bunker which was made from an old mineral wagon has been painted up and weathered to get the desired rust affect I needed. I’m happy with the way it’s turned out. Real coal will be added in due course. A small oil drum has been left in the corner which needs to be weathered up slightly. I have loaded up a couple of pictures of my diorama progress...
  13. Some lovely photos of the road railers and trailers.😉
  14. Nicely modelled Dave, it’s looking great.
  15. Signs on the layout: Bus Stop, Tram Shelter, Request Tram Stop, Office Rentals, and replica old tram stop sign in front of layout.
  16. There were a coupe of these road-railers at Stone this morning plus some trailers.
  17. Hi MicroModeller. The squirrels I have had for some time and make their appearance now and again around the layout. I hope they can stay where they are now, The fencing at Roseville Station is now finished (with the squirrels at the other side).
  18. Hi NorthBrit the summer foliage and little red squirrels are a nice touch to the layout.😉
  19. Dave it’s nice to have a sick sense of humour when modelling. You can place a figure or an animal anywhere you want just for the fun factor.
  20. Summer is coming. The scenery is freshened up a little.
  21. Looking busy yet uncluttered. Excellent.
  22. I hope there are no cars in them! The wagons are there for maintenance.
  23. It's his sick humour! On New Walmington Pier I have a Grim Reaper at the pier head as I reckon that he is misunderstood and needs time out!!
  24. You're very much welcome. It's amazing how something so small and simple can be so stunning.
  25. Looks busy, nice pictures of cars being transported.
  26. Thanks samw for the pushing the likes button. My micro diorama is taking shape nicely. I have ordered some white metal figures and lineside items from Dart casting for the diorama.
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