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A model of the Brush Type 4 Co-Co (Class 47) D1677 named 'THOR'...

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Something I have been working towards for some time now...

A model of the Brush Type 4 Co-Co (Class 47) D1677 named 'THOR'...

This was actually the second '47' to receive the nameplates August 29th 1966), as the first, D1671 (September 1965), was scrapped after being involved in a fatal accident on the night of December 16th/17th 1965 , involving derailment by a landslip and susequent collision with a Class 37 (EE Type 3 Co-Co), D6983, which was also scrapped...

D1677 was later numbered 47 091 (1974), then 47 647 (1986), then 47 846 (1990)

This is a Lima body (Lima L204633) in BR Two tone green with yellow front and canb windows, on a Hornby Railroad chassis, with TTS DCC Decoder fitted.

The nameplates are from Modelmaster.

I have removed the old numbers, 47 369 and backdated the cab areas into Yellow Panel livery, from the Yellow end and windows.

The new numbers are 'Wolf' rub-down from Modelmasters... a pity there wasn't a complete number for D1677, it was fun!

I have also cut out the headcode boxes, and drilled out the tail lights... and fitted a driver in each end.

Lighting is a distinct possibilty... sometime! ;)

The headcodes are temporary ones, from an oldĀ  Hornby Class 37 sheet...

Couplings are Kadee NEM, #18 or #19 I think...











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