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    • Hi, Thanks but what on earth was running through Sherborne, was it an HST or a big loco hauled special? Is that Penzance-Waterloo service a regular train, I ask because we so used to just 159s and the occasional Cathedrals Express. BTW all we could see was lots of coaches and hear a throaty roar. Tim
    • Not a DCC vs DC rant,  merely adieu to one system and return to another . About six months ago, I began a gradual return to British steam outline after many years of successfully exhibiting small German layouts. The two systems have quite different requirements:- The German layouts used locos with sound, lights whilst all the turnouts were digitally controlled. The British layout is permanent, the steam locos merely need motor control, no sound whilst the Tortoise turnout motors are analogue controlled. The turnouts are self-isolating Peco Code 75, working equally well with both DC and DCC. Each loco is tested on a DC rolling road to ensure that it is working before a decoder is fitted but recent incompatibility issues with Bachmann and Hornby products have made me question why I need to use an imperfect control system and if I need nothing more than motor control, why am I fitting decoders? The extra £25 for basic Zimo and all the faff of installation doesn't seem to be worth the effort. Tomorrow, the Digikeijis DR5000 is coming out, the locos are being restored to DC and everything will be sold.  In its place, I am using an AGW PE1000 handheld, a new pair were bought on eBay for less than the price of a basic decoder. Their control is switchable PWM with a handy 'inch' button that gives a tiny kick during coupling - unlike the DCC , the motors run cool and smooth. BUT My requirements are really simple and it really is a case of 'horses for courses', the real lesson is to consider what is really needed rather than following a trend. The advantages for me are:- Direct motor control, cool running corelessmotors.  No added expense. No need to dismantle quite delicate models to install decoders. Finally, no compatibility issues or wondering if it is the loco or the decoder. Beaminster Road
    • Might it have been this? http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U54943/2019/03/23/advanced Not sure what is on it though.
    • About 5 mins ago,  20:35 23.03.19 We were shaken by the throaty roar of a large diesel in charge of an eastbound passenger train passing through Sherborne, definitely not the quiet 159s but something much bigger. The train was at least ten coaches ( our local trans are three or six) but the specials website has no announcements. Are HST's being routed through Yeovil-Gillingham-Salisbury??? Any ideas   Tim
    • The early history of Japanese Railways is covered in exemplary fashion in a book by Dan Free.   This is my review of the book.   http://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/03/19/book-review-early-japanese-railways-by-dan-free
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