Armistice 2 minutes silence at exhibitions.

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New Walmington Pier - OO9
Romford Model Railway Society Exhibition 11/11/2017
I write this piece with a certain degree of anger and disgust still several hours after this exhibition has closed.

Upon arrival at the show this morning I was directed to my display position which was sandwiched between a bookseller and a trade stand. Both did everything they could to inch me out of that tight space and thankfully I only unloaded the table as I was about ready to load up and drive the 70 miles home. Thankfully one of the exhibition management saw my predicament and thanks to a couple of 'no shows' I utilised part of the available space and spread out comfortably.

Today was Armistice Day where at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2 minutes silence is observed in public to remember our Fallen. Not so at Romford Model Railway Society Exhibition despite being told that a bell would be rung throughout the exhibition venue at 11.00, no bell was heard and the two minutes silence never happened.

Hang your heads in shame Romford MRS.

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