PS Waverley - Thames 2017

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Sailed on PS Waverley twice this year from Southend Pier, firstly on 24/09 to Redsands Fort in the Thames Estuary and again on 08/10 to Whitstable before she returns home to Glasgow.

South Station 240917.jpg

Southend Pier - Train A 'Sir John Betjeman' at South Station (Pier Head) 24/09/17

Waverley approaching Southend.jpg

PS Waverley approaching Southend Pier 24/09/17

Redsands Fort 2.jpg

Redsands Fort - One of two surviving Thames Forts built in 1942 for anti-aircraft protection of London. Used in the early 1960s for Pirate Radio and left derelict since then. There is a group trying to save this fort but I notice that since my previous visit two years ago one of the towers has lost part of its parapet wall. The other set of towers at Shivering Sands are too far gone to attempt to restore. 24/09/17

Engine Room.jpg

Waverley's Engine Room 08/10/17.

Engines in full flight.jpg

Waverley's engines in full flow! 08/10/17

Whitstable Waterfront.jpg

Whitstable 08/10/17

Waverley at Southend Pier.jpg

PS Waverley about to leave Southend Pier for the last time this year 08/10/17.




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