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I got rid of my all singing DCC system and went back to a Bachmann EZ controller some will say i am mad but with a small layout and a maximum of 7 loco's it was a good choice for me so reprogrammed my locos but some would not until i found this on the Bachmann web site from the USA not a mention of it on the U.K site hope it will help some it worked for me so happy bunny all round.The other useful thing for me anyway is no faffing when you want to run a dc loco number 10 on controller ,Wonder what else it will do


You can use the E-Z Command system to control locomotives that have a previously assigned digital address other than number 3. If

the previously assigned address is a number less than 10, follow the directions we’ve just described to assign a new address to a

locomotive decoder. Just substitute the locomotive’s original digital address number for the number 3 in the standard programming


However, if the locomotive’s digital address is a number higher than 10, you can reprogram it by following this procedure:

First, remove all locomotives from the layout. Next, follow the standard E-Z Command programming procedures as described in the

“Programming a Locomotive to a Specific Address” section (but without any locomotive on the track), including pushing and holding

down the number 3 button and the “Stop” button. At this point, you’re ready to assign a new digital address to the locomotive.

Simply place the subject locomotive on the track and assign a new address by pressing a numbered E-Z Command button (1 to 9). The

locomotive will move slightly to signal that you have successfully assigned a new, lower address. Finally, push the “Stop” button to

exit the programming mode and begin operating your locomotive at its new digital address.

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