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Hello All,

Just a heads up really. Anthony (Tony) Adler RIP, was a very keen collector of model railway items, mainly in H0 scale European but with a very eclectic range of tastes so there were examples from all over the world including the better models from the UK (Golden Age models etc).
I happened across this collection purely by chance while I was looking for information on early German electric locos and I must say, it was an enormous collection. Truly a case of "he who dies with the most toys, wins"! Of which the corollary is "He who dies with the most toys, still dies".
Anyway, I attempted to win a couple of nice Trix items, a multi axle 'Schnabel wagon" being one, also bidding on a Rivarossi "Blauer Enzian" set for my dear colleague D and I watched many other items to see what they may go for, purely out of curiosity. D persuaded me to put a much higher bid on than I would have done but, he really, really wanted this set so we agreed to match the price such sets were going for on German ebay.
Much to our great surprise and disappointment, all our bids were surpassed! Someone was out there, bidding like crazy to win as many items as possible.
Now, I can stand losing, despite the surprise of losing what I considered to be a very fair bid indeed however;
Is it a co-incidence that noticeable items are turning up on ebay already, from that well known ebay shop from Sheffield? Such items have vastly inflated prices compared with available items from Europe! Obviously, I can't say "don't buy from them"! But I can advise anyone wanting such things to check availability from Europe too as even with postage charges, such things can work out a LOT cheaper.
Just a fair warning!

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