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Wrenn (Ex Hornby Dublo) SR CCT modifications...

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Wrenn (Ex Hornby Dublo) SR CCT modifications...

As part of our SR PLV/PMV and CCT collection (See kit built versions elswhere on this Forum...), this Wrenn BR Blue CCT (with opening doors!) is going to be re-painted into BR "Crimson" livery...Or possibly late Southern Railway livery...

The roof vents will be getting changed...



Going by the "Shell" type roof ventilatores, this model is based on a 1950s BR Built example. (The vents on earlier builds were of the "Torpedo" type...)


So far, the chassis has bore the brunt of the modifications.


The trussing has had the extra vertical braces removed, and also the V hanger on the "wrong" side, away from the vacuum cylinder.

There is to be another "V" hanger added alongside the Vacuum Cylinder, as in the Parkside Dundas kit built example...and possibly some brake linkage... the spare part box is to be raided.

The supplied wheels were spoked, and I believe that they "should" be coach sized disk wheels.

The Wrenn axle hangers were the "simple" plain ones...

Hornby Dublo used some neat axle hangers that have a representation of th ebrake shoes, in line with the wheels.

So, the wheel hangers were replaced with brake shoe ones from the spares box, the plastic moulded brake shoes attached to the solebar and springs being cut away.

The new wheels are Wrenn Disk Wheels, so probably a tad small, but they work better in the hangers than Hornby Pin-point ones...I did try!

Possibly brass bearings inserted into the holes in the hangers would work with pin-point axles, but we don't have any the right size...Yet! ;)

The Wrenn "Tri-ang" MKIII type couplings were unscrewed, and the mountings cut off carefully.

Parkside Dundas NEM mountings were modified by carefully trimming off the "upstand" so that the base fitted directly onto the bosses for the PECO type Hornby Dublo Couplings. This made the mountings just about the correct hight, matched to another NEM fitted wagon...

Hornby Nem Pockets and Narrow Tension Lock Couplings have been fitted.

The "scale" type coupling hooks are some of the last of the batch of white metal hooks from the spares boxes...


The opening doors will enable some posed pictures of loading and unloading...

It came missing one door, so has had a spare door fitted, a brown one!

The uneven planking on the body would make it an early BR example, as some later builds used Plywood sides. The uneven planking dates from the War years...




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The "finished" model...


WRENN CCT  Modified chassis. BR "Crimson" livery. BR Lettering.from HMRS (PC Models) BR Sheet.











Hornby Van C (Untouched save for NEM Kadee Couplings added...) and Wrenn CCT.




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