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The Great British locomotives Collection.

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The Great British locomotives Collection.

Published every two weeks (apart from a few delayed issues), this partwork consited of a OO Scale model os a locomotive (and tender, or a wagon in some cases) on a plinth (the model is removeable, it is screwed on.) and a booklet/ magazine on the prototype locomotive, sometimes this also covers related classes.

The models are attached to the plinth or base by cross-headed screws and plastic spacers. The tenders are not permanently attached to the locomotives.


The bases can be painted up and look quite effective...


Usually the wheels are diecast metal, whilst the bodies are moulded plastic.


No. 1 Magazine and Model was the LNER "A4" Class 4-6-2 Tender Loco "Mallard".

This model is apparently inspired by the Hornby model.


My motorised version uses a Tri-ang Hornby X.04 Motor "Loco Drive" chassis, and also uses the Tri-ang Hornby Tender Chassis.




Some other models were the Southern Railway "Battle Of Britain" Class 4-6-2 Tender Loco, apparently inspired by a later Hornby Railways model...

This is an example of the late 1960s- early 1970s Tri-ang Hornby version...



A vesion apparently inspired by the Bachmann model was made of the LMS Class 3f 0-6-0 Tank Loco, also known as the "Jinty"...

This is a slightly modified original Bachmann model...



A more recent model was the L&SWR "T9" Class 4-4-0 Tender Loco. Apparently based on the Hornby Model...



More recent still is the Caledonian Railway "Single Driver" 4-2-2 Tender Loco No. 123. Inspired by a later Hornby release of the Tri-ang Railways model...

This is my version, part way through conversion using a Tri-ang Hornby Chassis, and Tri-ang Hornby wheels and axles fitted to the tender..... one of the easy ones to motorise!


This is a slightly modified original Tri-ang Hornby model...


The "completed" GBL model...



I have quite a few GBL models awaiting "works", some have been started, like a T9, and the SECR "C" Class 0-6-0 Tender Loco (Apparently inspired by the Bachmann model).

Now that the final issue of the current run of this partwork series is out on sale, here is a list of the models produced


1 Mallard and the “A4” Class. Mallard Class A4 LNER Blue livery. Mallard.  Hornby inspired Model.


2 Coronation and the “Duchess” Class. Coronation LMS Princess Coronation Class LMS Maroon Livery. Hornby inspired model.


3 Flying Scotsman and the “A3” Class. Class A3 LNER Green livery. Hornby inspired Model (Flying Scotsman As NRM with smoke deflectors).


4 The Churchward “2800” Class. WR Class 28XX 2-8-0 Goods Loco BR Black livery Late Crest. Hornby inspired Model.


5 Stowe and the “Schools” Class. SR Green Livery. Stowe. Hornby inspired model.


6 Evening Star BR Class 9F 2-10-0 BR Lined Green livery Late Crest. Evening Star. Later Hornby Tender Drive inspired Model.


7 The English Electric “Deltics”. Deltic (Production) Class 55 BR Two-tone Green livery. Bachmann inspired Model.


8 The Stanier “Black Fives”. LMR Black 5 4-6-0 loco. BR Lined Black livery. Early Crest. Hornby Tender Drive inspired model.


9 City Of Truro and the “City” Class. GWR City of Truro 4-4-0 loco. Early GWR Green livery. City Of Truro. Bachmann inspired model.


10 Gresley’s “K3” and “K4” 2-6-0s. LNER Black livery K3 2-6-0. Bachmann inspired model.


11 Winston Churchill and the Bulleid “Light Pacifics”. Original type Battle Of Britain Class 4-6-2 loco Winston Churchill in SR Green Livery. Later (Tri-ang) Hornby Railways type Loco Drive inspired model.


12 The Fowler “3F” “Jinty” Class. LMS Black livery Class 3F 0-6-0 tank Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


13 The Collett “Castle” Class. BR Green livery, Early Crest, 4-6-0 Loco. Hornby (Ex Airfix) Loco Drive inspired model.


14 No. 1000 and the Midland “Compounds”. MR Maroon Livery 4-4-0 loco 1000. Bachmann inspired model.


15 The BR Standard “4MT” Tank Class. BR Lined Black livery Class 4MT 2-6-4 Tank Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


16 Butler-Henderson and the “Director” Class. GCR Green livery 4-4-0 Loco. Butler-Henderson. Bachmann inspired model.


17 The BR Intercity 125s. Original BR Blue-Grey livery Class 43 Power Car. Hornby inspired model.


18 The GWR Small “Prairies”. GWR Green 2-6-2 Slope-Tank Prairie. Lima inspired model.


19 The “Princess Royal” Class. BR Lined Maroon Princess Royal 4-6-2 Loco. Princess Margaret Rose. Hornby inspired model.


20 The “T9” “Greyhound” Class. LSWR Green 4-4-0 loco. Hornby inspired model.


21 King Edward II and the “King” Class. BR Express Blue Livery King Class 4-6-0 Loco. Hornby inspired model.


22 Green Arrow and the “V2” Class. LNER Green livery 2-6-2 Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


23 Caledonian “Single” No.123. CR Blue livery (as preserved) 4-2-2 Loco. (Tri-ang) Hornby Railways inspired model.


24 No. 24 The BR Sulzer “Peaks”. BR Blue livery 1Co-Co1 Diesel Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


25 No.25 The Wainwright “C” Class 0-6-0s. SECR Lined Green livery 0-6-0 Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


26 The BR Standard “Moguls” and 2-6-2Ts. BR Lined Black livery 2-6-0 Tender Loco.


27 No.27 Stephenson’s Rocket. LMR 0-2-2 and Coach. LMR Yellow livery (As replica). (Tri-ang) Hornby Railways inspired models.


28 The LMS “Royal Scot” Class. BR Lined Green livery, Late Crest, 4-6-0 Loco. Airfix GMR inspired model.


29 The Holden “B12” Class. LNER Lined Green livery 4-6-0 Loco. (Tri-ang) Hornby Loco Drive inspired model.


30 The Collett “57XX” Class Pannier Tanks. GWR “Shirtbutton” green livery 0-6-0 PT loco and GWR Shunter’s Truck. (Tri-ang) Hornby Railways inspired loco, Hornby inspired Shunter’s Truck.


31 The Maunsell “N” Class 2-6-0s.  BR Lined Black livery 2-6-0 Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


32 Britannia and the BR “Pacifics”. BR Lined Green livery  4-6-2 Loco. (Tri-ang) Hornby Railways Tender Drive inspired model.


33 The Stanier “8F” Class. LMS Black livery. LMS Black livery 4-6-0 Loco. Hornby inspired model.


34 The BR “Western” Diesel Hydraulics. BR Maroon livery Diesel Loco. Lima inspired model.


35 The Gresley “J39” and LNER 0-6-0s. LNER Black lined livery 0-6-0 Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


36 The Hawksworth “County” Class. “G Crest W” Green Livery 4-6-0 Loco. Airfix GMR inspired model.


37 The SR “Lord Nelson” 4-6-0s. SR Green livery 4-6-0 Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


38 The Ivatt “2MT” 2-6-2Ts. BR Lined Black livery 2-6-2 Tank Loco. Bachmann inspired model.


39 The Peppercorn “A1/A2” Pacifics. British Railways Apple Green livery Class A2 Blue Peter. Bachmann Inspired model.


40 The BR Brush Type 4s. BR Two-Tone Green livery Class 47 Loco. Lima inspired model.


41 “Locomotion No. 1”. 0-4-0 loco with Chaldron wagon. Fits OO / HO Gauge Track. Possibly HO scale model.

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It seems a shame that the GBL models were based on toys instead of the real things. The Caley single was not a particularly accurate model, having been made by Tri-ang to fit their existing GWR Lord of the Isles mechanism. I'm sure that the technology required, especially for non-working plastic models, would not have made it any harder to create something a bit more lifelike.

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It would seem that the resources to copy existing models was far less than needed to copy the real thing from scratch.

As these were intended as ornaments, it is no wonder that cost was kept to the minimum.

Sometimes modellers expect too much! ;) (;

As it is, there are some very good models in the list...The "C" Class for one.

If nothing else, in these days of "no spares available" for modern models, the GBL models are a good source of reasonably priced parts!

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Hi All...

Today I spotted my first obviously GBL models in the photos in a national model railway magazine!

Although not credited as GBL,  the Battle Of Britian Class "Winston Churchill", Schools Class "Stowe" and a black painted Double Chimney 9F, which was "Evening Star", are clearly visible in the works area on the "Forleigh" preserved railway in the current October Issue of Railway Modeller...

Have any more been spotted?

It still remains "funny" that not one magazine ever mentioned the range, doesn't it! wink3.gif

Edited to change "Hornby Magazine" (an error!) to "Railway Modeller", the actual magazine in question! OOPs.. ;) (;

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