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    • Model Tram layouts don't have that much operating potential, but following my 'Eureka Moment' a few days ago on my 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' where I decided that a service disruption adds operating interest (of sorts) so here is my 'modus operandi' Engineering works or a service disruption has resulted in trams being stopped short and reversed back into service on this microlayout. The front (westbound) tram shelter is empty and used for alighting passengers and the back (eastbound) tram shelter is overcrowded with passengers waiting to board the tram that has reversed. Works Car 400 starts and ends the sequence with arriving at the temporary crossover site and stabling then leaving after all the passengers cars have left. Safety Training Car 888 is static and is just an 'ornament' on the layout! Nor do I get backache operating it now!!! The accompanying photos explain all.... . All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里 The empty Arrivals Shelter. Car 45 arrives to disgorge its passengers before crossing back to the Departures Shelter. Car 56 at the Arrivals Shelter and Works Car 400 on the worksite. Car 84 loading up at the overcrowded Departures Shelter. Car 106 approaches the Departures Shelter. Static Safety Training Car 888.  
    • Thanks for sharing, the amount of stuff they must of had to ship over to Orkney to build the railways must of been amazing.   Thanks for sharing!
    • Apologies for the long title for this thread. I was challenged by someone who read my posts about the Bicester Military Railway and about MoD Kinston to look at the Nescliffe Camp.   I have started by looking at the feeder railway which was commandeered by the military and this has become a post in its own right. I will get round to the military areas in the next post in the series.   http://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/05/18/the-shropshire-and-montgomeryshire-light-railway-and-the-nesscliffe-mod-training-area-and-depot-part-1
    • The second post on the Cavan & Leitrim takes us from Dromod to Mohill:   http://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/05/19/the-cavan-and-leitrim-railway-dromod-to-mohill
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