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  1. Hi guys, An ex pat English man been in Canada for about ten years and six months, share model railways with military modelling, only have eight feet or so and I have just started a new layout based on a northern region/ Scottish border area stabling point, around 75 to privatisation, Thanks, Steve
  2. Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Still a great looking layout Neil.
  3. Hello

    Thanks Matt, I have two ideas in my head but have to get the baseboards done first, Steve.
  4. Hello

    Thanks Jack and Chris, I am hoping to make a start on the baseboards soon.
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    Thanks Jeff.
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    Hi everyone, I am Steve an expat living in Vancouver but born and brought up in Bolton, been here eight years this month, just decided it is time I got back to my old passion of railways real and model, my time period of real interest is the sixties, seventies and early eighties, brought up on a diet of 40s 25s 47s mainly in blue, just about to start tidy out my little workshop where I have been building model kits all my time here, not much room for much of a layout but enough for a stabling point with a very northern flavour for my locos which are my main interest anyway, bound to be some numpty questions here and there as it is about 20 years since I packed up the hobby, Steve.