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  1. Southwich

    Really really good. Look forward to future updates
  2. Southwich

    I really like this layout, looking really good. What make are the cement towers?
  3. Have you got a link to the page Neil?
  4. Workbench tools

    And only 7 euro, hopefully they last now. Still a few pieces to pick up but it's a start.
  5. Workbench tools

    I picked up a few bits yesterday to get started.
  6. Southwich

    Great layout, really like the cement works.
  7. Hello

    I hope to post updates when I get started, a fair bit away from any updates yet tho. Loads of ideas tho
  8. Beresford Junction

    That's brilliant thanks Phil, I'll check ebay now, grand and bright they are.
  9. Beresford Junction

    What are the lights you use to light the fiddle yard?
  10. Badger airbrushes

    Which airbrush did you buy Ken? Something I would like to pick up .
  11. New layout.

    I'm new to this myself, best of luck with the layout. You've a nice bit of space there to play with. Any amount of things you could do.
  12. Hello

    Thanks guys, it's a great forum
  13. Loch Garry

    Really nice layout, I really like what you have done.
  14. David's current fleet

    I'd be embarrassed to put my list up
  15. Hi all I was wondering how everyone goes about getting the correct sizes for items they scratch build. How would you go about building something to the right scale size wise? Thanks Robert